The Fight to Overturn the 2020 Election: Somehow Still Going | The Daily Show 

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From a third recount in Arizona to ousting reps who don’t propagate the lie that Trump won, here’s a look at the GOP’s ongoing fight to overturn the 2020 election.

00:00 - Trump Still Thinks He Won
03:15 - Trump Continues To Scam His Supporters
05:44 - Liz Cheney Ousted For Not Pushing Lies
08:20 - Trump Thinks They'll Find Ballots In Arizona
10:13 - Jordan Klepper Audits Arizona's Votes

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A Swift530
A Swift530 5 dagar sedan
Golden calf= Golden trump
dhimas susetyo
dhimas susetyo 8 dagar sedan
Wait this still going?
Scott Hafele
Scott Hafele 8 dagar sedan
I .I've a person in Arizona doesn't know baboo grows freely in his state and he sees it daily. Welcome to America
Cris BF
Cris BF 9 dagar sedan
_Republicans and the GOP DO NOT OWN the United States of America!_ WE THE DEMOCRAT CONSTITUENTS ARE GETTING ANGRY WITH TRUMP'S, THE GOP, AND OTHER REPUBLICANS INSULTING US BY THE LACK OF RESPECT, CONSIDERATION, AND THEIR ASANINE, IDIOTIC CHANGES THEY ARE MAKING TO OUR CONSTITUTION ABOUT OUR VOTING RIGHTS! We will keep on voting, and we will prevail. If you think that you will be able to cancel the votes for somebody who you don't like and install whoever you want, then... just try it! YOU ARE NUTS! You are doing this because you are afraid of not being elected again, anymore. _Well, you are right!_ We voted for you, Republicans, because we trusted you, but what have you done for us? NOTHING! You are lazy, overbearing, nasty, abusive, have no honor, nor integrity, and are very disrespectful. _Why do you think that you can be the Hitlers of the USA, and mess up everything we have fought for centuries, just because you think you are better than the people._ What do you think you are? Demigods? Judges, _please_ write an injunction to stop all this Republican craziness! Otherwise, we will lose our Constitution, our Rights, our entitlements, the ACA, the Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and others, but we'll lose our country, mainly Thank you for your patience and consideration!
Heidi Hansen
Heidi Hansen 10 dagar sedan
The only standards the Republicans have are double standards.
08FayFay 10 dagar sedan
These republican crockpots called democrats sore losers and look at the carnage including terrorist mob activities on Jan 6th and rumors of starting a civil war they engaging in over a clearly Biden/Harris victory in 2020
SeePage2 11 dagar sedan
The only question left is, "Does Trump get Jeffrey Epstein's cell?"
B Won
B Won 11 dagar sedan
If this madness continues, America should, or perhaps some African country, should demand that the United Nations sends observers to the next US elections to ensure fair elections! This is what has been accepted behavior by the USA for all countries they did not believe able to carry out fair and open elections, so now this has to be done to preserve US democratic elections. Perhaps that will wake up the Republicans.
Game State of Mind
Game State of Mind 12 dagar sedan
Funny how you idiots literally spent 4 years attempting to impeach a president you could find no dirt on haha
Vrnaveenkumar Raju
Vrnaveenkumar Raju 13 dagar sedan
What a entertainment
ToughAncientSpark 13 dagar sedan
And so, Drumpf will now claim that the election ballot recount was rigged.
ToughAncientSpark 13 dagar sedan
And so, welcome to the new norm in our country. If a Republican candidate doesn't get elected, just contest the results over and over and over and over and over...
ToughAncientSpark 13 dagar sedan
Question: (Democrats) How many times are we gonna recount the same ballots? Answer: (Republicans) Until we get the desired result.
ToughAncientSpark 13 dagar sedan
@10:25 Is that Art Frazer's Worlds Fair Show?
ToughAncientSpark 13 dagar sedan
Hey MAGA fans: Drumpf lost, get over it. I think I'm going to buy a flag that says that!
ToughAncientSpark 13 dagar sedan
Drumpf is going by the old axiom of "Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth".
Aeroldoth3 13 dagar sedan
Here's a conspiracy idea: The AZ audit isn't about finding votes, but learning how the machines work and hacking them. Regardless of whether those specific machines are used again, that kind will be, so this closed-door "audit" is really about learning how they work so they can be hacked in all future elections. The "audit" can fail, because it's just a smokescreen for the REAL goal of being able to hack the machines. Are the Rs clever enough for that?
Stick Emoji
Stick Emoji 13 dagar sedan
Daily Show: I like your channel and videos, but you need to stop posting old mash ups unless you mention it somewhere / somehow. I see these videos that say posted 2 days ago, and I think, “yes, a new video!!” But then I’m disappointed when it is an old video reposted. Aaargh!!
Rita Conley
Rita Conley 13 dagar sedan
Trump is just claiming he won to distract us from all the criminal charges that are about to happen.
A'frica Smith
A'frica Smith 13 dagar sedan
Øivind Johannessen
Øivind Johannessen 14 dagar sedan
Is it just me, or are the Trumpists committing idolatry?
Disguised as a Placebo
Disguised as a Placebo 14 dagar sedan
you didn't even beat them the first time, trump you lost by 3 million votes the first time, freak
Khulhu Cthulhu
Khulhu Cthulhu 14 dagar sedan
I forgot how happy I am no longer hearing this guy's voice
Xenia G
Xenia G 14 dagar sedan
I love the Daily Show but four ads in just 10 minutes? C’mon...
Maurice Bethel
Maurice Bethel 14 dagar sedan
These people are delusional.🤬
Jorge Cross
Jorge Cross 15 dagar sedan
If he beat them for a 2nd time then why isn't he in office?
Jorge Cross
Jorge Cross 14 dagar sedan
@Disguised as a Placebo That's a fact ,he is a loser !
Disguised as a Placebo
Disguised as a Placebo 14 dagar sedan
he lost by 3 million votes the first time, so he never beat them lol sure, he became president the first time, but he didn't beat anything
Kirby Madness
Kirby Madness 15 dagar sedan
80 million votes people let that sink in
Shaun James
Shaun James 15 dagar sedan
sokal squared
mohammad john
mohammad john 15 dagar sedan
R Cautela
R Cautela 16 dagar sedan
About the Fraudit for Con Don: Why cant the media have access to Closer scrutiny? What are they hiding there? Cyberninjas indeed!
R Cautela
R Cautela 16 dagar sedan
Don the Con, Con Don...?
R Cautela
R Cautela 16 dagar sedan
Thou shall not worship False (fat and bloated, with tiny hands) Idols
Nancy N
Nancy N 16 dagar sedan
It’s time for Putin to come clean and tell “t-RUMP” the truth . . . that although Putin promised he would make sure “t-RUMP” would be re-elected . . . Putin simply failed !!!
LLM 16 dagar sedan
These volunteers in AZ are deluded. Carrying a Smith-Wesson because he fears that Antifa/BLM folks might show up is deluded. So he's going to carry out "vigilante justice" if any Antifa or BLM shows up? Deluded. That we even tolerate such idiocy is an embarrassment. Freedom of thought and speech are constitutionally granted rights. Allowing insane thoughts and speech to control our election processes is not a constitutionally granted protection. Call delusion out for what it is. Stop this delusion.
4uptoheaven 16 dagar sedan
How do people follow this man. He said he would be there at Jan. 6...they went to jail...gave him fraudulent election money. How dumb can you be?? Cheney is correct! Proud wise woman make history.
Bria Thomas
Bria Thomas 16 dagar sedan
Where are the religious conservatives speaking out against this golden idol? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
James Smith
James Smith 16 dagar sedan
And they still want him in office.. He is a scammer, oh wait a stand-up guy🤔
TheMangomelon789 16 dagar sedan
I see what they're trying to do (the audit volunteer at least). They think by logically and fully disproving every conspiracy, ppl will actually change their minds. But that's not how it works.
Nicholas Bourgeois
Nicholas Bourgeois 16 dagar sedan
Why do people forget it was an insult to wear the American flag as apparel
Kendy Jones
Kendy Jones 17 dagar sedan
He stole money from his base so he could continue to fund this reality show he's putting on. It's also very sad that this man has been allowed to create basically a terrorist cell in America and no one in legislation has done anything about it. The circus isn't fun anymore.
Sam Greenlaw
Sam Greenlaw 17 dagar sedan
Tell me that's not a Russian five-point star !!
Robert Banks
Robert Banks 17 dagar sedan
Hey dude...it's still going on becuz they KEEP finding literally completely obvious issues w the actors and actions in ANY place they look that was close. The real story here is you acting and pretending our elections don't matter. That this is ok w you becuz you don't like someone Trev,... I like ya man. You got talent all day but.. it's only still going becuz there keeps being big issues. Almost so blatant that it looks like a 10 year old was involved. So make it funny but that's the grift. It's far from it
Ian Williams
Ian Williams 17 dagar sedan
As usual, most followers here are people who have limited access to news. One ignorant and uninformed comment after the next reinforces the problem. SElosk simply drops any real news that might properly inform people which is more than irresponsible. The next big shift will be away from these lefty liars and we fully expect them to be held to account for their myriad transgressions. Trevor, you should know better, or go down with your imaginary ship. The widespread BS here and on aligned networks is only matched by the panic as the left realizes that they have been caught red-handed & the majority will come to realize how you misinformed them. The failing public support of the mainstream lying media will lead to proper corrections. You all realize the election problems were real and carried out by like-minded ignorant people swept up by wokeness, so I understand your panic. We all saw what actually happened - from around the world. It is truly amazing how myopic and ignorant the left has made itself. How is it that the only informed groups eschew the MSM channels ? Pretty obvious - there is nothing real to see there. Will the left and the Democrats even be relevant when their house of cards folds ? I see a massive shift to truth which only exists on the right - which side will you choose ? I am really looking forward to seeing the end of the zombies over the next 3 years - where a country re-finds its heart and it's guts and stops allowing people who hate America to undermine the US as they have been doing. The solid economy will be rebuilt with integrity and protections against the dishonest tactics so blatantly kept out of sight by these channels catering for their mindless followers. Best of luck
Rose w
Rose w 17 dagar sedan
Worst part is, is that he purposefully targeted people with more hate than brains knowing that they'd go along with anything, he's laughing at them! All he had to do was throw a few grand at people and he was their savior. Our families property and school taxes were more this year than he's paid in over a decade. Look at our country, it's in tatters.
Rose w
Rose w 17 dagar sedan
How? It amazes me that the people who support Dump, have managed to make it to their adult years... I cannot believe that anyone with an IQ above 10 can convince themselves that this man actually cares about them! It's mind blowing 🤯. He didn't pay taxes, re-upped his bank accounts & payed off millions in debt, started race wars etc...
Axel Agosto
Axel Agosto 17 dagar sedan
It's not a joke but what about the banboo papers🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oneluv 17 dagar sedan
Donald Joker Trump at it again...
Lionel Jaftha
Lionel Jaftha 17 dagar sedan
Cheers sounds like the Nazis chanting ' Sieg Heil '
Ian Is based
Ian Is based 17 dagar sedan
Trevor still thinks he’s a comedian
Outcast of The Blue Fire Nation of Outlandia
The election was stolen you ignorant brainwashed zombies.
A Vague & Mysterious Name
I am thankful to Trump for this. His name dropped is an instant intelligence test for everyone in the room. I appreciate every warning of idiots near.
TurdSandwich 17 dagar sedan
Trevor, I think it's time to change that music theme. It had it's time, it had it's moments and it was great for what it was (I've never liked it), but it's gotta change. Normally I would just skip it and wouldn't really care, but the group I hang out with really likes your show (actually we're split 50/50 - opinion wise) and so I'm forced to listen to the theme at least twice a week and it's too much. I'd rather have had the four more years (just kidding) Now I know changing a theme song might be a bit of a hassle and if you happen to like it the way it is, at least consider just removing the “whoo” at the end, but if you don't like it but the hassle of changing it is just to great, hey - I'd even offer to compose a new one for free. Anyway, great show, my friends really like it and I don't mind watching it with them, keep it up! (also consider changing the background some time, I mean - baby steps but...)
Blake Wentley
Blake Wentley 17 dagar sedan
They should go to prison for killing the planet
Blerd Static
Blerd Static 17 dagar sedan
I wish the man in the high castle would open a portal so I could step into the right universe
Rene Arildslund
Rene Arildslund 17 dagar sedan
I Feel so lucky,because I live in a Country,not in full harmoni,but with that said,we treat eachother with respect.ZDenmark 🇩🇰is paradise compared with USA....FACT
Eric Burton
Eric Burton 17 dagar sedan
Trump will most definitely not go to the grave in peace. Don't feel sorry for him at all
Sara Lesperance
Sara Lesperance 17 dagar sedan
But oddly how many courts turned you down? Such a disgrace as a human.
Iva-Nyaniso Diniso
Iva-Nyaniso Diniso 17 dagar sedan
Jeez let Biden be president.
Friedrich Miller
Friedrich Miller 17 dagar sedan
and? I spend 50 bucks to Trump organization too, from Germany, so what? I like Trump America. I like to travel to America. Nobody wants Bidens socialist America.
carl curry
carl curry 17 dagar sedan
"we're looking to disprove it's not there" Hmmm
NGS DWT 17 dagar sedan
Moses drops his tablet.
CrixusHeart 17 dagar sedan
Who made the statue? Trump supporters or the left who wanted to make fun of him?
Phedre 17 dagar sedan
At first Trevor Noah was just wearing sweatshirts because he was home, but then too many people noticed and got used to it, so the show made it a thing. I mean, look at all these colours. No way he had all these before.
LilSunshyn3 17 dagar sedan
I love when Jordan does his interviews..I really don't know how he keeps a straight face🤣🤣
Javian Johnson
Javian Johnson 17 dagar sedan
7:10 Lol I LOVE THIS by Trevor
Britt Jadesø
Britt Jadesø 17 dagar sedan
0:49 - did I just read ‘Bad Eric’ or was that a Freudian slip? 😅
Vin Hennessy
Vin Hennessy 17 dagar sedan
That boy is sick!
SWA_ RADIO 17 dagar sedan
😕…… They crazy.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 17 dagar sedan
Seems odd that he appointed almost 300 federal judges but could not get one to see things his way
J Turtle
J Turtle 17 dagar sedan
I thought the statue was Bart Simpson with a Trump head.
Guy Leysner
Guy Leysner 18 dagar sedan
This will continue until the next election and beyond because it is (trump) propaganda.
MIchael Barry
MIchael Barry 18 dagar sedan
I completely support "the Hungarian factor" 100%
Poetic Justice
Poetic Justice 18 dagar sedan
Psychologists will be studying these cult members for decades
Windhoek 18 dagar sedan
I am going peep now, pulse n credit card comin with..lol
Anon Mist
Anon Mist 18 dagar sedan
CLUELESS ERIC probably designed "IT"...
The Real Deal
The Real Deal 18 dagar sedan
"Beat them for a third time?" 🤣😂😂🤣 Wimpyass loser!
Amber Smoot
Amber Smoot 18 dagar sedan
🤣🤣🤣🤣 He is bankrupting his own supporters!!! They won't be able to pay legal fees after storming the capitol.
Angelo Lee
Angelo Lee 18 dagar sedan
Trump did win. But crazy demos who cheat will always cry wolf.
Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera 18 dagar sedan
They will find votes for Biden. Doh!
Blac predator
Blac predator 18 dagar sedan
Most Republicans just say they're Christian in actuality there atheist gold Idol worshippers but with 80% of us political control you can f*** pigs and say that's normal as a trump Republican
Marrero Michael
Marrero Michael 18 dagar sedan
Hes just warming up his next scheme 😂
adam letterly
adam letterly 18 dagar sedan
If Trump tries to run for President in 2024 there should be a lawsuit because you cannot be elected to a third term as President per the constitution. Use his own words against him.
dee MAVERICK 18 dagar sedan
Trump is griting these fools. Yaaaaay!
Susan Nelson
Susan Nelson 18 dagar sedan
"There are none so blind as he who will not see."
Unarmed Americans
Unarmed Americans 18 dagar sedan
Trump wants to play racist president again
Atreiden 18 dagar sedan
Republicans: We are a christian parety Also republicans: lets build a golden idol of a corrupt business man
Patty Foy
Patty Foy 18 dagar sedan
Heck, they still think Obama was born in Kenya and not legally qualified to be president!
Walter Goodwin
Walter Goodwin 18 dagar sedan
But orange clown fail to say all those Penn. ballots were actually a Republican fake ballot conspiracy trying bribe polling workers with tubes of orange suntan lotion
Avrysatos 18 dagar sedan
The idea of Bamboo paper ballots is racist. Think about it. If they really believed there were fake ballots 1. Why would anyone use different paper. 2. Why would anyone make them overseas and ship them? 3. Why do they think bamboo can’t grow all over the world? It requires a climate similar to most of the country depending on variety. Pretty much everywhere like… Indiana and south that isn’t a desert or mountain can grow bamboo.
Henrietta Dukes
Henrietta Dukes 18 dagar sedan
What a liar and how can people identify with someone like him.
Kahale Mulapo
Kahale Mulapo 18 dagar sedan
"But who knows? Who knows?"
Darrel Johnson
Darrel Johnson 18 dagar sedan
Trump didn’t win either popular vote
Jessica Renée
Jessica Renée 18 dagar sedan
In my abnormal psych class last semester we has to make a discussion forum about a celebrity we believe displays clinical narcissism, everyone chose like Kim K, Kanye, etc....meanwhile I chose Trump 😂
HavocStream 18 dagar sedan
Typically American's line of thinking 😌
Vincent Masci
Vincent Masci 18 dagar sedan
He carved out the supreme court himself . and now Trump thinks he owns it ... He is drowning In His own SH******.
Zyane Go
Zyane Go 18 dagar sedan
Do you remember the time everyone thought there's gonna be a Civil War?
hope jackson
hope jackson 18 dagar sedan
The illusion and rose colored glasses effect. You won! Here is your participation badge.
Ric Seeds
Ric Seeds 18 dagar sedan
Obviously I missed it but who decided it's OK for Cyber Ninjas to touch any ballots? Who hired them and why can they call for a 635th audit?
Lessie Handy
Lessie Handy 18 dagar sedan
The reason why Trumps thinks he won is because he thought Russia was going to hack our votes again. Can’t hack paper
Jean-michel Delvaux
Jean-michel Delvaux 18 dagar sedan
Beat them for a 3rd time what's he on about?
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
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