What The F**k Are NFTs? How Can Dogecoin Take Us To The Moon? | The Daily Show 

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Is any of it worth your time and money? Here’s everything you need to know about NFTs and cryptocurrency.

00:00 - WTF Are NFTs?
08:33 - Jordan Klepper \u0026 Smuggly's Crypto Crash Course
12:12 - Are NFTs Worth Your Money?
17:42 - Bitcoin \u0026 Stupid Meme Currencies
22:03 - Dogecoin Is Sending SpaceX To The Moon
24:24 - Tesla Drops Bitcoin

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Yunus Tuncel
Yunus Tuncel Dag sedan
Where is the humanity going? It's unbelievable
thegoodlisteners listenwell
This is dumb. If you think this is kool....you are dumb. If you think you can rip dumb people off with this, please do, 5hey deserve it for not putting the money into things that directly help, like solar panels, windmills, aquaponics, or a large community garden, food trucks cost less than 100,000, you could start a business....but no....
thegoodlisteners listenwell
@The Daily Show With Trevor Noah SElosk I'm not sure why I would use this, do you want to discuss ideas for general development?
Becky D
Becky D 9 dagar sedan
Wait, what is an NFT?
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Becky D
Becky D 9 dagar sedan
Wait, what is an NFT?
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
Thanks for watching....For more guidance on BTC,ETH, and all crypto. 🌠☄️📊🚀 𝗪..𝗛..𝗔..𝗧..𝗦..𝗔..𝗣..𝗣 +...1...5...7...1...6...3...4...5...2...6...9.. Tell Harry Winders I referred you for quick response....
Hustler 9 dagar sedan
Unfortunately am stuck in this scam. I lost 72k and made back 26k. Am down now 46k and I soon as make back my money am out of this bulshit scam.
Subbu Ac
Subbu Ac 10 dagar sedan
Many are misunderstanding Cryptos. Remember they are derivatives of an underlying asset that has real life values like shares of a company like Amazon who is adding value by making deliveries more seamless among others. Most of the Cryptos underlying asset is a technology called Blockchain (there are others techs like Tangle) that could help say you to get the ownership of your car within minutes rather than days or weeks cuz remember among plenty of use cases Blockchain has, one of them is to cut down admin work. Your car dealer is taking so long to transfer ownership to you cuz it involves paperwork, registration, updating multiple records etc. What if blockchain can get the ownership transfer process done within minutes digitally without manual intervention. And these are still early days for the technology and most Fortune 500 companies have started leveraging that. There is more space and opportunities for innovation in the future. Just think about it.
Subbu Ac
Subbu Ac 10 dagar sedan
Many people saying this is BS - just request Trevor and his crew to honestly state they have never bought any Cryptocurrency till date. I will rest my case there. Some of these intermediaries neither know about the subject matter clearly nor wish others to make money. They just do what media does - do a half baked job
Wisteria 10 dagar sedan
15:28 Okay! That's enough internet for me today O.o
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Daniel V
Daniel V 11 dagar sedan
It's not because blockchain and cryptocurrencies are difficult to explain that they are not real or useless. Imagine trying to explain how the internet works to someone in the early 90s (I'm pretty sure most people today still do not understand how it works either btw). I'm sure many people back then thought 'the internet' was some kind of strange, useless technology and did not understand its capabilities. Today, no one can even imagine life without the internet. The same could very well be true for blockchain technology. To all the haters and critics: please do some proper research and you will see that blockchain technology can definitely change the world we live in and solve many big problems. As for cryptocurrencies : yes, people have and will lose money trading cryptocurrencies, but those are the same people who lose money in the stock market, by diving in head first without any strategy or research.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Jayden 11 dagar sedan
if you think about it you have a lot of investment companies and apps saying that we recommended buying bitcoin since day one and if they recommend it the price of bitcoin would go up causing bitcoin to become popular so let's say the owner of bitcoin paid those investment companies and apps money to become recommended which leads to bitcoin being popular and people getting a new perspective on nfts now imagine the owner of bitcoin gave themselves 1 million bitcoins right now one bitcoin equals 38 thousand us dollars that would be 38 billion dollars
lisa shiplett
lisa shiplett 12 dagar sedan
@15:48 A SIX-TEATED MICKEY !!!! Ahahshaha...😅😂🤣I burst out laughing & scare the dog...😆😆😆
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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TomSucksAt Finance
TomSucksAt Finance 13 dagar sedan
Elon musk wasn’t THE guy promoting bitcoin, Trevor.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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EvaLolaCookie Arellano
EvaLolaCookie Arellano 13 dagar sedan
This guy is a Democrat puppet 🤢
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Je Vriend
Je Vriend 14 dagar sedan
What's a tupac?
Teflon Smile
Teflon Smile 14 dagar sedan
Every link you select can send ALL your data to the server and ultimately a user
Teflon Smile
Teflon Smile 14 dagar sedan
When will Facebook make a currency again
Teflon Smile
Teflon Smile 14 dagar sedan
So every photo you post belongs to the social media site on which you posted 🤯
Pauline Muteba
Pauline Muteba 14 dagar sedan
I have a question. If I bought the Lebron James clip in the video, am I the official owner of it and can therefore ask for royalties for its use?
Pauline Muteba
Pauline Muteba 9 dagar sedan
I guess collecting is collecting
Pauline Muteba
Pauline Muteba 9 dagar sedan
@moreleftistsneeded then I don’t get what is the perk of it
moreleftistsneeded 11 dagar sedan
Jack Valenti
Jack Valenti 14 dagar sedan
i lost my bitcoin in a boating accident fml
Eddy S
Eddy S 14 dagar sedan
Distributed cloud storage prevents any of the loss scenarios mentioned. NFTs will survive anything short of a global EMP Strike.
Niron Naganathar
Niron Naganathar 14 dagar sedan
Wasnt that NFT sale for 69 million quite some time ago though?
hoosna eydatoula
hoosna eydatoula 15 dagar sedan
I dnt get nfts n all tht crypto stuff.... Never will I think.
Nina Pilcik
Nina Pilcik 15 dagar sedan
NFT sounds like the freaking timeshare BS
No Name 1234
No Name 1234 15 dagar sedan
Christina C
Christina C 15 dagar sedan
First of all, NFTs are not going to be lost because of power surges. Watching this episode annoyed me. Noah should know more about blockchain technology. . . The NFTs are not only in the possession of the purchaser, but they are also stored on blockchain cloud file storage. The maker of the NFT also still owns rights. So if it is sold off in the future, the maker of the NFT also earns a percentage of those proceeds. For example, if an NFT was stored on Storj labs, it would be broken up across 90 node operators making the file nearly impossible to steal or hack. It is also worth noting blockchain cloud storage is a fraction of the price of regulat cloud storage, like Google or Amazon. Also way more secure. Artists that currently couldn't make a living before are now able to earn income to support themselves. Like through the art shows on Decentraland. And, most artists aren't bringing down millions of dollars. I didn't think this episode was funny at all. . .anyone with a modicum of blockchain knowledge would likely feel the same way.
Shaun James
Shaun James 15 dagar sedan
sokal squared
Moises Montecillo
Moises Montecillo 15 dagar sedan
I like the fun, smart, and well informed financial advice by Kepler 👌
Joseph Barnes
Joseph Barnes 16 dagar sedan
what you wanted to launder money for the mob?
Ryan P
Ryan P 16 dagar sedan
The able raincoat regretfully employ because step-sister rarely disappear lest a agreeable paint. breakable, creepy skate
kat64470 16 dagar sedan
This what getting money sound like Aye!
Bas Prens
Bas Prens 16 dagar sedan
People, hey you, forget about crypto. Buy AMC ENTERTAINMENT on NYSE. It will 'short squeeze' like Gamestop did, meaning it will go 20x in price. Do. It. 😁
Jay Breezy
Jay Breezy 16 dagar sedan
Annnnnnndd..... the matrix gears ⚙️ are turning. 🤔🤔🤔
glaiglay 16 dagar sedan
hahahahaa the rap video though 🤣
t u
t u 16 dagar sedan
Elon didn't found Tesla he bought himself into it
Evan Powers
Evan Powers 16 dagar sedan
Whenever shows like the Daily Show start talking about Doge, you know it's time to sell
Victoria Preston
Victoria Preston 16 dagar sedan
Mark said to start buying it years ago!
Alfons Hiller
Alfons Hiller 16 dagar sedan
Doggy coin
willdisposed 16 dagar sedan
What if crypto becomes the first currency to become carbon neutral?
lain 10 dagar sedan
they're actually very bad for the environment
Rui Figueira
Rui Figueira 15 dagar sedan
They seem to be very far away from achieving it. When the most popular one is so bad that even musk has to admit it...
Danny Neal
Danny Neal 16 dagar sedan
What a con.
Bipasha S
Bipasha S 16 dagar sedan
I didn’t know Bill Gates’ nickname was Beeple.
Jesse Adams
Jesse Adams 17 dagar sedan
If it's non-fungible... why did they make money off it?
Julia Sable
Julia Sable 17 dagar sedan
Truly blistering rate of top-notch jokes in the Jordan+puppet segment. I immediately rewatched it & laughed even harder.
J Davis
J Davis 17 dagar sedan
CVS receipt 🧾🤣🤣🤣 So true 🧐
Eclipce051 17 dagar sedan
One video with 1 million views is making about 4000 dollars in ad
Eclipce051 2 dagar sedan
@The Daily Show With Trevor Noah SElosk 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪 scammers
jordane clarke
jordane clarke 17 dagar sedan
this will crash like hot bread 😂😂😂😂 as long as the world turns to digital hackers will always have a job
Aromal C
Aromal C 17 dagar sedan
This is part of Trevor's new series, "If you don't know, now you don't know"
Aromal C
Aromal C 2 dagar sedan
Really? Did Trevor's account got hacked?
Martin Johansen
Martin Johansen 16 dagar sedan
Stasonar 17 dagar sedan
Polar bears, really?! Didn't expect that manipulation!
Dan Shapley
Dan Shapley 17 dagar sedan
Love Trevor, but he needs to talk to his writers and research team. Waaaay off about how blockchain works. “Unplug the server”? You’re doing a grave disservice by putting out wrong information to your viewers.
Subbu Ac
Subbu Ac 10 dagar sedan
Well said
Cat Witdabigdog
Cat Witdabigdog 17 dagar sedan
NFTs: the digital beanie babies of 2021
Anj A
Anj A 17 dagar sedan
This is like a month too late
TearDownGenesis 17 dagar sedan
Bitcoin doesn't have inflation......except the value of it changes based on what people are willing to trade for it...... Musk is HEAVILY invested in DogEcoin that is why he is publicizing it and stopped accepting BitCoin.
Ro G
Ro G 17 dagar sedan
Wait, it's not Doggie Coin? 🐶 🤑
Sconne Rangkynsai
Sconne Rangkynsai 17 dagar sedan
If this could make Poor people rich. I won't complain.
Rachel 17 dagar sedan
NFT sounds like a waste of money to me. So many ways to end up losing what you spent your money on.
Rachel 14 dagar sedan
​@Studs The digital currency has its pros and cons. I just don't feel comfertable with using that currency. If you buy something digital and only have it in digital form and if it gets corrupted or its pathway gets corrupted you lost your moenys worth. Or if something happens to the server that your stored digital art is on and it gets lost. Then there is the fact that NFT has an enviromental impact. Its just my opinion but I don't consider it a reliable currency.
Studs 14 dagar sedan
The entire art industry is that so now that were using digital coins its not ok?
Noan YoBiseniss
Noan YoBiseniss 14 dagar sedan
Figures don't lie but liars figure.
Md imran
Md imran 17 dagar sedan
Could you increase the volume of videos @the daily shows. It decrease and i have to watch 100% volume in my mobile
Irving's Zoo
Irving's Zoo 17 dagar sedan
Someone I know got into Bitcoin and was going to get rich quick. She sunk $100K into it, including her wife's retirement fund. When she decided she had enough millions she decided to sell it. She met some guy in a chat room who said he could help her with it. She gave him her password, and she never saw him, her Bitcoin, or her $100K again.
Udntknome XX
Udntknome XX 17 dagar sedan
"For one Bitcoin I can pay Barney to watch me Babybop his wife"....
Udntknome XX
Udntknome XX 17 dagar sedan
And my high school math teacher said Algebra & geometry would be useful in the real world... Nope virtual math doesn't work that way 😂
Beso 17 dagar sedan
If he really believes the cdc, why is he still locked in his house?
M. S.
M. S. 16 dagar sedan
Francisco Rosa
Francisco Rosa 17 dagar sedan
So it's like buying a star certificate???
Alisha Seer
Alisha Seer 7 dagar sedan
Pablo Andres Rojas
Pablo Andres Rojas 17 dagar sedan
The Server part is not true. The point and the value of smart contracts is is exactly decentralization. Awesome show but needs to do a bit better research
Rusty S
Rusty S 17 dagar sedan
How about "Not F***ing Tangible
RetroGamer10 17 dagar sedan
I thought NFT was the NFL
MisterNatMan 17 dagar sedan
It's nice that this topic is being brought to more mainstream audiences, but there is so much ignorance and FUD in the comments and in the video too. lol. I encourage skeptics to just do more research, Brian Jung is a great SElosk source. Whether you understand it or not, you will in the coming years when crypto becomes mainstream, and you'll probably wish you bought now.
sickid41 18 dagar sedan
That Tupac did not look like a collage. It looks like a big picture with a bunch of small videos.
Omowale Barca
Omowale Barca 18 dagar sedan
Stop saying the n-word on these videos Trevor. You may not understand since you're a South African but self-respecting Black people don't use that word around non-Blacks.
Mahbus 16 dagar sedan
Shut up
Mister B
Mister B 18 dagar sedan
Anyone interested in buying my selfie as an NFT? I'm exceptionally odd looking
Jenn W
Jenn W 18 dagar sedan
Catherine Grafam has a wonderful video out on NFTs and how they are rising in popularity because the US government has finally passed some legislation that will make it harder to launder money and evade taxes through the art market. That legislation will go into effect next year. NFTs are just beneficial to rich people and the next tax shelter/money laundering scheme.
EternalMedia 18 dagar sedan
Money is laundered through these digital art items....there, I said it.
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Joe H
Joe H 11 dagar sedan
@moreleftistsneeded are you trying to convince yourself that you're not completely ignorant by replying to all my comments without actually demonstrating how you might know something about anything? I mean, you could quote a statistic or something instead of making a fool of yourself with these "you're wrong" comments. You set a bad example for leftists every time you comment
moreleftistsneeded 11 dagar sedan
@Joe H did you just go around trying to convince yourself that nfts and crypto aren't for fools and weirdos by replying to comments critical of them?
Joe H
Joe H 16 dagar sedan
I don't think you understand how money laundering works.
Abraham Garcia
Abraham Garcia 18 dagar sedan
🤔 it’s already summer Trevor, why you still wearing a sweater?
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
Thanks for watching....For more guidance on BTC,ETH, and all crypto. 🌠☄️📊🚀 𝗪..𝗛..𝗔..𝗧..𝗦..𝗔..𝗣..𝗣 +...1...5...7...1...6...3...4...5...2...6...9...
SMH bot
SMH bot 18 dagar sedan
He keeps it perfectly sweatshirt temperature in his filming space obviously 🥶 SMH
Convolver 18 dagar sedan
Actually NFT might make sense if its tied to a copyright…. For instances, you write a movie screenplay…then you could turn it into a NFT token as proof of when you wrote the work as a copyright on the material… this in turn allows you to safely show the screenplay to potential buyers such as movie producers for a profit with out risk of theif…. Something like “wga west registry”
Convolver 16 dagar sedan
@greezooo you could zip a legal license into the NFT also… something like, “sale of this NFT transfers ownership of the Copyright to the holder, signed the copyright holder.” Or maybe NFT notarization service…
greezooo 17 dagar sedan
Interesting idea. A sealed document with a dated postmark would be the old school equivalent to what you describe. And blockchain already uses cryptographic hashing, so not much of a jump to make use of blockchain to store the SHA-512 of your movie screenplay (for example).
Convolver 18 dagar sedan
No worse than paying 100 million for a tulip bulb
Neil White
Neil White 18 dagar sedan
Wait until Musicians get involved... You can buy this unreleased 2pac, Daz and snoop song for 10 mil... Song title... Straight Ballin Part 5.....
Phượng Nguyễn
Phượng Nguyễn 18 dagar sedan
I love this show
Ben Oliver
Ben Oliver 18 dagar sedan
Money Laundering at its finest
Vinny Deleo
Vinny Deleo 18 dagar sedan
I came here to say hes the most annoying man on tv and not even remotely funny
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan 18 dagar sedan
the internet appreciates your input
ShKott Rendezvous
ShKott Rendezvous 18 dagar sedan
Trevor - your comment on polar bears was pretty dicky and not funny.
Mark Benschop
Mark Benschop 18 dagar sedan
So an nft is a record that says you own a certain object even though everyone can have a copy of the object ? What... would be the point of that ?
Eddie Yi
Eddie Yi 7 dagar sedan
The implication is that, as with other collectibles, it gets more valuable with time because it’s rarer, so it’s an investment of some kind. Whether or not that will actually works depends on whether or not you can get people to believe that it’s worth anything intrinsically...
SMH bot
SMH bot 18 dagar sedan
To show off the size of your pen-- bank account SMH
Mark Benschop
Mark Benschop 18 dagar sedan
I listened very carefully and got convinced that nft's are as useful cypto currencies. A fad that has no impact on my life in any way and has no intrinsic value but some people try to sell to each other anyway.
Thabo MrX
Thabo MrX 18 dagar sedan
Who buy such stuff??
Normal Human
Normal Human 18 dagar sedan
Much easier to move with digital property:-)
Bruno Paula Cardoso
Bruno Paula Cardoso 18 dagar sedan
whats happend to your hair? bird nest?
John 18 dagar sedan
“I have an idea… let’s see what’s the stupidest thing we can get dumb rich people to buy.” - someone apparently
Morgan Angel
Morgan Angel 16 dagar sedan
either that, or: ''let's see how we can make more fun of people who are starving''
Bill Geo
Bill Geo 18 dagar sedan
Dude, the NFT image is identical to any other you can download on the internet. Pixel by pixel! There is no deference. So the Mona Lisa equivalence is BS
E Mac
E Mac 18 dagar sedan
If people got 69+million dollars on unnecessary 💩, can they share the wealth? I still have student loans. 😅☺ Really!😒
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Ken Little
Ken Little 18 dagar sedan
The witty refund bacteriologically open because shadow visually deliver anenst a boiling trouble. homely, various baseball
Chris Rice
Chris Rice 18 dagar sedan
NFTs are garbage and real people don't care.
Kamla Anand
Kamla Anand 18 dagar sedan
This seems like an opportunity for money laundering 🧐
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
Thanks for watching....For more guidance on BTC,ETH, and all crypto. 🌠☄️📊🚀 𝗪..𝗛..𝗔..𝗧..𝗦..𝗔..𝗣..𝗣 +...1...5...7...1...6...3...4...5...2...6...9...
Milind K
Milind K 18 dagar sedan
Love from India and all that but... how tf i can watch the full episode?
Joe H
Joe H 18 dagar sedan
Imagine being so simple minded that you watch this and think you know enough about blockchain technology to write it off. Where we are with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is like the early 90's with the internet. The world is going to change in a big way and decentralization is the catalyst. Buy ADA
Joe H
Joe H 11 dagar sedan
@moreleftistsneeded , you sound manic. Maybe take a deep breath. Can you please list the myriad of problems and risks that you believe are unique to cryptocurrency? If you're concerned about waste of energy then you should know that our current banking system uses 3 times as much as all cryptocurrencies combined. If you're concern is security then you'll be happy to learn that cryptocurrency is the most secure method for transferring value. If you're concerned about people using to do bad things then you should be terrified to use American dollars because there is more crime funded with cash than crypt. What's got you all frazzled buddy?
moreleftistsneeded 11 dagar sedan
@Joe H why do you live in denial of the myriad of problems and risks? or do you just avoid admitting they are real so you can trick more people into the scam? if you'd admit that your gambling and just don't care about all the people that these scams hurt and the ecological destruction id still call you an idiot but at least you'd be an honest idiot.
moreleftistsneeded 11 dagar sedan
@Rui Figueira they are a cult. they have sunk so much time and energy into these beliefs they refuse the obvious reality in favor of delusions.
Joe H
Joe H 15 dagar sedan
@Rui Figueira You're right, and I apologize for my tone. It's just become absurd to me the way that people come to believe misinformation about things that matter. Yes I am aware that there are plenty of scams in crypto, that's why I have done extensive research and only invest in the most promising projects. I say ADA because it's the safest bet. Cardano has built the largest community of developers, coders, programmers and entrepreneurs that are building the landscape for decentralized everything. They have already signed a contract with the Ethiopian government to onboard 5 million students and give them a digital ID and banking services for the first time in their life. We're talking world changing stuff. Banking the unbanked, offering supply-chain solutions to developing countries, digital ID's, voting. That's why we talk about the stuff like it's a cult. Because a trustless, decentralized future is the only way that we can ever achieve a truly free and fair society and you have the daily show putting out this kind of trash and supporting everything that's wrong with the American mindset. That said, dont just buy anything without doing some research.
Rui Figueira
Rui Figueira 15 dagar sedan
It's guys like you that makes me run away. You sound like a religious cult with your prophecies. You call people simple minded, but you're the one that doesn't even consider that cryptos can hide lots of scams. And why ADA and not any other? It's because you say so? You want us to trust you, is that it? Are you accountable if we buy ADA and loose our money? Keep your investments to yourself, nobody ask you what to buy or not, and that makes me think that you just want to make money... fiat money...
t twil
t twil 18 dagar sedan
KC ROLLINS 18 dagar sedan
The Conclave
The Conclave 18 dagar sedan
Why keep re-uploading stuff
Philip Hew
Philip Hew 18 dagar sedan
NFTs, my understanding is that they are secured in thousands of servers, so very safe because it’s not possible for all servers to go down at the same time. As long as the internet exists, the servers will be there. I think there are like 100 K servers.
Connie Fairchild
Connie Fairchild 18 dagar sedan
The aloof car biomechanically talk because door subsequently touch plus a misty sheet. busy, strong yogurt
The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just
"it's not a scam, you can definitely make some money with nft" By that logic, snake oil and goop aren't scams either...
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
[W]-[H]-[A]-[T]-[S]-[A]-[P]-[P]-DIRECTLY (+)-(1)-(5)-(7)-(1)-(6)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(2)-(6)-(9)
The Glorious Champion of all that is Good and Just
Gonna be honest, I still don't know. Then again, I never understood why a painting becomes worth more when it's discovered it was made by a famous painter...
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
[W]-[H]-[A]-[T]-[S]-[A]-[P]-[P]-DIRECTLY (+)-(1)-(5)-(7)-(1)-(6)-(3)-(4)-(5)-(2)-(6)-(9)
James Henderson
James Henderson 18 dagar sedan
"A fool and his money are soon parted."
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Zebra Talk
Zebra Talk 18 dagar sedan
I look back at all the money I spent on lottery tickets over the past 7 years. I have nothing to show for who knows how many hundreds of dollars I wasted. A year ago, I spent less than four hundred dollars on DOGEcoin. It's now worth over ten times that. Do I understand all of the ends and outs of cryptocurrency? NO! Do I understand all of the technical ends and outs of the almighty greenbacks? NO! What I do know is that I had just about $400 in cash and now it is worth just under $4,000 in DOGEcoin.
Crypto Facts
Crypto Facts 18 dagar sedan
If you had invested $100 into Doge 5 years ago, it would be worth $300,000 today... That being said, I don't think that if you invest $100 into doge today that it'll be worth $300,000 in 5 years. Look into the other top 100 coins. ☮️✌️🤑🕺📈
Wanga Manda
Wanga Manda 18 dagar sedan
I wan to buy an NFT of Trevor’s hoody’s
The Daily Show with Trevor Noah YouTube
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Math Has a Fatal Flaw
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