How Is Trump Handling Retirement? | The Daily Show 

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How is Trump handling retirement? In two words: not well.

00:00 - Still Banned From Facebook
02:19 - Continuing To Scam His Supporters
04:49 - Claiming Credit For The Vaccine
06:18 - Insisting He Won
09:30 - Attacking Mitch McConnell's Chins
11:20 - Breaking Up With Fox News

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iqueque Timme sedan
How sad, Trevor is no longer remotely funny, or relevant. And he could do with a haircut
Maria Raquel Marques Cordeiro
Trevor, why don t you start thinking by yourself? You are not aging well...
Addy Lynn
Addy Lynn 13 timmar sedan
TunAmy do
TunAmy do Dag sedan
The amount of people butthurt for trevor still revolving around trump solve the biggest mystery of why trump won previous election. Why cant he? Trump is still clowning and appear on news. And saying trevor got his job because of trump shows how dense the mentality is. Tskk tskk tskk
Darlene pratt
Darlene pratt Dag sedan
Now we're stuck with biden sad country mow
N A Dag sedan
Its so funny how you guys cant stop being obsessed with Trump. You hate him sooo much, you can't stop talking about him. I got a suggestion, how about "How's Biden doing with his first 100 days?" He crushed it in Europe, absolutely stellar... How much money do you guys make for being propaganda mouth pieces?? Time to hang it up brother, your act is getting stale..
Taisakuu Dag sedan
Look, Trevor and the other talk show hosts are talking about trump because in a way he isn't gone. He would be talking about something else if trump wasn't causing issues.
Kyle Arnold
Kyle Arnold Dag sedan
Still talking about trump while STILL social distancing and he thinks Trumps the problem. Thats the real comedy here. Not even an American
Christopher Bigman
Love how republicans are being pissy because we talking about their clown leader who continues to fail and embarrass himself 😂😂😂
Red Juice
Red Juice Dag sedan
Bro wouldn’t have career without Trump 🤦🏽‍♂️
BTB YT Dag sedan
This dude is not funny
Samibamiwami Dag sedan
Used to think you were funny. But you are a full blown puppet for the left. Trumps gone! Talk about our current president. You won’t because your biased.
the pide piper
the pide piper Dag sedan
Yep trump needs 64 million bucks when he's a billionaire, totally.
SILVER ALERT!! Dag sedan
Still talking about Trump? 2024 is coming fast. Then you will really have something to talk about.
Khalid Khalaf
Khalid Khalaf Dag sedan
How long has it been since he left the office? Find something new dude! Hire some people to come up with some material. It is your ex that you can't get over it 🤣
Patrick C.
Patrick C. Dag sedan
What if these people covered what's actually going on currently 🤔 🤣🤣🤣
250lmjohn Dag sedan
Who even watches this show? Total garbage
Will Hernandez
Will Hernandez Dag sedan
Lives in you liberals head. #Muppets
jen heinz
jen heinz Dag sedan
Tricky Dicky Ball
Trevor noah💩🚽🦍🍌👎🖕👺☠️
Ty Phoolsawat
Ty Phoolsawat Dag sedan
He living rent free in your head 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Joe Nunez
Joe Nunez Dag sedan
The more I see how the media uses and bashes Trump, especially for views, the more I realize that it was all meant to manufacture a narrative to influence people not to vote for him, to make it seem “cool” to not like him.
Matt's Horsemanship
The magic wand is because Obama said "these jobs won't ever come back unless you have a magic wand" but under Trump before covid those jobs did come back in record numbers
The. Oskar18
The. Oskar18 Dag sedan
I love this guy imitating Trump🤣
Prince Vegeta-son
Let it go loser
Slater K
Slater K Dag sedan
Just like Rudy's fate being sealed soon now and just like his boss Fat Donnie who showed the world yesterday he is a washed up frail showman losing his mind to dementia and karma who thinks he's still somehow one day will be the great powerful oz again on stage but this public disaster of a performance he just did last night wearing his pants backward shows the real reality of Mr Trumpademic his days are numbered and it's only matter of time before half of the country hunting him for his crimes to humanity and the law will come knocking on his door like his lawyers and dragging his delusional but to the slammer with the help of the most powerful procescuter on the planet Mark Pomerantz John Gotti's Reaper and the founding father of RICO and Racketeering and his army of mob procescuters leading the charge to Trump's demise once and for all.
Slater K
Slater K Dag sedan
Karma continues to ruin Trump's life in every direction imaginable especially with his princess daughter who hates him now and wishes she could turn back the hands of time before 2016 sorry goldilocks life doesn't work like that you chose your fate 4 years ago now it's time pay the consequences just like your daddy Fat Donnie Dementia got my pants on backwards again
Slater K
Slater K Dag sedan
Trump just keeps getting more pathetic and desperate showing America and The World as a whole the end is near for this Murderous Wallstreet Swamp Tyrant and his sick corrupted family and administration sesspool ít has become
Golden One
Golden One Dag sedan
Bro trump is out why do you care? You look like an off brand weekend and like you smell like stale cheese haha
Jerry Olsen
Jerry Olsen Dag sedan
This guy needs a life. Go Trump ?????
Boaz Beatty
Boaz Beatty Dag sedan
I really don’t know who this guy he is but this is down right moronic
Perry Cochran
Perry Cochran Dag sedan
He seems to be just fine. The media's ranking tanks unless they talk about him. Know what I mean? I thought so. Trump forever baby!
yaaa dontsay
yaaa dontsay Dag sedan
Everytime i see your show pop up i change the channel fast af you a froot loop cuhz on the gang you soff
•Michael Austin• [The TMF Papa] || ViLee
Trump better start asking for them to pay up, cuz rn he's living in this guy's head rent free.
Daniel Stone
Daniel Stone Dag sedan
Still can’t stop talking about trump. This man shook your world
Aaron Dutton
Aaron Dutton Dag sedan
This is just not funny
Richard Phillips
Aaron Dutton
Aaron Dutton Dag sedan
Why are you talking about Trump?
Aaron Dutton
Aaron Dutton Dag sedan
Why are you still talking about Trump?
Eric Jennings
Eric Jennings Dag sedan
Trump lives in this dude’s mind rent free
Garnet Nard
Garnet Nard Dag sedan
Comedy Central has to pay youtube to get people to watch Trevor Noah videos.
silverado Dag sedan
Jacob Parsons
Jacob Parsons Dag sedan
Isn’t this guy supposed to be a comedian?
P W Dag sedan
What I can feel is no increase of wage, but dramatically increase of inflation
Jose Baeza
Jose Baeza Dag sedan
Trump will retire after he knocks joe and Kamala off their 4 year term to destroy us
Mark Togger
Mark Togger Dag sedan
Hey Trevor. Get a real job !!!
marathonboyz Dag sedan
Why is trump still a thing? Why can't we focus on biden and America. Trump is old news
Dmitri Nicula
Dmitri Nicula Dag sedan
Dangalls3 Dag sedan
junebugg719 Dag sedan
So cute that you continue worrying about Trump instead of America right now...easier to be ignorant of the present and focus on the past......which only means, you are embarrassed of what is going on and have to deflect in order to feel like you have a leg to stand on
Michael G
Michael G Dag sedan
Are you still eating thanks to Trump ? 🤣
Jim Jamenson
Jim Jamenson Dag sedan
Why don’t you focus on the success of the Biden administration? Oh wait….
EneseGotEQz Dag sedan
They talk more about trump than what biden and the idiots are doing in office 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
The S.S Simp
The S.S Simp Dag sedan
Bro, I never even really liked Trump, but tbf I never hated him, but this is all just sad. Hes been out of office for so long and yall just keep talking about him- a bit sad ngl
Jose Mama
Jose Mama Dag sedan
Thanks don king
Kimurain Dag sedan
Trump hasn't been president in well over a year. Move on.
Sookie Rue
Sookie Rue Dag sedan
My name trevor noah. I be eating fried chicken an watta melon
Robert Ahart
Robert Ahart Dag sedan
Why are you so obsessed about Trump? It's like a weird man crush Noah
Emu Enforcer
Emu Enforcer Dag sedan
The derangement syndrome is real. Accept your losses Trevor and go back where you came from
Daniel Carey
Daniel Carey Dag sedan
When their done with you. You will understand.
West Scott
West Scott Dag sedan
These comments pass the vibe check 😂 rent free
Timbo Underskroll
Whats even crazier .... someone had the idea to make Trevor Noah the host of the daily show
Cody Pettengill
Cody Pettengill Dag sedan
Wow literally running trump headline ADS 6 months after he’s gone. He was the media’s darling, truly.
You have DRTS !! You are a bad joke as usual
That’s Brody
That’s Brody Dag sedan
You enjoying the $5 gas
Jason Smith
Jason Smith Dag sedan
Love how all his news clips are all FAKE NEWS
Casey W
Casey W Dag sedan
Rent free, Trevor
captainclutchxi Dag sedan
Am I the only person who doesn't find this guy funny at all?
em Dag sedan
bro are you even American
Matthew Polizzotti
He didn't lose the presidency for 2020 he was cheated out of it by the Democrats and now we have a mumbling delusional buffoon for a sit in president and Harris is nowhere to be found she's probably still worrying about the renovations being done to her house and then she'll focus her attention on America I don't think this guy knows exactly what he's talking about I guess that's why he has a little SElosk channel and that's all he's got going for him.
772-FISHIN Dag sedan
I'm surprised Trump knows how to use the internet. He's ancient.
Alexander Joubran
trump lives is this kids head
Colby Collins
Colby Collins Dag sedan
Keep blowing that trump trumpet 🤣🤣
Redneck Josh_vape_dip
Tell me trump lives in your head rent free without telling me he lives in your head rent free Yes the right has done wrong things but the left has gone way to far. Don’t blindly follow what you hear, don’t only listen to one side. Question everything, listen to both sides with a open mind and research deeply and look for proof. Don’t be a sheep.
Eric Homen
Eric Homen Dag sedan
Trying to overthrow the Gov..🤣 like Biden did!
Tony Montgomery
Tony Montgomery Dag sedan
He is out of office. Therefore irrelevant at this time. Will media please address the geriatric abuse being forced upon Joe Biden? If the man was my grandfather I'd try to find out who is pulling hisstrings. Justice for Joe!
You’re a fake cop jr
Trevor you should just marry Donald Trump or something or build a door that looks just like him get it over with
Promethean Allegory
Just can’t get him out of your head, can you.
jorge castanon
jorge castanon Dag sedan
Nowh is a woke clown
kkuczak0001 Dag sedan
He's working behind the scenes until he's president again (2021). They're trying to smear him as much as possible bc there's not much time until many of them are put away for crimes against humanity (including Biden). If Biden was really that popular & great of a president, they'd be covering all the "great things he's doing" instead.
Shawn Ferrell
Shawn Ferrell Dag sedan
I think people watch Trevor Noah to remind themselves what comedy isn’t. SNL called, they want weekend update back.
Justin Michael
Justin Michael Dag sedan
You are not funny at all
tim johnson
tim johnson Dag sedan
Sean Smith
Sean Smith Dag sedan
The like to dislike ratio DOES NOT match the comments lol 🤔🤣😂
Kellen KMK
Kellen KMK Dag sedan
Americans are doing what they can to preserve our American values from people like you. Must be hard living with President Trump on the brain all the time. Get help and move on.
J VM Dag sedan
Notice how you got indexed? Proportion of people who like your video versus who hate it.
Dr. Boots
Dr. Boots Dag sedan
You have a terrible TERRIBLE show!
Jared Rigney
Jared Rigney Dag sedan
Free rent
Andy Del cid
Andy Del cid Dag sedan
Trevor your not funny
Edwin Herrera
Edwin Herrera Dag sedan
It’s crazy to see Trump with all this energy and remember him like that to this feeble Joe Biden we have as a president
Brandon Palmer
Brandon Palmer Dag sedan
Hated trump and was so excited to stop hearing about him but his fans, such as Trevor Noah, won't let it go.
The Raine Network
Trump: You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me.
Rap !
Rap ! Dag sedan
Trevor is so lame he still leeches of the Teet of trump...
John._Blaze Drula
Trevor Noah is trash
Wuxia Games Central
The real question is how is Noah handling a no laugh track set
Rishi Chava
Rishi Chava Dag sedan
Rent free in his head.
LJ Norelli
LJ Norelli Dag sedan
He’s living rent-free in your head, Trevor. Like an absolute BOSS.
Digit Toll
Digit Toll Dag sedan
The Eric Andre show is not even supposed to be taken seriously and yet it’s better than most talk shows today.
BlitzKreeg Rock
BlitzKreeg Rock Dag sedan
What if comedians like this try to secretly get Trump back in office to stay relevant and somewhat funny 👌🏻😂
Steven James
Steven James Dag sedan
This clown still has a show?
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