Pink Tax, Wage Gap, Gender Discrimination: Stories of Being a Woman in America | The Daily Show 

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The pink tax, the wage gap, and gender discrimination. Here’s a look at some of the issues facing women in America today.

00:00 - How the Pandemic Drove More Women Out of the Workforce
05:10 - Gender Discrimination in the NCAA
10:53 - Why the Wage Gap Is Very Real But Shouldn’t Be
14:15 - WAP \u0026 Women Artists Expressing Their Sexuality
16:28 - How the Pink Tax Is Ripping Off Women
21:58 - The Strong Black Woman Stereotype
25:42 - Violence Against Women \u0026 Why It’s Up to Men to Stop It

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Naomi Lehman
Naomi Lehman 2 timmar sedan
All of this is ridiculous there should be equal rights and every aspect!!!
J.A. Bristol
J.A. Bristol 16 timmar sedan
None of the stuff in the headline’s actually a thing. All just lies meant to make women feel victimized. You want the same pay, do the same amount of work at the same quality. You’ll get the same amount of money.
Crystal Hairston
Crystal Hairston 23 timmar sedan
I'm soooooooo glad I only had one kid and that one kid is now a grown up lol
DreamGyrl360 2 dagar sedan
Re: the Pink Tax. Went shopping for running shoes with my co and the sales person showed us the shoes for women and I thought they were great. But they were upwards of $119. My co said "can you take us to the men's running shoes?" Salesperson took us over there. Similar product. He walks off to give us time to consider. I asked my co "why'd you have him bring us over here? I don't wear men's shoes!" She said "they're at least $20 cheaper". She was RIGHT. I NEVER KNEW. I wasn't even aware. (I didn't buy anything because I have to go wrap my mind around paying so much for a shoe. Can someone tell me where the $45 running shoes are?! 😆)
My Jeezebel
My Jeezebel 2 dagar sedan
Video Game Sanctuary
Video Game Sanctuary 3 dagar sedan
Being a women in America....WAY easier then being a man. Hands down.
Corey Long
Corey Long 3 dagar sedan
question.. when she showed the "womens weight room" why was she so close to it? why didnt she back up and show more? why? because its bigger than that. Not as big as the mens, but bigger than that. She jus wanted the size gap to be bigger. ive been to both weight rooms
sunshinelizard1 3 dagar sedan
Where are the fathers in these scenarios? Why aren't the fathers grappling with day care?
sunshinelizard1 3 dagar sedan
Oh, sorry you were born female and chose to have children said the old geezer men who can't see the demise they are creating as they line their pockets.
sunshinelizard1 3 dagar sedan
We have unbounded capitalism where profits are more important than any human or ecological impacts. Where C level leadership makes obscene amounts of money rather than a percentage going towards employee wages and benefits instead of multiple mansions. We need new laws because the 1%'s are not policing their greed.
Danny Starling
Danny Starling 4 dagar sedan
I understand the women's swag bags might have been lacking but I think a puzzle is a pretty cool gift. But I like puzzles, and it sounds like a unique custom gift. Of course, I haven't actually seen the image on the puzzle so that could make all the difference. Anyway, all for women's team's getting the respect they deserve
Vero V
Vero V 4 dagar sedan
I hate the pink tax 🙏🏼 I thought you might be interested in supporting this GoFundMe- read my story, gofund.me/f3221cc2. Even a small donation could help me reach my fundraising goal. And if you can't make a donation, it would be awesome if you could share this link to help spread the word.
PhilosopherWR 4 dagar sedan
I love that at 9:30 you hear this guy so disgusted that he huffs and drops his pen. I like having an ally who feels that in their gut.
Trish Dowell
Trish Dowell 5 dagar sedan
The opening Desi segment looks like my Zoom meetings at work
Your favorite Shiba Couple
XD this is why i buy razors from the men's section lol
Eszra 01
Eszra 01 5 dagar sedan
I get they are kids but i was one the little boys ages and knowing how i was as a child would not be bothering my mother when shes working. One of them her husband is there and if he is free to go to her to ask mom If son can have snack then he should be watching son until mom us done. I get everyone has issues but just tell them that if they bother mommy when shes working you go to time out or what ever. Then do it. And when you put them in time out you tell them why then rinse and repeat until they get it. This stuff works
Michi Oko
Michi Oko 6 dagar sedan
And now a whole new group wants to change things to "birthing person" and "chest feeding".
Richardson Maya
Richardson Maya 3 dagar sedan
What? Can you elaborate on that?
Richardson Maya
Richardson Maya 3 dagar sedan
What? Can you elaborate on that?
colby babcock
colby babcock 6 dagar sedan
Don't buy pink stuff, problem solved.
Jasmain Jasmain
Jasmain Jasmain 6 dagar sedan
Sure only men disliked this lol
Louie Berg
Louie Berg 7 dagar sedan
Anyone trying to be apologetic to the rhetoric of "well, she asked for it" is doing men a disservice as well. Nowhere near as big a disservice, of course, as women, but still. There is just also a strictly man-centric reason not to want to accept that kind of tortured logic. Because what are you saying? Men are so base, so underdeveloped, so animalistic that they HAVE to catcall? Get outta here. My prefrontal cortex is developed enough to deal with the impulse. It's what separates me from the animals.
Imre Konings
Imre Konings 4 dagar sedan
Aaand we're back to pity the man. Great job Louis
ThegreatMizuti777 7 dagar sedan
Eleni Giannoutsos
Eleni Giannoutsos 7 dagar sedan
The daily payment seasonally reach because moat rahilly press astride a ablaze field. abiding, adamant pull
Angela Hill
Angela Hill 7 dagar sedan
....And they're wondering why the population is facing a decline....
Muhammad Suleiman
Muhammad Suleiman 7 dagar sedan
Trevor my ur hair what the plane are u going to cut it when u return to the studio??
Bradley Goins
Bradley Goins 7 dagar sedan
The "pay gap" is calculated over a lifetime. More women enter the work force far later after attending college, men usually go straight to work. Then women have children and realize they don't want to work, but raise their family. Those that stay in the work force often retire sooner.. Men don't. That's your so called pay gap. Do some research.
weird elbas
weird elbas 7 dagar sedan
Here a tip people. STOP HAVING KIDS. But that's just a millennials opinion.
SewerWorld Order
SewerWorld Order 7 dagar sedan
Pushing 70, I can't count the number of women used me for money. You know, dates = Free Turf & Surf greedy girls. Wanting flowers, Diamond ring, ( Common Carbon INSANELY OVER PRICED rock). OR Muffin Bushwhacked by Pregnancy. Men CANNOT become Pregnant. Only women can. My extensive experience has shown me Many girls/women Intentionally FAIL to use Contraceptive Devices to Get Pregnant for ''MEAL TICKET RIDE'' FOR LIFE
Surty Ss
Surty Ss 7 dagar sedan
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chraepfli 7 dagar sedan
Can someone PLEASE tell me what suit Desi is wearing? I would love to find it!
Sierramade 1
Sierramade 1 7 dagar sedan
I told a boyfriend once that he got to pay for all the dinners out and tickets to anything since I got to pay the Pink tax on cosmetics, push up bras, hair and nails, high heals, and birth control-mamograms- paps and the 20% margin on my lower pay. That not even kids! He was appalled and we split up.
Dewaldt 6 dagar sedan
Well of course you broke up.
Kash Lolong
Kash Lolong 7 dagar sedan
You are so me in a nutshell. Solution from within.
Meow Milev
Meow Milev 7 dagar sedan
*That gal is soo white, she look so unreal!*
brandy williamson
brandy williamson 8 dagar sedan
My love for Desi Lydic knows no bounds!
Mo Almaly
Mo Almaly 8 dagar sedan
We should be better as men because these women are our mothers, sisters, wives, friends and so on. It's a shame that women still go through this every day and for that I am sorry. I do everything in my power to not make a woman fear me and if i'm walking behind a woman I announce myself or go to the other side of the road because they don't know me and I don' take it personal, it's not about me or how I feel. We just have to be more self aware.
NepTunes Nymph
NepTunes Nymph 6 dagar sedan
Your'e amazing. Thank you. 💕
Shannon dobbs
Shannon dobbs 8 dagar sedan
Akram T
Akram T 8 dagar sedan
Haha pay gab go first work in hard dangerous jobs than talk about pay gab or go talk about the family court and their anti father's you women's are privilege but you don't want to say it just want to cry victims with fake equality feminism
Mama Petillo
Mama Petillo 8 dagar sedan
Sounds like TX
vinayak singh
vinayak singh 8 dagar sedan
Didn't cover fauci emails? thought so lol Now go on and say fox news spreads hate and is biased what about you?
Suade Legend
Suade Legend 8 dagar sedan
Relax with the gun talk Trevor. You don't understand the bigger picture on that subject
Wanda Pease
Wanda Pease 8 dagar sedan
Although I no longer have children at home, I now have cats. One of whom does the “Can I have a Snack?!!”. She does it by attacking a cardboard box and tearing chunks off of it, or banging her food bowl against chair legs.
MLG GAMER 8 dagar sedan
Regarding male violence against women I agree men in general should do something about it and I say in general because some people are just like "but I don't do that kind of thing to women why should I help out?" I think we should be the type of man like Joker in persona 5 we see a lady getting harassed we stop the man from doing it regardless of outcome
Jonas Derkum
Jonas Derkum 2 dagar sedan
I would go even further and say if you see anyone getting harassed you should do what you can to stop it.
MLG GAMER 8 dagar sedan
I think she just made a rap lyric: Lifting as we climb? You can't expect us to be like Schwarzenegger in his prime! Rhymes and hits different
MLG GAMER 8 dagar sedan
Unfortunately that did not age well. Can't be feening over Michael B Jordan no more the dude's got a girl so it would be very weird if you did
MLG GAMER 8 dagar sedan
I mean obviously the pink tax on its own is an issue for the government but I feel like companies could help in a way but like I said by just selling one product cuz you sold two different gender products one obviously is more expensive than the other and that one is least likely to be bought by women so you might as well sell only one and don't label it men's or women's like everybody can have it and equal amounts of it too so it's fair
MLG GAMER 8 dagar sedan
There's something I don't understand right? If the pink tax does cause women to just say "all right well we'll just take some of the men's products then" then shouldn't it be up to companies then to say well your women's thing isn't selling so you might as well just make one product for both genders do you get me? Cuz it's really them that is going to go through a loss Because some of their products aren't selling. You think that would be an obvious observation but I guess not
Dewaldt 8 dagar sedan
It could also just be that the 2 products aren't as similar as TDS pretends it is.
Pheadra Williams
Pheadra Williams 8 dagar sedan
Love Desi ...that woman is funnnnyyyyyy
Cecily Cornish PhD Leadership
As a caregiver for a woman I will start buying men's depends. I will buy men razors instead of womens' razors!
Sova Ro
Sova Ro 6 dagar sedan
You might need to do some adjustments. Just like diapers for boys and girls are different, Incontinence underwear for men has absorbent padding mostly in front. For women, I reckon it would be more in the bottom.
Cecily Cornish PhD Leadership
As a black woman working in the 80's in a 90% white male dominated environment the adjusting was challenging! First because I was Black and second because I was a woman!
Allyson Godwin
Allyson Godwin 4 dagar sedan
Awe sweetheart...thank you for doing your thing and simply existing in the workplace we need as many women as we can get out there especially now after the pandemic most of our women have had to stay at home the struggle is real... Giggle
Pau Alv
Pau Alv 6 dagar sedan
Double homicide 🥲
Karelis Dejesus
Karelis Dejesus 9 dagar sedan
I loved this
Ken Anderson
Ken Anderson 9 dagar sedan
As if women have nothing to do with us being here.
April davis
April davis 9 dagar sedan
No seriously, I couldn't possibly love this segment more. A-friggin-men! Basically, childcare.
The Daily Show Noah
The Daily Show Noah 9 dagar sedan
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g., F.o.r m.o.r.e p.r.o.f.i.t.; W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P.. +, 1, 5, 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 9, 7, 2,
macsmith2013 9 dagar sedan
Yeah, because everyone else had so much FUN during the pandemic.
aaryan 9 dagar sedan
Raj Patel
Raj Patel 9 dagar sedan
There is no gender pay gap lol. Debunked a thousand times.
Inannawhimsey 9 dagar sedan
What exactly do you mean by woman since gender etc is a social construct?
The Daily Show Noah
The Daily Show Noah 9 dagar sedan
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g., F.o.r m.o.r.e p.r.o.f.i.t.; W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P.. +, 1, 5, 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 9, 7, 2,
Blanca Maria [Müller-Lagunez]
Desi, what beautiful voice.
M man Anime
M man Anime 9 dagar sedan
I never felt so disappointed.
Nilam Pandey
Nilam Pandey 9 dagar sedan
Still people have the audacity to say feminism is cancer
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 9 dagar sedan
80 sents🤦‍♂️I'm far left but 80 cents that's not that much
6th Face Comics
6th Face Comics 9 dagar sedan
What if I told you that we shouldn't require two full time working parents to raise a family? One parental unit, be it the father or mother, should stay home and raise their children.
Julia 11 timmar sedan
Can't help thinking there's a connection between company owners making billions and the people doing the ground work needing two jobs to afford children.
judith howard
judith howard 9 dagar sedan
Thank ya pen pal team men go go program
The Punisher Sequence
The Punisher Sequence 9 dagar sedan
@The Daily Show Noah bad bot
The Daily Show Noah
The Daily Show Noah 9 dagar sedan
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g., F.o.r m.o.r.e p.r.o.f.i.t.; W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P.. +, 1, 5, 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 9, 7, 2,
ptlahm 9 dagar sedan
Why did they not mention the fact that many women wouldn’t be having as hard of a time if men would do their share of childcare? Yeah, institutions to need to step up. What about the men? Why isn’t this question being asked???
Julia 11 timmar sedan
It's not asked because both the question and the answer are effin' obvious?
Jonas Derkum
Jonas Derkum 2 dagar sedan
Well if the man have time I think they will. Some might have to work overtime to get enough money to support their families, considering all the underpaid jobs out there.
Jan E. Elliot
Jan E. Elliot 6 dagar sedan
@Allyson Godwin it's probably one of the big reasons that a lot of young women are not marrying any more.
Jan E. Elliot
Jan E. Elliot 6 dagar sedan
@Matthew Herring so what are you saying men will stay working and leave the child at home alone? Because the question is what to do when the child comes. Your comment makes no sense
Louie Berg
Louie Berg 7 dagar sedan
@Allyson Godwin That would depend on the man, to be fair. They are out there, although I do grant you they're rarer than they ought to be.
Sebnem 9 dagar sedan
Some countries have no discrimination: equal wage gaps for e veryone
JoAnne Johnson
JoAnne Johnson 9 dagar sedan
Excellent show Trevor!( lol ) and 😭 all in one! Big hug, 💌✨
Hey*Beautiful 9 dagar sedan
Fanny Bindeki
Fanny Bindeki 9 dagar sedan
Its structural. N the Resolution sldnt b looked At immediatly outside. But just expectinh from men the same amount of homework n childcate tht we do from women. Thts the question afterall: why do we apply double standards when it comes to the house work? Cause we Think is 'womens work'.
Donna Zuk Adley
Donna Zuk Adley 9 dagar sedan
Men make $4,160 a year more
Donna Zuk Adley
Donna Zuk Adley 9 dagar sedan
I got hired at a job as a nurse, where I was told that another nurse suspected that male nurses were paid more than female nurses. Somehow she looked at the male paychecks and realized that the men were paid $2.00 more an hour than the males. The pay increased. She got fired.
MK Knight
MK Knight 8 dagar sedan
Did you guys have an Union? If you do then you should have a contact. We get more pay at my current hospital if we have a higher degree, are certified, shift differential or time on the job. So my pay check wouldn’t be the same as another nurse if I was missing one of these, but the base pay should be the same. Also, this is why they (employers) inform us that discussing wages is against policy. She probably was redlined after this. They wanted her out. They would probably fire her for being one minute late, whereas before, they wouldn’t have cared as much. She was practically a walking target.
Hannah Bagnall
Hannah Bagnall 9 dagar sedan
Yes! Haha, that mom with the screamin toddler tryin to get work done, i feel that! Great segment :D
The Daily Show Noah
The Daily Show Noah 9 dagar sedan
T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g., F.o.r m.o.r.e p.r.o.f.i.t.; W,H,A,T,S,A,P,P.. +, 1, 5, 0, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 9, 7, 2,
Dewaldt 9 dagar sedan
Both the pink tax and wage gap have been debunked to the point believing in them is equal to believing in the Tooth Fairy.
Dewaldt 6 dagar sedan
@Tia Marie and what % of those mothers were married and have an ex-husband paying alimony. Also ceo isn't an industry. It's a type of job. And yes it's high stress, which is why the pay can be high as well (after 20 to 30 years if you are the one who started the business). The misogyny you are making up, because that's your go to excuse for everything. And society isn't accommodating to anyone. Are you under some illusion that have it easy, because the higher suicide rate, are more likely to be homeless and boys suffer more under the current education system.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 6 dagar sedan
@Dewaldt does this data tell you that 4.1 million of those women are single mothers? Blame the men who abandoned them for that. And we can agree that there aren't many CEOs that are women. But not only is the industry full of misogynistic pigs, high levels of stress cause miscarriages and infertility. So yea, it will pretty much always come down to society not being accommodating enough to mothers in general.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 7 dagar sedan
@Dewaldt essential jobs that have always had low pay and dominated by women: grocers, teachers, childcare workers, caregivers, chefs (unless you're a high class one, you don't make squat), seamstress, any job that didn't close during pandemic honestly (except mail carriers and trashmen, those r still dominated by men), and certain types of doctors such as pediatricians. Go ahead and start your sexist rant, the one that says even though these jobs that are actually essential to society, more essential than many "specialists", they deserve less pay.
Dewaldt 7 dagar sedan
@Tia Marie no. Women work an average or 36,3 hours a week where as men work an average of 41.0 hours a week. This is according to data from the census bureau. Along with that I wasn't talking about physical risk. But more along the lines of financial risk. Women are less likely to start their own businesses or make a huge investment. This is also why there are so few female CEO's. Also if more people move into a specific field, jobs in that field are going to lose their value. Its how scarcity works and economies are based on scarcity. And what jobs you are talking about, could you please list these jobs.
Tia Marie
Tia Marie 7 dagar sedan
@Dewaldt it boils down to society not valuing woman or hard work, and being racist. All of the jobs that are essential to society used to be done for little or no pay by minorities. Now women are the ones that dominate these very important professions, but the pay grade hasn't changed in over 100 years
Joy Lastname
Joy Lastname 9 dagar sedan
Back when I was single, younger (25) and using my architecture degree, I charged a man for a job he asked me to do (drawings, rendering) and he asked me verbatim, "you're a woman, what do you need so much money for?" Yeah, I'm a woman who doesn't need to pay rent, transport herself to work, pay my utility bills,eat and wear clothes. At the end of the work day, I dissolve into thin air and reappear the next day I guess. The sexism, misogyny was real (still is) in career fields in Nigeria.
SewerWorld Order
SewerWorld Order 7 timmar sedan
Julia 11 timmar sedan
@Nahovi Nomad That is just atrocious. I'd love to believe that this is outdated and doesn't really happen any more, but there's a really, really frightening undercurrent of misogyny around. (Thanks to SewerWorld Order for providing evidence, I guess.) And I guess this "oh, women got it so easy, they just have to smile at somebody to get what they want" makes for a nice comfy reassurance for any man who isn't doing as well as he planned to. And of course: repetition makes truth, if guys tell each other BS like this over a beer often enough, it turns into a "everybody knows that!!!!". Which isn't to say that _all_ men are like that, or that all women are saints. Maybe tell the next creep to check his calendar, it's not the 1950ies any more? Or that the moment some Cary Grand walks in and swoops you off your feet, he can have your commission?
Julia 11 timmar sedan
@SewerWorld Order okay, we have: - condescending reaction to somebody using a word you don't use - insulting "better turn into a free meal" line - "I just decide that your story is made up" Poor lil' incel? Or straight up QAnon? One way or the other: stringing together insults does not count as rational communication. Nor does it make you creditable.
SewerWorld Order
SewerWorld Order 4 dagar sedan
@Nahovi Nomad .. I am 67. Americonned is a male dominated sewer. She said she was hired by someone who was then insulting, moronically. I felt text may have been created for this video. I was responding more to the asinine mockery TrevWhore and the witches mocked the subject. TrevWhore is not a humorist. Just one more sophomoric clown, doing marionette dance for his handlers slop.
Nahovi Nomad
Nahovi Nomad 4 dagar sedan
@SewerWorld Order i work in sales and have heard similar things. Been told by male colleagues they can try and take my sales because women don’t need as much money. They have said “oh a man will come take care of you so you don’t need commission as much as me” and this was said like a normal thing not like an insult. Or said in a joking way like it’s nbd. This is a pretty common thought process in male dominated work places it seems.
Jacqueline Countryman
Jacqueline Countryman 9 dagar sedan
The women are more badass too 😎
Andrea Brown
Andrea Brown 9 dagar sedan
Will the white women moaning about losing their skill set after a one-year pandemic take a seat in the back of the class while the black women whose skill set went into the toilet after decades of contending with the racism pandemic take the floor. Thank you.
Jacqueline Countryman
Jacqueline Countryman 9 dagar sedan
After the pandemic Women are either going to be way more patient or going to snap
Jacqueline Countryman
Jacqueline Countryman 9 dagar sedan
I meant it for the last video but works with this one here too
Tauney 9 dagar sedan
I have always had to buy boy jeans for 10 year olds. I'm a adult woman. In texas.😖 Where women have "curves" and look 40 at 17. You don't have rights. Not as a woman. Or as a human being. I advise leaving this country... forever and ever. And ever...
Dewaldt 9 dagar sedan
So you struggling to buy jeans suddenly means women don't have rights?
Gorbax The Destroyer
Gorbax The Destroyer 9 dagar sedan
What a complete nonsense. This show is becoming worse and worse.
Star Wars Legends
Star Wars Legends 9 dagar sedan
Hey Trevor, I have a story for you. This is unrelated to what this video is about but it needs to be told. First, how much do you know about the actual history of Memorial Day and what really happened? Watch this video because it will explain why I asked the question. selosk.info/class/video/rHeblqaXs6qmtIE.html
Big Mona
Big Mona 9 dagar sedan
I love Desi!!!
Sean Barnes
Sean Barnes 9 dagar sedan
Trevor Noah needs to stop black washing
Nonya Bizness
Nonya Bizness 10 dagar sedan
this would have been much more informative and concise if these ~women~ would not allow their ~family~ obligations to interfere with their ~professional~ obligations. also, this would have been much more nurturing and supportive if these ~women~ would not allow their ~professional~ obligations to interfere with their ~family~ obligations. ⁉️
Wuso Land
Wuso Land 10 dagar sedan
I wonder now if this video will get as many views as its counterpart man video.
Deangelo White White
Deangelo White White 10 dagar sedan
Choices have consequences
Maurice Osbourne
Maurice Osbourne 10 dagar sedan
Smh the agenda is real, ignore the real problem why don’t you.
Maurice Osbourne
Maurice Osbourne 10 dagar sedan
Or a man at home?🤦🏾‍♂️
Nimble KIlla
Nimble KIlla 10 dagar sedan
It’s official! Moms f….. ROCK!
Paul Ik
Paul Ik 10 dagar sedan
Nice edit
Christoph Matulla
Christoph Matulla 10 dagar sedan
Omar X
Omar X 10 dagar sedan
They went to onlyfans
José Cipriano
José Cipriano 10 dagar sedan
In America people are all about personal responsibility. Then, a woman has a child and suddenly it is everyone's problem. Don't have children if you don't have the means to look after them.
José Cipriano
José Cipriano 10 dagar sedan
@xps xps133 mother and father, sure, not the whole society. I never said it wasn't the father's problem, but it shouldn't be the nation's concern.
xps xps133
xps xps133 10 dagar sedan
Jose, seriously, where are you from, Mars...? The woman doesn't have a child alone; the child surely has a father, also. "It takes a village to raise a child," says the old proverb, so no child should be its mother "problem. " The child is a community member and, if properly raised, the future adult contributor. Sorry, but your idea about a "mother's problem called child" is a very narrowed one.
Huizhe Chen
Huizhe Chen 10 dagar sedan
USA is totally misogynistic. Trump has made it worse and the GOP will only intensify that.
Myriam Ickx
Myriam Ickx 5 dagar sedan
@Dagim Asefa : oh really ? Which country are you talking about ? The USA? Well, if you are such a legal eagle, kindly explain to me why the Equal Rights Amendment for women, which I remember was a hot topic when I was living in the US in the early 70s, never materialised ? You know, the amendment that would say in so many words that women have the same rights as men in the States? Is that « women having on a legal standpoint more benefits than men »? Try again. Without saying nothing about the systemic sexism that pervades the whole American society, similar to the systemic racism. Ever heard about the « glass ceiling »? Or how there is no assistance to help working mothers dealing wit motherhood and child-rearing. Within the OECD countries, the US are probably ranking last on that aspect.
Dagim Asefa
Dagim Asefa 6 dagar sedan
On a legal level women have an more benfits than men...
Sheila R
Sheila R 7 dagar sedan
@Myriam Ickx AMEN 🙏🏼 the US has so much catching up do it, which is my point. For a country that preaches equality, I fail to find it
Myriam Ickx
Myriam Ickx 8 dagar sedan
@Sheila R : The US may be preaching freedom and equality, but the fact remains that it is WAY behind Europe regarding women at work: no maternity leave, no childcare, inequality of treatment, all this on top of rampant sexism. I wouldn’t want to have to work AND be a Mom in that country.
Allyson Godwin
Allyson Godwin 8 dagar sedan
You are right, before 45....(ugh) things seemed to just start to get a little better or at least headed in the right direction, however along comes.... 😩 Trump (ugh) and turned the USA into something much worse and not just the USA the entire world was affected by his idiocy
Kamyln Chiyo
Kamyln Chiyo 10 dagar sedan
Couple of bandage will help 🤣🤣 if so then none of the people would have to undergo surgery and all.
AnduChanZZ 10 dagar sedan
The strong black women thing sounded alot like how toxic masculinity affects guys.
Julia 11 timmar sedan
I guess there are parallels, but from what I can understand from the outside: absentee fathers are more common in the afro-american community, and being stuck with the child rearing + having to deal with misogyny _and_ (latent) racism in the job world? I think that would make anybody a bit toxic.
Ali Liv
Ali Liv 6 dagar sedan
Very I hate that my shoulders aren't big enough for all issues and as soon as I faces a problem I run to my mom for help.
Tauney 9 dagar sedan
I actually agree. It's way aggressive. There is a line with both that shouldn't be crossed.
MeanJean McQueen
MeanJean McQueen 10 dagar sedan
That was absolutely perfectly done and showed our lives in a nutshell.
Dawn Glessner
Dawn Glessner 10 dagar sedan
Thanks again, Trevor, for pointing out the obvious
Dawn Glessner
Dawn Glessner 10 dagar sedan
Black women are also vulnerable. We need to be sensitive to who they are.
Nisha Zemlin
Nisha Zemlin 8 dagar sedan
@Noory Korky no cap
Noory Korky
Noory Korky 8 dagar sedan
@Nisha Zemlin I mean, in my opinion, if you want to talk about it that way, all women of color have it hard.
Nisha Zemlin
Nisha Zemlin 9 dagar sedan
I'm black woman but I feel like it would harder for hispanic women, probably asian too. It's still hard for black women though, it's not right.
Fannie Hansen
Fannie Hansen 10 dagar sedan
The solid mouth distinctly separate because var verbs = [aardvark enthrallingly bake until a secretive request. rambunctious, milky scooter
R.U. Sure
R.U. Sure 10 dagar sedan
Women: We’re strong, independent and don’t need a man. Also women: Men of the government…make laws to help us, protect us and give us more free stuff. Stuff paid for by the men we don't respect, like or need.
The Gospel messenger 1 Corinthians 15 : 1 - 4
This is the gospel of salvation - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 Witnesses of Christ's resurrection. 1) Moreover,brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2) ''By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4) And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.
The Gospel messenger 1 Corinthians 15 : 1 - 4
This is the gospel of salvation - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 Witnesses of Christ's resurrection. 1) Moreover,brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2) ''By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4) And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.
The Gospel messenger 1 Corinthians 15 : 1 - 4
This is the gospel of salvation - 1 Corinthians chapter 15 verses 1-4 Witnesses of Christ's resurrection. 1) Moreover,brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2) ''By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3) For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4) And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures.
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