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Greta. Malala. X and Matt. These are just some of the incredible young people making huge differences in our world.

00:00 - Greta Thunberg - Sounding the Alarm on Climate Change
04:41 - X González \u0026 Matt Deitsch - Standing Up to Gun Violence
12:19 - Avi Schiffman - Building a Site for Reliable COVID-19 Data
16:59 - Delaney Reynolds - Suing the Government on Behalf of the Environment
19:26 - Malala Yousafzai - Speaking Out for Refugees \u0026 Girls’ Education

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31 maj 2021



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Viviana Minervini
Viviana Minervini 3 dagar sedan
I’m so sad that I cannot see your videos from Italy anymore. I really like your show Trevor Noah
SewerWorld Order
SewerWorld Order 7 timmar sedan
Love is a many splintered thing
Et Cetera
Et Cetera 5 dagar sedan
A sincere thanks to Greta. Someone who finally cares.
Walter Goodwin
Walter Goodwin 7 dagar sedan
The awareness is there. People do not care as a whole. Many companies will not change their behavior as long as they profit from their actions. You would think the Department of Interior would really get way ahead of this, which eventually would cause this Country to reduced its footprint in reference to emissions.
ThegreatMizuti777 7 dagar sedan
Seriously, if you have no new content, don't upload.
RAJ SHIKARI HINDU 8 dagar sedan
After seeing this i understood that Scott Morrison was right about you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pía Ribes
Pía Ribes 8 dagar sedan
These young people are an example for all
Onyx Lee
Onyx Lee 8 dagar sedan
Ocean rising might be for the future generations to face its consequences. But those terrorism and wars in Middle East are caused by water distribution disrupted by the global warming. The whole world is facing its consequences every day.
Nicole Wulff
Nicole Wulff 8 dagar sedan
Love her...
Zahraa Al-Hasani
Zahraa Al-Hasani 9 dagar sedan
youtube watch : Veteran SILENCED While Memorializing Black History
Wendy Feign
Wendy Feign 10 dagar sedan
If you're not vegan, you dont care about the planet.
Audiwan Kenobi
Audiwan Kenobi 10 dagar sedan
In the thumbnail they both have Popeye smiles.
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi
Abhijeet Raghuvanshi 11 dagar sedan
Your video will receive dislike because of Greta
aaron harmon
aaron harmon 11 dagar sedan
I think the reason the needed change isn't in motion is because we are so set in our ways. People are so afraid of change. No one wants to change their way if life. No sacrifice is small enough to fallow through as a society.
PURU DEV 11 dagar sedan
Why r young people more concerned Because they are educated and know the science and what will happen what r the cause and effect of anything we do While young people (high school kids) without any knowledge would believe anything I mean why this girl who doesn't even know a thing about the science behind the changes in earth or the complexity of doing any drastic change in the world function would lead to If anyone has any issues i say why don't you invite a scientist in the specialised field instead of a ingorant kid 😂😂😂😂 Why ask her why it happens it's like asking a illiterate why apple falls down of the tree Her ans am there something there which makes it fall down 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Sigh I used to love watching this channel at the start this a unbiased channel and then it slowly become what it's now guess woke plague is really contagious 😂😂
S3v3N FR33
S3v3N FR33 11 dagar sedan
i think u r missing a Palestinian kid, greta thumbing r u serious !!!!!
The People
The People 12 dagar sedan
The future not only speaks but acts 🙏❤️
Hildah Arikaija
Hildah Arikaija 12 dagar sedan
Climate change 👏👏🙌🙌🙏🙏🤲🤲
Marc T
Marc T 12 dagar sedan
It seems so tragic how the right does not care about the planet, children deaths by guns, education for the nation's future, and everything else to make America great
Jagdish Jadav
Jagdish Jadav 12 dagar sedan
They r just being menuplated silly adolescent
Marc T
Marc T 12 dagar sedan
@Jagdish Jadav Your original post does not say that
Marc T
Marc T 12 dagar sedan
@Jagdish Jadav Origin, not residence
Marc T
Marc T 12 dagar sedan
@Jagdish Jadav N. America. U?
Marc T
Marc T 12 dagar sedan
@Jagdish Jadav Because one's origin influences their thoughts on social matters. You feel they are being manipulated, I disagree. So, perhaps you live in a place where young adults have no say in global affairs. Or is it a female thing?
Marc T
Marc T 12 dagar sedan
What country are you from?
Dre Fooi
Dre Fooi 12 dagar sedan
6-7 %. Unfortunately you misunderstood Trevor, you repeated Greta saying 67%...
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 12 dagar sedan
Haha sorry haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 12 dagar sedan
Malik girl
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 12 dagar sedan
Haha haha haha haha haha haha haha
Andaleeb Marwat
Andaleeb Marwat 12 dagar sedan
P.t.o.t.k.for him
charity njeri
charity njeri 12 dagar sedan
**not ignorance...it is negligence***
charity njeri
charity njeri 12 dagar sedan
***no accidentally shooting...it is ignorance...wow***
chris banda
chris banda 12 dagar sedan
Greta Thunberg is not a changemaker but an alarmist. She has an agenda yes. We all do an agenda. But her radical approach is not appreciated by all. Clearly there seem to be people who are dictating and controlling her. And growing up in Sweden she doesn't need to care much about survival. In my country children don't have the privilege of skipping school and education, because their schools are under water. They don't want to skip classes. They want to go to school, get educated, so that one day they can help their own people and country to deal with it and live with it. So Greta, I suggest you can sail to my country in the Pacific to see the effects of climate change first hand.
Thore Kobs
Thore Kobs 12 dagar sedan
Thore Kobs
Thore Kobs 12 dagar sedan
Brian Lazarus
Brian Lazarus 12 dagar sedan
"I do NA-ZI...STEVE Bannon?"
Donna Snyder
Donna Snyder 12 dagar sedan
Sure could use some captions.
Raquel F.
Raquel F. 12 dagar sedan
Amazing young people! So inspiring.
Nick YANG 13 dagar sedan
Education need be adapted to serve the next generation.
Lophocereus SoooCereal
Lophocereus SoooCereal 13 dagar sedan
We’ve wiped out up to 98% of shark species, we are killing everything.... this should be much more important to everyone. LEARN ABOUT BIODIVERSITY.
jayr siongco
jayr siongco 13 dagar sedan
wow, that is all I can say .
rebecca rosten
rebecca rosten 13 dagar sedan
dave cee
dave cee 13 dagar sedan
she's annoying.
Fenice Kim
Fenice Kim 13 dagar sedan
Well Tilling the soil is a big problem
Gologo7 13 dagar sedan
Noah you Collurs Neighbors now???
JEAN-PIERRE BEAUJEU 13 dagar sedan
Blessed are the cockroaches, for they shall inherit the earth...
Caitlin Hurley
Caitlin Hurley 13 dagar sedan
When the one kid said you can be found negligent for your kid stealing your alcohol, but not for your kid shooting your gun is kinds the problem with USA.
D B 8 dagar sedan
Kids are allowed to shoot guns or else how else would they learn? I’m sure the parents would be held accountable if they hurt someone but I’m not sure.
onofrio piccolino
onofrio piccolino 13 dagar sedan
People could decrease their carbon foot print
Brian M.
Brian M. 13 dagar sedan
14:15... I knew in December too as did anyone who watched any news like cnn..... I still am angry trump waited until March to take real action. Cost countless extra lives and untold harm.
Rochelle McDonald
Rochelle McDonald 13 dagar sedan
X is part of the problem for the shooting at Parkland. She admitted to bullying the shooter, because he was weird. The bullies rarely bring the guns. The people who have been bullied usually do.
Ocean Rock
Ocean Rock 13 dagar sedan
Love Greta and Malala! Great role models for girls!
Michael Pipkin
Michael Pipkin 13 dagar sedan
What has changed.
Que Fixxer
Que Fixxer 13 dagar sedan
Captain Planet was championing this years ago ..🙈🙈🙈
Tim Janssen
Tim Janssen 13 dagar sedan
when I graduated with a life sciences degree from college 50 years ago I had already read that the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was increasing at an alarmingly rapid rate. The Giant Oil Monopolies of that day were also aware of it. Climate change is a euphemism for the capitalist destruction of nature. People in the world who have an idea of what's going on are never listened to.
Reign Victory
Reign Victory 13 dagar sedan
Heed .
ma pa
ma pa 14 dagar sedan
go back to south africa. paid liars that have caused harm should be hanged.
They say white humans are superior everyone else inferior 😐 but notice that most of these life changers are women 😳man I would like to say it’s about time that women as well as all people who were outsiders of Society get the Recognition and respect they deserve 🙂
Max Ramos
Max Ramos 13 dagar sedan
You should learn about the zapatistas, women who changed how society treated them and helped bring revolution
Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia
So Greta annoys Western Countries about Climate Change, yet she doesn't even set foot in Russia, India or China to confront the 3 countries causing so much damage to the environment? What a hypocrite.
Lilly 14 dagar sedan
She is so right about that, climate change to most Americans is a belief !!!
A P 14 dagar sedan
Imagine having to pay bots to support up your YT channel???
Fariha Mohamed Hilmy
Fariha Mohamed Hilmy 14 dagar sedan
I hope there will be change. These youngsters are the next generation of future leaders 👩🏻‍🏫👨🏼‍💻🕵🏻‍♀️👨🏼‍🔬
Aromal V K
Aromal V K 14 dagar sedan
Geta is giving some data which is out of context for the questions being asked and not saying what actual steps can be taken. There is not much lack of information on Climate Change, the problem is the lack of action. She doesn't address that because she hasn't taken any real action other than blaming others for climate problems.
yeoworld 13 dagar sedan
@Aromal V K I presume since you have noticed her shortcoming, you have made the necessary correction by devoting your time and resources to address the issue... Why have I never heard of you? I am sure some local news would love to publish all your efforts? Oops ... You are just full of ... At least she started the conversation but if you cannot positively contribute, I would urge you to politely delete yourself.
Don Kanis
Don Kanis 14 dagar sedan
Why don’t you shut up 🤐
Monica 14 dagar sedan
Where are the changes? Climate issue is still ignored by corporations and governments... these figurheads only serves for newspaper news, and have no effects at the levels required. Another weapon of mass DISTRACTIONS. Global, total strike of workforce... companies sieged... sabotage and boycott of polluters and imperialists, you can keep these girls, I still prefer the real revolution
Shawn Baker
Shawn Baker 14 dagar sedan
Greta n Malala are brilliant leaders that are bringing the world into a better place, I have as little hope for the youth that I have for the last few thousand years of patriarchy, but these few gems give us at least a chance. As Greta said, I’ll be dead before the corporate greed, cash grab, affects me, young folks like these ladies are the future...if humans have one
Mubashar Inayat
Mubashar Inayat 14 dagar sedan
That's a weird thumbnail.
gggnumber1 14 dagar sedan
Avi Schiffman- Clarity to not compromise.
Jean-Pierre De Jesus Pleass
Can you interview Gabor Mate regarding the policies of the Israeli government and the state's treatment of the population living there?
Random Anomaly
Random Anomaly 14 dagar sedan
More like young Marxist troublemakers, no one cares about Greta anymore Trevor tell your handlers you need more interesting topics because your views are plummeting. Your talking points don't have to be truthful, they never were.
mydearfriend 007
mydearfriend 007 14 dagar sedan
Malala is a fraud. No reason for her to get the attention that she gets
Wanye Wanye
Wanye Wanye 14 dagar sedan
But Greta just not doing that well like you said, her words about China development is following an elastic or a double standard .
Shadowchi 14 dagar sedan
14:10 i knew about the virus before he did and instantly knew it would get out of hand
That One Twig
That One Twig 11 dagar sedan
Should have made a website like he did
Tab Gamer
Tab Gamer 14 dagar sedan
Gaasuba Meskhenet
Gaasuba Meskhenet 14 dagar sedan
These young change makers are adults now
Aromal V K
Aromal V K 14 dagar sedan
Why does Greta seem like a conspiracy theorist talking?
Don Kanis
Don Kanis 14 dagar sedan
Because misinformed Fox Holers like you don’t want to inderstand.
Aromal V K
Aromal V K 14 dagar sedan
She is giving some data which is out of context for the questions being asked and not saying what actual steps can be taken. There is not much lack of information on Climate Change, the problem is the lack of action. She doesn't address that because she hasn't taken any real action other than blaming others for climate problems.
QUIET STORM 14 dagar sedan
sc Zhang
sc Zhang 14 dagar sedan
Errr...."everything"? Political movement? Climate change is more about science than talking about "everything" which almost sound like "I dont actually know".
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 14 dagar sedan
We live in a generation where teasing and laughing at Americans is the norm. Covid deaths US 609,767 Mexico 223,507 UK 127,782 Canada 25,528 China 4,636 Australia 910 Taiwan 124 NZ 26. 233 mass shootings in 152 days, 180 school shootings in 10 years, Pinky power, Asian bashing, Antisemitism, Riots, MAGATs and QANON. Mass shootings in the US are a ‘National Embarrassment’ - J.Biden.
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 14 dagar sedan
Toitu te marae a Tane-Mahuta, Toitu te marae a Tangaroa, Toitu te tangata. If the land is well and the sea is well, the people will thrive. "Act according to the seasons and the nature of the land and you will enjoy great success through little effort." - Jia Sixie.
DJ Pomare
DJ Pomare 14 dagar sedan
China leads the world in Electric Vehicle sales. The oil companies should have diversified but didn't and so they will die out like the dinosaurs they are. "We need to promote a simpler, greener and low carbon lifestyle, oppose excessiveness and wastefulness and foster a culture of living green and healthy." -Xi Jinping.
Lisenka Brom
Lisenka Brom 14 dagar sedan
Isn't China the biggest producer of coal? And isn't Norway the leading country in Electric cars? Nice quote though 😉
Mosha Driscoll
Mosha Driscoll 14 dagar sedan
These kids have been here before...💙 Hope you're doing well, Trevor. Take care.
I Am Your Unbiased God
I Am Your Unbiased God 14 dagar sedan
They should make a movie with the two called The Stink-Eye Duo 🤣
Adam Heredia
Adam Heredia 14 dagar sedan
People who deny the truth have either fallen victim to truth manipulation by greedy corporations, know enough to think they’re right but not enough to know they’re wrong or themselves have wealth aspirations. This world is doomed. There’s an over abundance of greed, vanity & ignorance. A dangerous combination
Abdul Hussein
Abdul Hussein 14 dagar sedan
I just don't like greta she a 30 year old
Alex Starks
Alex Starks 14 dagar sedan
Why is anyone laughing at her she's not joking
Serena Chen
Serena Chen 14 dagar sedan
Your government does not care .🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Adox Artist
Adox Artist 14 dagar sedan
I love Greta. Unfortunately, it's not that we older people are uninformed. The vast majority of us choose to ignore what we know. When I was in elementary school in the early 70's we were learning about pollution, limited resources (fossil fuels) and unlimited resources (solar, wind), acid rain and its causes and effects, extinctions and endangered species. We know. We choose to be selfish and pretend our own existence is the only one that matters, and convenience is king.
Abhisek Swain
Abhisek Swain 14 dagar sedan
Amy-Beth Fischoff
Amy-Beth Fischoff 14 dagar sedan
Thank you for highlighting the best of us and inspiring me!
Ephorat 14 dagar sedan
Would like to give a like for every single part of the vid!
Mo atomica
Mo atomica 14 dagar sedan
Trevor's concentration levels are 6 to 7% and not 67%😜
Anna Dibba
Anna Dibba 14 dagar sedan
and english is not thunberg's first language..malala almost brought me to tears
riskinhos 8 dagar sedan
that's what universal and free education does. in my country everyone speaks at least 3 languages. I speak 6. it's not uncommon.
fur gisson
fur gisson 9 dagar sedan
also for us europeans it's normal to speak english as a second language...
fur gisson
fur gisson 9 dagar sedan
well if YOU were in tears.. then there is still hope for humanity.. hehe..
Twat x0
Twat x0 10 dagar sedan
Like English is hard to learn?
Ashley Deane
Ashley Deane 14 dagar sedan
My city has shootings every single day. Yesterday a 14 year old was shot and killed by a rival gang member. It's absolutely out of control. It's a fact that my city's police force is corrupt and bought by the highest bidder. We need help.
Liberal Hypocrite
Liberal Hypocrite 14 dagar sedan
I ADORE how the left views 12 yr old tantrum throwers that have been debunked as intellectuals😂😂😂😂😂👌👌👌 You might as well make fun of yourself.
Itsá Zhini Asdzání
Itsá Zhini Asdzání 14 dagar sedan
Please mention Autumn Peltier and how she is fighting for water rights for indigenous people and people without access to clean drinking water. She is advocating cleaner non fossil fuel energy and is protesting the pipeline....
Max Ramos
Max Ramos 13 dagar sedan
Yes brother/sister, thanks for the shout out about her. Needs to be covered
Nimbus Chan
Nimbus Chan 14 dagar sedan
Greta…Can you comment on “Japan plan to dump nuclear water to the oceans”! No one talk about it and we all eating foods out of the ocean
Wendy Feign
Wendy Feign 10 dagar sedan
Don't eat sea animals. Leave them alone.
sc Zhang
sc Zhang 12 dagar sedan
@Stein-Erik Dahle Don't change concept. U r just trying to justify JP's decision to pour the nuclear water into sea. U put the logical thinking away, and only talk under the assumption that nuclear contamination is “nothing to worry about”. JP should not do it, that is my point, and u didn't give any reason that they should do it. So, I think I'm done with you. No one can weak up someone who pretend to be asleep.
Stein-Erik Dahle
Stein-Erik Dahle 12 dagar sedan
@sc Zhang, why would they pour it in a lake? The sea is closer, and a lake would have to be quite big to handle this amount of contaminated water...
sc Zhang
sc Zhang 13 dagar sedan
@Stein-Erik Dahle It is not, man. I know what you are talking about, but there are other things that this technology cant filter. And one article dose not change it. By the way, if this "filtered water" is so save, why dont they just pour it in a japan lake or whatsoever. You see, it's not making sense here.
Stein-Erik Dahle
Stein-Erik Dahle 13 dagar sedan
@sc Zhang Nuclear is scary, until you look up what we're actually talking about here. This is about contaminated cooling water which will be filtered before dumped into the ocean. Only tritium will be left in the water and sea water already contains tritium. "That contaminated wastewater is stored in more than 1,000 enormous tanks on site and automatically filtered to remove most of the radioactive material, except for tritium - a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that is considered hazardous to human health in large amounts, according to the nonprofit Health Physics Society. " (www.livescience.com/fukushima-dump-radioactive-water-into-the-pacific.html) Please look a bit closer at this article. This is basically filtered water with some tritium in it. Tritium is only dangerous to humans in large doses and there's no risk of people comming in contact with large enough doses in this case.
Brain Developer Dimensional
Global warming is a hoax, try to prove me wrong!?
sergio potes
sergio potes 14 dagar sedan
Wait so a toddler shots Him self has nothing to due with the gun it has to do with ppl who have kids shouldn’t have them... most parents today are horrible guardians for the future of a child just saying
Itsá Zhini Asdzání
Itsá Zhini Asdzání 14 dagar sedan
Or more responsible gun ownership
Lady Vivienne
Lady Vivienne 14 dagar sedan
what are the chances we could get these great youngsters to be "interviewed" (without interruption) by Tucker Carlson so their message is seen by the many who really need to see it?
Laplace 13 dagar sedan
@Louisa Now I agree. At the very least, Mitch has to go.
Howard Griego
Howard Griego 13 dagar sedan
@Itsá Zhini Asdzání 😂
Louisa Now
Louisa Now 13 dagar sedan
The right will never listen to anyone else. They'd only shout down anything they didn't want to hear or be bothered with. The best solution is to force them all out of all power, and replace them with wiser, younger, and more reasonable people.
Laplace 14 dagar sedan
Absolutely zero. Tucker Carlson wouldn’t even let these people on, and even if he did, it would just be an hour or so of him “debunking” everything they say, which I can only assume involves him calling them communists every time they try to show human decency, and refusing to talk about big problems that need to addressed whenever they’re brought up. If anything, it’s probably best if they stay away from far right media, primarily because I don’t want talking to Tucker Carlson to be one of their childhood traumas.
Itsá Zhini Asdzání
Itsá Zhini Asdzání 14 dagar sedan
@Howard Griego negative probability lol
RehanRC 14 dagar sedan
Slowly boiled frogs.
Raquel Passarelli
Raquel Passarelli 14 dagar sedan
I would take the 8 mi and use it to finance production and distribution of vaccines to poor countries.
Raquel Passarelli
Raquel Passarelli 14 dagar sedan
@Janith Tharindu Heenatigala Did I say it was his job? NO. I said what I would do.
Janith Tharindu Heenatigala
That's not his job. Because 8 mil is not enough to do all that.
Sarah Shulkin
Sarah Shulkin 15 dagar sedan
I am so inspired by all of these amazing people! Such a great video
Rand Mo
Rand Mo 15 dagar sedan
muna.kurd 15 This is her Instagram account. She regularly posts content about what is happening in Sheikh Jarrah because she is a resident of this neighborhood. Share her account and support her as much as possible
trytorememberallthis 15 dagar sedan
"Our relationship with Nature is broken, and it links to the COVID crisis." Greta Thunberg spoke the truth that many scientists are saying now. We need to change our bad eating habits which also cause us so many health problems... selosk.info/class/video/fnaApaZ1s3uVr4U.html
Anime AMV
Anime AMV 15 dagar sedan
That gilr is really quite ❤️
No we don't feel like it's more of a direct threat lol
Sar B
Sar B 14 dagar sedan
In less than 12 years climate change will be irreversible ofc it's a direct threat.
Yasir Hasan
Yasir Hasan 15 dagar sedan
Malala is a puppet in the hands of CIA. She's writing about displaced girls while being living in a country which is biggest contributor in displacement of people all over the world. She's a hypocrite. Creation of Western enmity towards Islam.
Janna Nijland
Janna Nijland 15 dagar sedan
Stunningly articulate young people! What examples for all of us!
Twat x0
Twat x0 10 dagar sedan
Wow this comment section is so full of bots
visningar 69tn
visningar 69tn