What the Hell Happened This Week? - Week of 5/17/21 | The Daily Show 

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A congressional commission to study the insurrection. Confirmed UFOs. Cicadas... everywhere. What the hell happened this week?

00:00 - The Insurrection Commission: Investigating The January Capitol Attack
06:39 - Biden’s Venmo Contacts, Confirmed UFOs \u0026 South Carolina’s New Execution Methods
13:07 - Police Unions Lift Code of Silence \u0026 Rudy Giuliani’s Son Runs for NY Governor
20:09 - Humans May Become Endangered, Cicadas Emerge After 17 Years \u0026 Goodwill Rejects Trash

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22 maj 2021



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Nameless NPC
Nameless NPC 3 dagar sedan
Make sure the cicadas don't have cordiceps. This pandemic is almost over. I don't want The Last of Us in real life.
Walter Kawahara
Walter Kawahara 8 dagar sedan
It is truly tragic and disheartening that all those pets are being returned!
Amanda Conley
Amanda Conley 9 dagar sedan
That ninja turtle joke was everything. I just... I love Trevor Noah. That's it. XD
Schmupy Scruple
Schmupy Scruple 11 dagar sedan
Lol my friends Thought I was crazy for believing in ufos but now I’m Poggers
Tarhia Moore
Tarhia Moore 12 dagar sedan
I’ve only heard of one riot against the US capital ☝️ this one riot should def be investigated due to the fact that the capital’s own police allowed the riot inside…🤔 I believe police and senators were apart of this 🤭
bbsy1 12 dagar sedan
Who donates junk furniture? Or broken batteries?
bbsy1 12 dagar sedan
How much karate did it do?
Red Rabbitt
Red Rabbitt 14 dagar sedan
Love your show Trevor Noah! Did you hack my online accounts/computer? lol
Shaun James
Shaun James 15 dagar sedan
sokal squared
neo peace777
neo peace777 15 dagar sedan
One core reason might be due to the rise in symptoms of phobia on the rise. However, the ones who actually act out their intolerance of Afri-Americans/Blacks, people of color and many many poor Whites are in a constant state of phobic mentality Addendum: Ne·gro·pho·bi·a dislike or fear of black people. Negrophobia Negrophobia is characterized by a fear, hatred or extreme aversion to black people and black culture worldwide. dislike or fear of black people. Negrophobia is characterized by a fear, hatred or extreme aversion to black people and black culture worldwide. AFROPHOBIA Afro-phobia: It is written Lexicology "By location It has been observed that writing and terminology about racism, including about Afrophobia, has been somewhat centered on the US. In 2016, "Afrophobia" has been used as a term for racism against darker-skinned persons in China. In such usage, that is an inexact term because the racism is directed against darker-skinned persons from anywhere, without regard to any connection to Africa. Conversely, Chinese views for lighter-than-average skin are more positive, as is reflected in advertising." Then ask oneself if the word Negrophobia has evolved into Afrophobia term (aka; Afrophobia, phonetically; Afreephobia. 🤫 One wonders what the standard English definition of Afrophobia is pho·bi·a he had an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. "he had a phobia about being under water Lastlo "The term Europhobia can refer to three different ideas: Racial hatred of Europeans and European-origin peoples (whites) Hard euroscepticism, hostility or opposition among Europeans and non-Europeans against European integration and European identity (e.g. opposing the very existence of the EU)."
Terrarian Kitsune
Terrarian Kitsune 15 dagar sedan
Trevor:" Is Trump really trying to all riots matter this commission?" A: Yes. The point he is making, is that nobody wants to investigate the crimes unless it benefits their own, because certain people were involved in those ignored crimes, and they don't want to besmirch their own, because they're a bunch sheep with feelings. They point he is trying to make, is that can't condemn Batman, until you clean up your own house. Also, why the heck do we care that the pilot was white guy? Now you're pulling sh🤬 out of your mouth. And another thing. Black people aren't the only people in those prisons. Besides, I'm pretty sure all the black people are going to blue states with all these hopes and dreams and expectations, and that's why they're all complaining about the police. Besides, it's not too long ago that a black repu was being threatened by demo racists. But of course, they only said those things to counteract his argument that "America is not a racist country", which I firmly believe. So the right aren't the only ones with bad habits. As I said, clean your own house first! And yet, ANOTHER THING! Your problem with the police in this situation, is that they're in New York! A blue state, with some of the most corrupt police!
Doug Benson
Doug Benson 16 dagar sedan
Just watched your extremely ignorant and racist TV commercial this week regarding "teaching black history like white history" ... I don't know about you, but I learned an awful lot about black history in high school and college ... just to name a few of the black people and their history and other important events affecting black people in all of America history that were taught to me, acknowledged, discussed and celebrated during my education: Crispus Attucks in the Revolutionary War Frederick Douglass, American Abolitionist George Washington Carver, scientist Tuskegee Airmen in WWII Martin Luther King Malcolm X Thurgood Marshall, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice The fact that all blacks elected to Congress right after the Civil War were Republicans Duke Ellington, musician Aretha Franklin, singer Jesse Jackson, civil rights activist Quincy Jones, musician Michael Jackson, musician Michael Jordan, professional basketball player Hattie McDaniel, academy award winning actress Jackie Robinson, major league baseball player Hank Aaron, baseball player Rosa Parks, civil rights activist Jesse Owens, gold medal winner in the 1936 Olympics Nat King Cole, American singer and TV personality Tiger Woods, golfer Arthur Ashe, tennis player Muhammad Ali, heavyweight boxer Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954 Civil Rights Act of 1964 14th Amendment to the Constitution Emancipation Proclamation and the Civil War The Underground Railroad during the Civil War ... just to name a few ... so stop pandering to a dangerous political narrative and agenda that's trying to divide the country, reduce everything to "skin color" and is based on perpetuating a negative culture of victimhood and tribalism ... E Pluribus Unum!
J T 17 dagar sedan
Its a Jan 6th Commission, period!!
Misha Shinkevich
Misha Shinkevich 19 dagar sedan
Cicada trevor noah is nightmare fuel
Josine Sang Ajang
Josine Sang Ajang 20 dagar sedan
Hé must never become president again.
Beverly Dermady
Beverly Dermady 20 dagar sedan
I have a suggestion if you’re so interested in what happened during the protest set up the individual commission for each incident. Then you could have a commission for the Insurrection separately. Sounds logical to me
Scorpion's Dog
Scorpion's Dog 20 dagar sedan
24:00 Funnily enough I'm the strongest weak man in the family, and I birthing another miracle in this spiraling atrocity 🤣
Beyond Human
Beyond Human 20 dagar sedan
What happened this week? Well I saw commercials about a giant man baby spewing hate about the things people enjoy like *breakfast in bed* and I thought *Trump* was the only giant man baby that spewed hateful things about what people are allowed to enjoy😒
Jean-Pierre De Jesus Pleass
Lawyer is most probably correct. These people are mentally ill and were manipulated by people in power or with influence. Go after the organizers and anyone who destroyed property and injured or murdered others.
Free ToBree
Free ToBree 21 dag sedan
New theory: The aliens brought COVID. The vaccine is a magnet for them to round everybody up
mellon collie
mellon collie 21 dag sedan
Dentist: ok, open up. Rioter: i was part of the insurection in the capitol Dentist makes sense why ppl opens up to them
Emm JH
Emm JH 21 dag sedan
"We want like six to eight kings and they can rotate" - laughing in Malaysia 😅😷
Ozgur Bayraktar
Ozgur Bayraktar 21 dag sedan
Thank you Trevor, Hello from İstanbul
skimptomyloo 21 dag sedan
how much of their profits does Goodwill donate? 15 percent?
Adrienne E. Martin
Adrienne E. Martin 21 dag sedan
CPoppaB1tch 21 dag sedan
Why does his head and hands look like that
CPoppaB1tch 21 dag sedan
Mitch doesn't want the commission he may lose more seats.
pat a
pat a 21 dag sedan
Insanity please I call vucking BS... I been brain damaged my whole life -2 years and I vucking knew that BS was BS vuck off with that BS.. dude was crazy but short bus Vuck no..
marques ingram
marques ingram 21 dag sedan
Frank Semonious
Frank Semonious 21 dag sedan
Sodium pentothal really loosens up your tongue. I tried to take a nurse home with me last trip to the dentist. Girlfriend was not amused!
Alexandria Schulz
Alexandria Schulz 21 dag sedan
How is no one talking about how he showed up in three different hoodies of different color with different fro texture. So nonchalant!😂✌
Andre Wise
Andre Wise 21 dag sedan
That was not a riot that was a field trip...
Benjamin Gal-Or
Benjamin Gal-Or 21 dag sedan
*HOW,* *for* *ever,* *to-STOP* *CLASHES-on-the-HOLIEST-TEMPLE-MOUNT?* *Israel-controls-space-above-for-construction-of-TWO-TEMPLES-BRIDGE-OVER,* *ONE,-MODERN,-FOR-ALL,* *ONE,-TRADITIONAL-FOR-HEBREWS-JEWS.* *WESTERN-BRIDGE-FOUNDATION-&-TOP-ENTREE-HALL* 1) Located near THE WESTERN WALL with its own Visitor Center. 2) Available only to citizens & tourists of Israel. *SOUTHERN-BRIDGE-FOUNDATION-&-TOP-ENTREE-HALL* 1) Located at the CITY OF DAVID with its own Visitor Center. 2) Available only to citizens & tourists of Israel. *SECURED-EASTERN-BRIDGE-FOUNDATION-&-TOP-ENTREE-HALL* 1) New International Airport, Chain of Top Hotels & Parks-will be located on Eastern Sides of MOUNTS SCOPUS & OLIVES. 2) Riot Control: Tickets, Pre-registration, Conduct Code, Police. 3) Crowding voided by auto-moving-groups (e.g. in Disney Land). 4) 3 highly Secured Transport Systems Link to 3 Visiting-Areas. 5) Entire area is fenced-secured (cf. 1972-olympic massacre). *CODE-of-CONDUCT,* *PRAYING,* 1) Best dress, no food, noise, music, flags, loudspeakers, babies, selling. 2) The whole center is located on Wide Top-Tech-Bridge with various educational theaters & one Modern Temple for all and Traditional Temple for Hebrews-Jews. 3) Links down to unchanged Islamic complex are ONE-WAY. 4) *Other-Regulations,* *at-store,* *apply-&-posted-on-locations,* 5) Click on the internet link to see the Holiest Temple Mount from the air and read my text on these 3 foundations-entrees from 54 years ago, composed at the University of Pittsburgh, PA, USA. ...///lnkd.in/g8Ktfh4
Miguel Vasquez
Miguel Vasquez 21 dag sedan
Aliens dnt exist flat earthers lol
piggy chachae
piggy chachae 22 dagar sedan
"All riots matter" 😂😂😂😂😂
Eliakim Dan Jabez Pamorada
16:39 "How Americans love political dynasties" Wait til you learn about how Filipinos see political dynasties as gods and goddesses since its dawn as a "Republic" in 1898 😳 (not proud of it tho)
Monica Ceravolo
Monica Ceravolo 22 dagar sedan
I love puppies
Jesse Lopez
Jesse Lopez 22 dagar sedan
Withe everything that's cencored on SElosk this guy gets to drop a hard R??...
Misha Grin
Misha Grin 22 dagar sedan
You are a heater and you been deciding people. Garbage
kathryn hedges
kathryn hedges 22 dagar sedan
I bet President Biden sends his grandkids money on Venmo
Surbhi Salgarkar
Surbhi Salgarkar 22 dagar sedan
I would happily adopt all of the pets....Provided i have people funding me.
SevenLegs 22 dagar sedan
This reminds me I really need to see a dentist. Also why I hate going to the dentist. No I can't answer your question, Dr. Arnold, all ten of your fingers are in my mouth.
Jeevan Tamang
Jeevan Tamang 22 dagar sedan
Trev why your hoody evolving colors !!
Riahna Sidhu
Riahna Sidhu 22 dagar sedan
all the dislikes are from astronauts and consultants
brian gindling
brian gindling 22 dagar sedan
both barbaric executions, i'm all for the guillotine
sealyoness 22 dagar sedan
I hope Trevor doesn't go back to short hair. I like the way he looks with hair.
Brenna Rizzardi
Brenna Rizzardi 22 dagar sedan
They are working their way back to lynching!
Merritt Network
Merritt Network 22 dagar sedan
😂😂😂 Trevor's puns!!!
Mountain LWolf
Mountain LWolf 22 dagar sedan
Wow, can't believe I just heard that word on SElosk.
ThaTruFacelessmast3r 22 dagar sedan
Trevor is the fakes news ever🤦🏾‍♂️ Everyone knows Trump doesn’t know what susceptible means
Zerubabel Getahun
Zerubabel Getahun 22 dagar sedan
ow you can count on me to fill the world again, that's a promise
Lisa B
Lisa B 22 dagar sedan
Trevor's dentist sounds a lot like my actual dentist.
ashlyn 22 dagar sedan
this DOG wolf became famous in AMERICA using trump name cursing him 24 hours which makes his opponent to RECOGNISED HIM that's how he came into picture in AMERICA.he came to AMERICA cursing TRUMP such a low life
Tana Darko
Tana Darko 22 dagar sedan
Am I the only one okay with huge infertility issues with human beings? Because I super am.
Wind Roos
Wind Roos 22 dagar sedan
I forgot how funny Trevor is.. Also dude, love your hair♥️
Рэн Рамеовна
But the lawyer was right!!
The Daily Show Noah
The Daily Show Noah 21 dag sedan
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g., F.o.r m.o.r.e p.r.o.f.i.t.; W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P.. +, 1, 6, 5, 0, 6, 3, 6, 7, 5, 4, 3,
Everetina King
Everetina King 22 dagar sedan
I'd go with firing squad
Crystal out o Guillory
Crystal out o Guillory 22 dagar sedan
Thank you, Trevor Noah. You are part of my daily mental health.
TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE
Can someone explain me the difference between the capital riots and BLM/Antifa “peaceful protests”?
TheMiddleClass TAXSLAVE
@L. Evans ummm ... is that true for BLM & Antifa as well? Or do we treat one group different than the other?
L. Evans
L. Evans 17 dagar sedan
Pretty sure tearing up the Capital is a federal offense.🙄
Talking Guy
Talking Guy 22 dagar sedan
222k views and not even 500 comments. Someone pays for views.
Apollo Selispeks
Apollo Selispeks 23 dagar sedan
Why would they want Jan. 6 investigated?? The GOP planned it. They were the inside people. Of course they don't want that coming out.
ThalesWell 23 dagar sedan
*4 months
Chau Cam Hanh
Chau Cam Hanh 23 dagar sedan
The used overcoat radiologically fancy because celeste unexpectedly drown inside a dashing beam. tough, mindless apparel
Ruth Adeola
Ruth Adeola 23 dagar sedan
Shortage of the lethal injections means they get to live longer so the firing squad thing might not be so much as a choice, cos I am sure they want to live longer.
G Vibez
G Vibez 23 dagar sedan
Miqdad Haji
Miqdad Haji 23 dagar sedan
Please respond to the Israeli foreign minister who just apparently responded to your videos in a Tweet showing the headquarters of Gaza. But in his picture he used the picture of a hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan! Please let people know how dangerous this propaganda is
Andethidial bubabibub
Andethidial bubabibub 23 dagar sedan
Lethal injection is way more brutal than firing squad or guillotine
The People
The People 23 dagar sedan
mcconnell kkk grandpupa
brown mwailima
brown mwailima 23 dagar sedan
3:33 😂
Gin Marie
Gin Marie 23 dagar sedan
I don't care what people say. Albert Watkins used the worst synonyms but he's right. His client is guilty though and should still face some consequences.
Daily Trevor Noah show
Daily Trevor Noah show 23 dagar sedan
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g., F.o.r m.o.r.e p.r.o.f.i.t.; W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P.. +, 1, 6, 5, 0, 6, 3, 6, 7, 5, 4, 3,
James Russell
James Russell 23 dagar sedan
"All riots matter" Omfg dead
Kurdishpower1 23 dagar sedan
“Six to eight Kings and they can rotate!” 🤣🤣🤣
Hunter Crookk
Hunter Crookk 23 dagar sedan
You have to be on the spectrum to think this guy is funny
Terrie M
Terrie M 23 dagar sedan
Who was the commander in chief?
Shiraar 13
Shiraar 13 23 dagar sedan
He see them every day ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,maybe time for other pills ?
Carlos Martins
Carlos Martins 23 dagar sedan
Five months? Can you even count bro?
Gaia'sKindredSpirit 23 dagar sedan
Trevor is truly a news blessing 😂
christine bates
christine bates 23 dagar sedan
Sorry T, alians are completely real.
Michael Petro
Michael Petro 23 dagar sedan
It hasn't been a little over 5 months... it's been a little over 4. That is all.
Maurice Watson
Maurice Watson 23 dagar sedan
⛑️HEY TREVOR DID THEY EVER FIND THAT AIDS CURE😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔 WHAT HAPPENED FUNNY MAN😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔⛑️
dogydog247 23 dagar sedan
He gives me a narcissistic
Suen Zhong
Suen Zhong 23 dagar sedan
Those people returning pets are messed up. They shouldn't have adopted one in the first place then.
Justin Antonius
Justin Antonius 23 dagar sedan
Obviously I'm not on the capitol Rioters side but how is "I heard someone say something" not going to be here say in court
Karina Nelson
Karina Nelson 23 dagar sedan
I think that was probably just the way the FBI got a tip on the guy. They will get warrants for his phone for social media and text message and photos and such. And interview friends and family to get concrete evidence.
Mike Wang
Mike Wang 23 dagar sedan
Follow China rules, you live like free birds now. Follow America system, you are just prisoners in a cage called Democracy.
Lapin Rotunde
Lapin Rotunde 23 dagar sedan
Have Them Talk To Me... All they want, as long as a girl is around to get it out of me...😜😊😜😊😜😊
Nandan Paralikar
Nandan Paralikar 23 dagar sedan
Trevor's Trump impression has lost its zeal 21:05 The young cicadas hatching out are like a free lunch for the birds and anteaters
Aiden Allen
Aiden Allen 23 dagar sedan
I love that lawyers defense like “well you see your honor my client is dumb af”
Iiesha Williams
Iiesha Williams 23 dagar sedan
Electric bill 😆
Althea Phillips
Althea Phillips 23 dagar sedan
I believe that they thought what they were doing was Correct to do so, because they were doing it at the Request of DJT. If at that time they thought it was a crime because the President said do what you have to do storm the Capitol. They came prepared to do it, that's what makes it an Insurrection and Criminal.
Iiesha Williams
Iiesha Williams 23 dagar sedan
Iiesha Williams
Iiesha Williams 23 dagar sedan
neumanneuvers 23 dagar sedan
turtles do ninjitsu
Shawn Lucas
Shawn Lucas 23 dagar sedan
KuHarEE 23 dagar sedan
what I don't get is he got a budget for a new sweater everyday but wont bread his hair...
sissywizard 23 dagar sedan
Is the hard R okay or no??? I'm sort of thrown off right now by this... idk man
Elizabeth Thomson
Elizabeth Thomson 23 dagar sedan
as if goebbels wasnt inspired by bernays
NXane 23 dagar sedan
Hey you don't want Biden in office with " 100 Day Scandal" Do really it is going to be different with Kamala? It'll probably be worse but no disrespect to you're views
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Andy Morris
Andy Morris 23 dagar sedan
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Ray Back
Ray Back 23 dagar sedan
@Aliear windf That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr James Mathew
Aliear windf
Aliear windf 23 dagar sedan
I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price
David Garza
David Garza 23 dagar sedan
Crypto is the new gold
Observe self
Observe self 23 dagar sedan
Firing squad
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see you soon
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