U.S. Misses Vaccine Goal, Incentives Get Wilder & Florida Bans Cruise Vaxx Checks | The Daily Show 

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President Biden seems to be falling short of his goal to have 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4, and local governments pull out all the stops to offer vaccine incentives. Meanwhile, Florida bans cruise ships from requiring proof of vaccination.

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7 jun 2021



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SAM007 21 timme sedan
Another brainwashing from celebrities to comply, They need to have at least 70%of the sheep's vaccinated so they can lock up the other 30% in fema camps. They don't have enough coffins for everybody.
Nicholas Sauer
Nicholas Sauer 22 timmar sedan
I'm hedging my bets. Taking the risk, waiting for the incentive that I can't refuse. Come on, Cruise Ship. 🛳 Y'all selling yourselves short for that gift card. 🎁
Bene Vivunt12
Bene Vivunt12 Dag sedan
The fact that they're going to all these extremes to get people to take a vaccine just makes them look pitiful.
Chris Mahler
Chris Mahler Dag sedan
These incentives are not more dangerous but more Republican.
Eric Grigoriew
Eric Grigoriew Dag sedan
As subtle as a sledgehammer ending
Lorelei Lazuli
Lorelei Lazuli Dag sedan
63% vaccinated matches with biden approval rate. That's no coincidence. Most Republicans hate science.
Jeremy Spada
Jeremy Spada Dag sedan
It should be mandatory to get the influenza vaccine every year.
RetroJetro216 Dag sedan
Bro shut up LOL a fully vaccinated Cruise ship just got cases.
Michal Kopij
Michal Kopij Dag sedan
Mississippi and Alabama actually know how to critically think for themselves.
Ross Hixon
Ross Hixon Dag sedan
😂 so many scared people
corey mac
corey mac Dag sedan
Hard pass on the vaccine thanks but no thanks.
Dylan Thompson
Dylan Thompson Dag sedan
Lisa Storm
Lisa Storm Dag sedan
This “vaccine” is an IQ test.
Lisa Storm
Lisa Storm Dag sedan
I have faith in humanity again after reading all of these comments. 🙏🏻🤞🏻❤️. There is a chance we have a chance!! 🙏🏻🤞🏻♥️
Shawn HTPC
Shawn HTPC Dag sedan
Please tell me the cruise lines all said "Okay, we just won't dock in Florida anymore." I mean, cruise passengers can just fly to a different port city to get on their cruise ship, it doesn't have to be Miami.
Mr Robott
Mr Robott Dag sedan
When people think they funny when they not smh
MorningBowl Dag sedan
I would say “the thumbnail makes me lose hope in humanity” but if I say a single word about people being selfish morons for not taking it (which they are), my notifications are gonna get flooded with replies of people who think they’ve cracked the system
n1ckmc Dag sedan
Best incentive is no incentive
Jacob huckabee
Jacob huckabee Dag sedan
SElosk stop showing me this garbage. Every time I see this listed as an ad I’m downvoting it. Trevor Noahs message isn’t worth my time
Contra Mundum Pro Mundo
Who else here gets this clown pushed on you by SElosk when you constantly say 'not interested' ?
Ace ortiz
Ace ortiz Dag sedan
Eh just choose the arbitrary number to 50 percent it's really close since 50 already have one jab in and call it a day
Johnny Seed
Johnny Seed Dag sedan
Cry blacky
High Q
High Q Dag sedan
I’m not getting that vaccine just so y’all can have a happy 14th of July 😭🤣 no but fr I’m not getting that vaccine. how they come up with a vaccine in 6 months but haven’t come up with a cure for AIDS or Cancer after that being around for decades and centuries? This is because America’s money can’t thrive in a COVID economy they actually make more money when people have to pay hundreds and thousands for cancer treatments so they would never put the cure out.
Luis Angel Castaneda
Your comment about the red states is misleading: Florida is catching on. Florida:41% vs California:46%
Better Dead Than Red
April O'Neil
April O'Neil Dag sedan
Sorry Trevor…my body my choice.
Johnny Seed
Johnny Seed Dag sedan
Trevor will go down as the dumbest “comic” of all time
He might not actually be dumb, but just a completely spineless, gutless, schill.
Greedoe Anderson
JimboLogic Dag sedan
Imagine a virus so deadly that it shut down the world economy and locked people in their homes for a year, then you had to give incentives for people to take the vaccine.
chickenpurple Dag sedan
Florida is being tyrannical
Papason Money
Papason Money Dag sedan
Florida is doing the right thing. It's no one's business what u put in your body. I see lawsuit coming for anybody asking for proof of anything. And this guy is trying to be funny about the government trampling on your rights. He's talking about taking people out to sea and holding them hostage to see if they are vaccinated. INTERESTING
Beagle Eye Visions
Treaver wasnt always a statist right? I remember his stand up being cool. This is brainwashing trash.
Foolish You
Foolish You Dag sedan
trevor noah’s comedy and jokes are about as interesting as an old boot.
Bon Rex
Bon Rex Dag sedan
Imagine that, people having enough of a backbone to not be bribed into getting a worthless shot. Who'd have guessed it.
Game Dev Underdog
I could absolutely be bribed. I want an AR 15 with three 30 round magazines. And 250 rounds of ammo because I know how the government likes to play games causing articial shortages. Not a raffle for a rifle, nor a lottery. A guarantee. Our largest expenses are Medicare and Social Security. Those aren't explicitly listed in our constitution. You know what are? Firearms. If we can't spend taxes on that stuff, it's time that we spend taxes on these rights too. We just spent trillions paying people NOT to work. Spending a couple of billion to pay people to be guinea pigs only seems fair.
If you have to bribe people to get something from the government,do you really want it? Having million dollar lottos it you get it when millions of people have lost everything. This guy is is an idiot too!
undeserving of a name
trevor noah is trash
suikoden 12345
suikoden 12345 Dag sedan
I wish this guy just go away and never be heard of again. Not funny but cringy.
Henry Wes
Henry Wes Dag sedan
My thing is why are you so concerned? If you want "vaccinated" get vaccinated. If you're vaccinated why worry if I'm not? Remember you're "vaccinated".
Bully Inks
Bully Inks Dag sedan
If you’re vaccinated than why care if people come onto a cruise ship with you that aren’t? Isn’t that the point of getting vaccinated??
Leo Ona
Leo Ona Dag sedan
Gotta love how every video has a give me money button.
Lol these guys are garbage do what you think makes you safe don’t listen to any actors or politicians
highway patriot
highway patriot Dag sedan
So happy I'm a free thinker. My kids and I aren't taking the poison.
Adam Christensen
I feel like since vaccination is a one and done thing, vaccination rates would expectedly go down anyway once most people got vaccinated. Is that crazy thinking or is this video supposed to be a joke.
Farooq Z.
Farooq Z. Dag sedan
Did you miss the stats on red states having far below average vaccination percentages? Most people in those areas aren't vaccinated, that's the point of the second half of the video. Eventually, the rate will go down but we're still a little while off
Color and Toys and Fun
I love how everyone acts like it’s so safe but every other day a new side effect about it comes out!
Andy Paris
Andy Paris Dag sedan
4:10 5:34 6:07 🤮🤮🤮
007MP5 Dag sedan
You vaccine shills will never stop 😂
memosrt Dag sedan
If you want the vaccine get it, if you don't want the vaccine don't get it, pretty simple.
Chad Hart
Chad Hart Dag sedan
Human guinea pigs
Mike Dag sedan
Has it ever accrued to you that maybe the vaccine doesn't do anything?
Dank Legosi
Dank Legosi Dag sedan
I wonder how Trevor amassed so many likes when everyone in the comment section is roasting him. Hmm 🤔
Parth Shah
Parth Shah 23 timmar sedan
@Truth Shroom Could they potentially, yes, but Look at fox news, Cnn, Project veritas. They all have high like ratios, mainly because the primary audience like the videos. Now if they target a new audience the comments would become negative.
Truth Shroom
Truth Shroom Dag sedan
@Parth Shah well its probably really easy to do and if done with enough videos then you're portraying that people have a different opinion than they really do and it can effect things. I'm not talking about disabling them. Also dont be silly of course it wouldnt be done with just one video.
Truth Shroom
Truth Shroom Dag sedan
@Parth Shah google actually can take away and give likes. Since youtube is owned by google I just say google.
Truth Shroom
Truth Shroom Dag sedan
Its google they destroy some channels while promoting others. They can take away and give likes as they please lol. Yes youtube is run by google so when people google something and take it for word right away they forget that google suppresses information.
Parth Shah
Parth Shah Dag sedan
Its probably because this video was targeted to people in ads, and a new audience clicked it because it made them feel strongly against it, enough to comment and argue. Not everything has to be a conspiracy.
Alex The great
Alex The great Dag sedan
I can’t understand the like/dislike ratio and then read the comments…. Kinda seems like SElosk is inflating his likes and deflating his dislikes… sad. 🤷‍♂️
“So we can safely blow our fingers off with M-80s” that’s what you think about Americans huh? No worries your time is coming to an end.
Ryan House-Swope
Your not funny…… at all.
Steinpup Dag sedan
It’s Unreal how hard they are pushing to vaccine people. It’s pretty pathetic. If your afraid of this virus lock yourself in your home. This is America not China. Freedom is key. This guys is a puppet by the way. And is not funny. Shame on you all that watch this propaganda
CaFFeineSouLja Dag sedan
Only the ignorant are getting that poison injected
Phoenix Splash TV
I think if democrats start saying "don't get vaccinated" we'd see the number rise
FordFalcon1962nBlue 13 timmar sedan
@Frozen Over you live in a fantasy land if you think its poison LOL did you even see what was in it i wonder? you could always move as well.....
FordFalcon1962nBlue 13 timmar sedan
maybe we need to do that?
Frozen Over
Frozen Over Dag sedan
@Nomi Sunrider no. We’re just not idiot sheeple that wanna stick poison in us because we’re told to do so
Nomi Sunrider
Nomi Sunrider Dag sedan
Basically yeah. Republicans have no values beyond “spite liberals” and “do whatever our leader says”.
Chris Nilsson
Chris Nilsson Dag sedan
The ones who haven't gotten their 2 doses of vaccine by now will never get it.
Troy Benson
Troy Benson Dag sedan
Maybe if the ppl that lie to us constantly weren’t the ones trying to push the vaccine so hard ppl would actually feel more comfortable doing it.
Aaron Boatman
Aaron Boatman Dag sedan
The thumbs up are fake, just like the left!!!
Ryan Crump
Ryan Crump Dag sedan
Still haven't got it yet....I might though if they offer me 1mill
Patrick Gjorven
Patrick Gjorven Dag sedan
Well yeah, vaccinations are falling. Why take a vaccine, if you already recovered? You already have the antibodies to fight it.
TheKoreyVolcom Dag sedan
Bot views
sweatman5000 Dag sedan
I can’t stand this guy. I’m pretty sure he’s related to jussie smollett
John Spurrier
John Spurrier Dag sedan
This guy to the Daily show is the equivalent of Disney changing a ride. Sure, it's new and people who don't know better will like it. But, for this of us who remember the original, it's just not the same.
John the herbalist G
"Yay, you took an experimental vaccine! You're so health conscious, and to show our appreciation, we'll give you free beer, Ben & Jerry's and McDonald's! Stay woke, bruh!" 🤙🤙🤙 Lol ok
Jose Sandoval
Jose Sandoval Dag sedan
Been trying to warn you all! Vaccine will be worse than the Virus! Don’t allow yourself to be a lab rat! selosk.info/class/video/Z4ybspGeunyinYE.html selosk.info/class/video/fKSl2Hp84JVemXk.html&feature=share
Musa Muhammad
Musa Muhammad Dag sedan
cross tie
cross tie Dag sedan
Biden and Noah prove you can hide in your basement and be successful if you're part of the approved narrative.
TheIcoolable Dag sedan
This dude is a sheep.
Kori Hayes
Kori Hayes Dag sedan
This poison pusher is absolutely disgusting but this comment section warms my heart and gives me hope
Ryan Frawley
Ryan Frawley Dag sedan
Where’s the funny?
Jason Lowrey
Jason Lowrey Dag sedan
I never stopped having cookouts and stuff lol
Tito Dag sedan
Geoff Morrow
Geoff Morrow Dag sedan
The bots that watch this must be paid double
M.G. Sailors
M.G. Sailors Dag sedan
Jon Stewart was better. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
M.G. Sailors
M.G. Sailors Dag sedan
You supported this guy.. I mean, c'mon man do you even know if you're black?!? South Afrika needs voices like you to be present in their nation. You should travel!!
wolfslullaby Dag sedan
watch out guys, the rights are here...
Grant Fuller
Grant Fuller Dag sedan
Oh stuff it Noah. Friggin' joker.
Urban Yeti
Urban Yeti Dag sedan
Thats because the smart ones arent taking it
Ryan Rich
Ryan Rich Dag sedan
M80s???!!! I've been looking for some but all the stores tell me they are illegal and we can't buy them anymore.... I remember when I was a kid at 13 I was able to go buy them without parental supervision....
Grahf Karate
Grahf Karate Dag sedan
You’re a CIA , corporate stooge
Craig Carter II
Craig Carter II Dag sedan
Why would you put an ad on this dumb video
Isaac G
Isaac G Dag sedan
This guy is so funny I forgot to laugh
Jason Manasseri
Jason Manasseri Dag sedan
This host is a dip! If we don't want it...to bad! Deal with it
Alex Tarin
Alex Tarin Dag sedan
Came here for the comments… not disappointed
Beetle Juice
Beetle Juice Dag sedan
Patriots Are Now In Control
Don Johnson
Don Johnson Dag sedan
Noah is just as much of a puppet as Biden
Clay Dag sedan
Everybody who wanted it got it, anybody else with half a brain that realizes it’s not necessary at this point won’t get it. We’ll continue to live our lives the way we did before this lab created virus was unleashed on the world.
Jacob Smith
Jacob Smith Dag sedan
If obese people are the biggest at risk group, why is Krispy Kremes offering a free donut for your vaccination card?
HaShem Protects His Own
I’m glad not all Americans are idiots who take a shot that is still undergoing testing.
D d
D d Dag sedan
Trevor wants to be double teamed by Biden & Dr Fauci
Kody Zhager
Kody Zhager Dag sedan
People still watch this?
french Welsh dude
As someone far from the status quo left and right this guy is reprehensible. Sam hyde should be on this channel not this sycophant
Kyler Dag sedan
Don't get the vaccine
Keyz Da locksmith
How many people believes that 63% Americans have taken the Convid 1984 vaccines
Jason Bowen
Jason Bowen Dag sedan
If someone wanted the vaccine, they would have gotten it by now. How about we stop waiting tax payers dollars.
MiketheYung God
MiketheYung God Dag sedan
Think about all this bribery. Think about it.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Dag sedan
I don't give a f*** if they give me a Hummer with an AK-47 plus one of those Rambo Guns in last Rambo movie where he went crazy filled with beer and $1000000 with some experience hookers and basket ball tickets with a race car too they can shove the vaccine!!!!!!! AMERICA!!!!! Land of the free!!!!!
Steven Griffin
Steven Griffin Dag sedan
Gotta force your bs through adds
Math Has a Fatal Flaw