Humans May Become Endangered, Cicadas Emerge After 17 Years & Goodwill Rejects Trash |The Daily Show 

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Cicadas are emerging after 17 years underground, human sperm counts have dropped 50% in the last 40 years, and Goodwill asks people to please stop donating literal trash.

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21 maj 2021



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Rehab Farag
Rehab Farag Timme sedan
So, smoking and obesity endanger human species and homosexuality doesn't?!🤔🤷‍♀️
Salem 6 timmar sedan
I just keep my batteries. 😹 Eventually figured out hey I can just probably wrap them up the same way as how they're packaged in stores, tightly immobilized and insulated from everything else in plastic making sure the poles also can't connect🤔
Caleb Carpenter
Caleb Carpenter 14 timmar sedan
A pox on whoever thought of the word "spermaggedon."
Alexander Kratzsch
Alexander Kratzsch 22 timmar sedan
Ah yes: Spermageddon. Or as I call it: Saturday.
Milton Gadisi
Milton Gadisi Dag sedan
A very nice knowledge shared. How do you make yourself fly with a tail hanging. I like the skill. Please share with me at amgadisi@gmail.com Thanks in advance
jorge jimenes
jorge jimenes Dag sedan
That afro tho
Cine Dag sedan
Why not??
xena warrior
xena warrior Dag sedan
Even when Trevor isn't trying to sound like Trump, he still sounded like Trump when he was playing as the bug lol
kiraPh1234k Dag sedan
Periodical cicadas* (of the genus magicicada) Not most cicadas....
Anna-M Behr
Anna-M Behr 2 dagar sedan
Well women can already reproduce without men, so I don’t think it’s dramatic :) we don’t need men
Going Viral now 1 M
Going Viral now 1 M 3 dagar sedan
May should be replaced with should
Deepwaters724 3 dagar sedan
.....there are strollers and swollen bellies everywhere in southern Europe right now. I am not worried at all. So many strollers.
sluggliano2000 4 dagar sedan
I wish this guy would go underground.
Nandini Bhagwat
Nandini Bhagwat 4 dagar sedan
Fallen Engel
Fallen Engel 5 dagar sedan
Trump won. Glad to Trevor noah in a prison cell! USA! USA!
vegan grains
vegan grains 5 dagar sedan
"humans may be an endangered species" animals: hip hip hooray!
Jackie 5 dagar sedan
nah, goodwill can have all the trash, they're a terrible company - they pay disabled employees less than minimum wage.
Ansuman Chakraborty
Ansuman Chakraborty 6 dagar sedan
humans may go extinct other animals: *finally*
Luezoid 6 dagar sedan
hallil diallo
hallil diallo 6 dagar sedan
Why does these insects which I have no clue how to spell, their voice sound like Donald trump
Tari Nai
Tari Nai 7 dagar sedan
Everyone, you can help by using your computer to find cures for the COVID virus! selosk.info/class/video/gYpl04eWyJycyqM.html
castanza128 7 dagar sedan
Jon Stewart was funny while he preached to us. Trevor Noah can't manage to be funny while he preaches, so now he's trying to scare us while he preaches.
Tyler Durdan
Tyler Durdan 8 dagar sedan
These guys has always been out every summer when I lived in the Midwest.
Jo Michael
Jo Michael 9 dagar sedan
Simple enough 😂 funny
Itza Rocha
Itza Rocha 9 dagar sedan
I honestly hope the human race goes extinct, we are the virus of this planet.
Dadzie William
Dadzie William 9 dagar sedan
Can I have your suit. Don't have one for my upcoming presentation
Victor L
Victor L 10 dagar sedan
Do people take this seriously?
Liz Presley
Liz Presley 11 dagar sedan
Yeah cicadas are around every year. Welcome to the south. I hate love bug season more than I do cicada season LOL
Butter Gurls
Butter Gurls 11 dagar sedan
Afro on point. Beautifully dense
ndoricimpa amida
ndoricimpa amida 12 dagar sedan
The last part 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Meher Unisa
Meher Unisa 12 dagar sedan
It will never happen atleast not in India where There are millions of pure kids
Ben Townsend
Ben Townsend 12 dagar sedan
heads up - as someone who buys a lot of second hand battery powered gear those leaky batteries are often in the gear. but that would take some thought to get around to, i'm sure the main problem is with most people directly donating leaky batteries. who edits this show jeez. pps what the heck news source is the day?
Dumisile Khunga
Dumisile Khunga 12 dagar sedan
“Kanye’s last album”👀👀👀👀👀
thegoodlisteners listenwell
No i disagree with your message. Let natural selection do its thing.
Yongo Salasini
Yongo Salasini 13 dagar sedan
So....as for the extinction....it's basically poor lifestyle choices🤦
ru ru
ru ru 13 dagar sedan
Human will Extend becouse Western ...! I guess that means no white people only
Tolu Odunewu
Tolu Odunewu 13 dagar sedan
Spermageddon will be more like a reverse "The Handmaid's Tale" setting.
My Name Is David Hogg & I Approve This Message
Trevor Noah is not funny and says whatever he is paid to say
MartinkaMich 13 dagar sedan
Not like we deserve this planet anyways, hope we do go extinct and quit causing so much damage
Greg Merritt
Greg Merritt 13 dagar sedan
Sorry, but I just don't feel bad for Corruptwill.
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy 13 dagar sedan
LOVE the writing "just think how different the world was, Tom Brady just won the Superbowl, Vin Diesel new F&F movie, Ben Affleck dating J-lo" Not much has changed. BTW: cops are still murdering people at an alarming rate, the elite is still just that (not much has trickled down), government has yet to show its truly for the people, we're still in the Middle East, etc... Literally not much has changed...
I'm not okay
I'm not okay 14 dagar sedan
I read the beginning of the title and got so excited 😔
John Cordova
John Cordova 14 dagar sedan
Not soon enough!
Binod 14 dagar sedan
Trevor can be the perfect teacher for kids...
Johnnyboycurtis 15 dagar sedan
I got a vasectomy. Here to help the extinction :)
Copper Rabbit
Copper Rabbit 15 dagar sedan
First ones to go are hopefully this audience.
dmac909 dmac909
dmac909 dmac909 15 dagar sedan
Goodwill is a non-profit that only donates less than 10% to the community. They spend all their millions on upper management. It's very sad. Do a report on that!
The Gluteus Maximus
The Gluteus Maximus 15 dagar sedan
Humans will become extinct: Everyone else: PANIC Me: "oh yeah baby, it's all coming together..."
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 15 dagar sedan
2004 was my birth year!
Sir Cullars
Sir Cullars 15 dagar sedan
We just gonna skip over the name “spermagedon”
pranav Keskar
pranav Keskar 15 dagar sedan
Am I the only one getting chills remembering Alfonso Cuaron's Children of Men ?
Open Source II
Open Source II 15 dagar sedan
LET THE HUMANS GO Let them die off. Why are we pushing all of this til 2099? Do any of you have plans to see that far in the future or plan in detail how to move the human race forward with all of it's problems. Nope. EmbraceTheReset
Goddess SweetPea
Goddess SweetPea 15 dagar sedan
Yes Spermageddon! Let the best DNA survive 😜
j jenko
j jenko 15 dagar sedan
the news tries to scare us on every turn
Hailey Sage
Hailey Sage 16 dagar sedan
Hailey Sage
Hailey Sage 16 dagar sedan
Population control, there's to many of us, so "they" made us sick so we rely on them. Then we die and pass on the trend. Hopefully we break that unhealthy cycle and we become clean eating clean living beings. Cough cough sure, utopia.
Meba Gardens
Meba Gardens 16 dagar sedan
😰 guess I should start practicing? “Under his eye?”
Yvette Tee
Yvette Tee 2 timmar sedan
varshith regonda
varshith regonda 16 dagar sedan
Thank you man
Ch3skitty20 16 dagar sedan
This skit killed me 😂🤣😭😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Trevor killzzzz
JK 16 dagar sedan
Humans going extinct???? Have u heard about India and China??? Have u heard about Uttar Pradesh in India???
Veganpotter Thevegan
Veganpotter Thevegan 16 dagar sedan
The ridiculous thing is that high fertility and birth rates will mean the end of the human race too . I'd rather go out due to infertility than pollution that'll come from excess population.
Sweta Jha
Sweta Jha 16 dagar sedan
Should humans exist at all?😂
Tim Reyes
Tim Reyes 16 dagar sedan
I feel like Trevor Noah might be black
mg5s navcar
mg5s navcar 16 dagar sedan
Because 40 years ago no one smoked tabaco.
WarmBloodedLizard 16 dagar sedan
5:30 69 degrees. Nice.
Nqobile Zwane
Nqobile Zwane 17 dagar sedan
I like your hair
Athira Visweswaran
Athira Visweswaran 17 dagar sedan
Here I'm in india, overpopulated af🥴
Ivan Renteria
Ivan Renteria 17 dagar sedan
The answer is figs, the fruit helps with fertility and boosts count. Unless every is thinking about that H movie were the cities are populated by women and there's about 1-2 guys per city.
Emily Lee
Emily Lee 17 dagar sedan
Red eyes cicadas look scary
nightmarethunderfist 17 dagar sedan
Lisa Eddy
Lisa Eddy 17 dagar sedan
Hahaha “im gonna call and uber” and “trash like Kanyes last album” 🤣😂👏🙌
Arnold Davis
Arnold Davis 17 dagar sedan
We will pollute the world to death
Moshe Cabasso
Moshe Cabasso 17 dagar sedan
You are not cool anymore!!!
Master Adjuster
Master Adjuster 17 dagar sedan
Smoking doesn't hold a candle to environmental poisoning.
Andrea 'Jackie' Garcia
Andrea 'Jackie' Garcia 18 dagar sedan
I'll have brunch with you... lol 🥰💕
Megan Moore
Megan Moore 18 dagar sedan
The redundant father interstingly retire because regret neurophysiologically reproduce apropos a alcoholic vinyl. apathetic, flagrant fisherman
Djepetto Neptoon
Djepetto Neptoon 18 dagar sedan
only poor people shop at goodwill?
csuci119 18 dagar sedan
There are too many people on this planet anyways... Mother earth wouldn't miss any of us 😂
Patrick Doyle
Patrick Doyle 18 dagar sedan
I love it,always guaranteed a laugh 😁
Singularity 18 dagar sedan
Spermaggeddon in the West... Meanwhile East, let's chop their baIIs off. I think there's a sweet spot here.
Manjula Nilsson
Manjula Nilsson 18 dagar sedan
I'll take Humans Disappearing from the earth 500 🖐🏾👀
Nemo Adam
Nemo Adam 18 dagar sedan
How is there a sperma geddon while humanity simultaiasly growing from 3 to 8 Billion the Last 80 years lol
Jeremiah Walton
Jeremiah Walton 18 dagar sedan
They said westerners not humans. So dont fret it will just be us gone lol
BRANDON DARLING 18 dagar sedan
Spreading it is the solution. Mine strong. That's the problem. Lol
Almost Complete Garbage
The way Trevor says years 😎
Paul Dominguez
Paul Dominguez 18 dagar sedan
Reports are that they are not as on schedule as in the past, due to climate change and the weird temperature disruptions.
Afridh Ahmed
Afridh Ahmed 18 dagar sedan
Like always the best content
Mrepha TEX Ramailane
Mrepha TEX Ramailane 19 dagar sedan
Bad for those who lack melinin,Not the original man unless they vaccinate you with DNA editing chip . Minister Louis Farrakhan warned us longtime ago.
Nova Boon
Nova Boon 19 dagar sedan
UFOs and alien abductions are the human race from the far future when we have finally become infertile. They invented time manipulation devices to travel back and experiment on their still fertile ancestors to hopefully find a way to reverse what has been done.
Pete Perez
Pete Perez 19 dagar sedan
I’m beginning to wonder about you.....maybe your not such a bad guy after all....
Michael McCarthy
Michael McCarthy 19 dagar sedan
I know that if I am patient eventually some day Trevor Noah will say something that makes me laugh
Lux Armiger
Lux Armiger 19 dagar sedan
I know this isn't related but, my girlfriend is super jealous of how your afro is growing.
Laura Amanda
Laura Amanda 19 dagar sedan
MoppyPuppy 19 dagar sedan
Let the human race end, who cares?
Eniku Gabriel
Eniku Gabriel 19 dagar sedan
Kanyes Last album😲😲😲😲
Online Chatter
Online Chatter 19 dagar sedan
Thanks to Technology... we are going to get extinction!!! Clone war is coming up....😁😁😁😁..
THE THOUGHTS 19 dagar sedan
Boring Boring and Boring..!!! I came for news it was delivered slowly and the Dry jokes in between were as dry as she can get 😒
Benutzter Name
Benutzter Name 17 dagar sedan
Hmm maybe next time if u just want news than watch a normal news channel
Cream Team
Cream Team 19 dagar sedan
Yo how long has he had that Afro ✊🏾
Sixteen 707
Sixteen 707 19 dagar sedan
Humans won’t go extinct but Neanderthals will ...Facts
Most Definitely
Most Definitely 19 dagar sedan
If you didn't giggle when you first heard "spermageddon" I applaud you 👏👏👏
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