Fox News: 20 Minutes of Contradictions | The Daily Show 

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You may not like Fox News, but they are nothing if not inconsistent. Here’s 20 minutes of them directly contradicting themselves.

00:00 - Border Conditions
01:32 - Media Bias
03:42 - Feelings
05:45 - Protestors
07:21 - Reading a Teleprompter
08:44 - Law and Order
11:14 - Running a Campaign
12:51 - Taking Vacations
13:48 - Having Priorities
15:13 - Protestors (Again)
16:04 - Conceding Elections

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SLM 7 minuter sedan
All of those people don't have to worry about anything they say, their positions are bought and paid for. If only we could pay people to feel shame... (and so I'm not a hypocrite: same for some people on the "other" side too- money contaminates everything- we need a cyber Robin Hood to restore balance, not a digital snake oil salesman named Q)
K George
K George 7 timmar sedan
For me this comment I read a fair amount of the other comments… Most of them are OK… But I feel sorry for all of you who cannot see the absolute obvious splices in each one of these tapes you think a news company could do a better job there even splicing in the middle of some of the words wow talk about proof of fake news it’s right there in front of us i’m not sure who butchered this up but they proved fake news once again and they did a real obvious lousy job of it if you can’t see The deception in the splicing in these videos you don’t want to see it your brains telling you not to even look I feel sorry for you
Egleath Shelishyah
Egleath Shelishyah 9 timmar sedan
More Propaganda from out great leftists
Donnie Meekins
Donnie Meekins 11 timmar sedan
Is this real!!
Kenneth Mccarther
Kenneth Mccarther 17 timmar sedan
i am the human race
Barb Skrypek
Barb Skrypek 19 timmar sedan
The total hypocrisy of Faux “news” and the Rightwing media is so despicable!
Marrero Michael
Marrero Michael 22 timmar sedan
Tiki torch🔥cruz 😂😂😂
David Duckett
David Duckett 22 timmar sedan
I'm not even going to argue with republicans anymore, just send them this video
Annette L
Annette L 23 timmar sedan
Maybe this is b/c I really dislike Laura Ingram, but I think it's hilarious she got busted shop lifting! I can remember her hating on all the looters last summer & she is not any better! (FYI I don't condone looters NOR shoplifters) I just think the irony is divine...
Raspedi Onizuka
Raspedi Onizuka Dag sedan
how is it in the greatest country in the world i wonder xD the "sane" half of your country has my condolance
kevin mahan
kevin mahan Dag sedan
FOX news will tell you it's not News it's entertainment
SweetPEAches69 Dag sedan
Fox is an entertainment channel telling people they are “news”
The Non-Explicit Content Channel
How much are these traitors being paid to say these lies?!?
Dennis Vargason
Dennis Vargason Dag sedan
Lorenzo Medina
Lorenzo Medina Dag sedan
I do not know what is worse . This administration or Trebber Noah's comedy material !
Dee Garrison
Dee Garrison Dag sedan
Geez discusting!
D Kompres
D Kompres Dag sedan
This would be infuriating if it was t so very sad.
Yadu Pandey
Yadu Pandey Dag sedan
I am from Nepal , same on you FOX media , how you layer exagerate People are not dumb as you think, you are big layer Republican and you FoX media, shame on you.
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Peter Murer
Peter Murer 2 dagar sedan
At the 2016 US Elections bitcoin price was just $709 and that enough says all about the currency.
artures188 2 dagar sedan
Getting in with him just last weekend here, i’m winning already than i imagined and its so awesome
Angelika Wenkeler
Angelika Wenkeler 2 dagar sedan
@Yuliana Hector Burwell has been a major help to me in understanding the market better and making the best choices in trading and Bitcoin has beaten every other tradable asset so far.
MrFuratG 2 dagar sedan
Truly, Burwell came to change lives financially through his trading signals, and he won’t stop yet.
America Jackson
America Jackson 2 dagar sedan
When i met him last year, I assumed he will be one of those bad signal services but i now know otherwise. I have used a lot but his, are the most accurate
issaciams 2 dagar sedan
This was so upsetting I couldn't watch the whole 17 minutes even at 2x speed. Fox News is atrocious.
Anyhony Harkness Sr.
Anyhony Harkness Sr. 2 dagar sedan
Last check, 75 million is a lot less than, I don't know. 87 million
Jolene F
Jolene F 2 dagar sedan
Can't even watch this nonsense!!
icemachine79 2 dagar sedan
I'm sure the truth hurts. But facts don't care about your feelings.
Carla Robinson
Carla Robinson 2 dagar sedan
Lance Bryant
Lance Bryant 2 dagar sedan
Those idiots will just say, "It was taken out of context!" 🤣🤣🤣
117JKing 2 dagar sedan
Wow you people are crazy all they sead was TRUE
Reggie T
Reggie T 2 dagar sedan
The GOP is the laughing stock of the world....... not just the sane American indivisuals but the all sane truth seekers in the world know the GOP speak nonsense.
Paul Van Hout
Paul Van Hout 3 dagar sedan
Our responsibility to keep informed and hold our sources accountable. We need to challenge our biases and look beyond the rhetoric to find the truth.
BlackMambaFox 3 dagar sedan
I am positive that these people know exactly what they are doing and don't even believe the rhetoric they are spewing. They come to work as performance artists pretending to be news anchors. It's pitiful and shameless.
James Richardson
James Richardson 3 dagar sedan
How can these people live with themselves.
Margo Morley
Margo Morley 3 dagar sedan
Bob Dobbs
Bob Dobbs 3 dagar sedan
Fox and this show is trash
Kjoyce Nunya
Kjoyce Nunya 3 dagar sedan
J C.
J C. 3 dagar sedan
State TV
Megan Cox
Megan Cox 3 dagar sedan
it is called editing
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
It's still contradictions though. I know it hurts to wave to current points like Biden's border chaos goodbye. Except you're not in that Trump cult
Ben Chits
Ben Chits 4 dagar sedan
a b c Hunter brokered sales of Oil fields in Russia to China directly with Putin
Paola Williams
Paola Williams 4 dagar sedan
Feelings??? Fox News??? Those two don’t go together!! Kind of like lies and truth!!
Brian Hench
Brian Hench 4 dagar sedan
It is amazing how these people only want the constitution to be upheld when it is for their protection but suppressed if it's going to protect someone they don't agree with.
Abnsdllnnlosnfd 4 dagar sedan
I mean, in Europe we have this kind of media too but they are only 10-20 % of the media landscape (not 50-70 %) and nobody with half a brain takes them serious LOL
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
I'm from Europe and I don't see 1% who are equally fkd up. You wouldn't buy this bs even with 50% brain capacity
Jewan Moore
Jewan Moore 4 dagar sedan
You call out there BS but you never called out Democrats BS
Marty Baldwin
Marty Baldwin 4 dagar sedan
Giraldo Rivera has also sold his soul to the devil for Fox News.
Bmanritchie 4 dagar sedan
5:09 THAT didn’t age well AT ALL pre-Jan 6th
Joannie Shurtz
Joannie Shurtz 4 dagar sedan
The democratically didn’t put them there TRUMP DID IT!!
RS 4 dagar sedan
Why is Fox still allowed to be on air?
Smajli Oreo
Smajli Oreo 4 dagar sedan
FOX News is the best comedy channel!
Vicente Rivera
Vicente Rivera 4 dagar sedan
Fox News are a bunch of Clowns!!🤡🤡💩
Lord Sebastian Mortes Haugom
You should have done before/after. Not now/before
Sarah Vermilya
Sarah Vermilya 5 dagar sedan
So happy somebody finally did this! Fox should be shut down
TheMmiguelito 5 dagar sedan
Meaculpa Mishegas
Meaculpa Mishegas 5 dagar sedan
Tools this dull should be retired
John Chessant
John Chessant 5 dagar sedan
Someone on the Daily Show team is a Tchaikovsky fan hahah
John Chessant
John Chessant 5 dagar sedan
No contradictions here. All the clips here are pro-Trump, pro-GOP, pro-white. Actual logic irrelevant.
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry 5 dagar sedan
Sore loserish is disappointing concerning democracy is the process with which the government is established and predicated upon. It's not a competition. It's not optional. It's the bedrock system with which all governance is established. Referring someone within the democratic process or system of governance as a sore loser speaks to the leadership involved in the system. Or notions of the effectiveness of such a governance. So when you arrive at riots occuring upon the capitol building and citizen claims that their leader or national leader instructed them upon reestablishing a true governance. With years of conversations concerning sewing distrust, legitamtely distrust and disbelief in the governance what occures is riots upon the capital with citizens claiming they are retaking their government. Because the conversations being had by the government's leaders and people critisizing them is that they sound like sore losers. America is a template democratic nation and the leaders involved in governance are being called sore losers. While citizens have reached points of attacking the institutions and systems responsible for governance. Capitol riots. Conversations about attacking police. Conversations about attacking protesters and the amount of protests that have occured in recent years alone. The four year term of Donald J Trump marked with protest after protest after protest beginning with the metoo social movement consistent protests concerning racial biases and ending racism and trump creating his or being responsible for his own social protest of sorts with the capitol riots against congress where qanon believers gathered because they had showed to support donald trump's retaking office.
Joseph Felton
Joseph Felton 5 dagar sedan
Fauci predicted this outbreak virus 4 years ago selosk.info/class/video/pqqiw5mWsqJ226c.html
Bee Brown
Bee Brown 5 dagar sedan
FOX is a joke. They definitely revealed HOW much of a joke they were, when "The BIGGEST Joke" America EVER gave the World became President. ("TRUMP?? Lying, NARSSASSISTIC, RACIST, Joke). How come they always talk about the millions of Americans that want him, but never mention the Millions PLUS that are happy he LOST! NOONE should "Watch" much less Believe anything FOX NEWS says. They have become the TABLOID MAGAZINE of the Public news scene!
Christian Dachy
Christian Dachy 5 dagar sedan
It is easy to find lies on Fox News as they lie all the time, they only do but lying....
Patrick Ragan
Patrick Ragan 5 dagar sedan
Fox is definitely biased, now it's MSNBC's turn, oh wait this channels biased.
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
Confused sh ???
Robert Herwick
Robert Herwick 5 dagar sedan
Fox news lies
johnbeamon 5 dagar sedan
4 minutes in, that "75 million Americans voted for (TFG)" chestnut comes up again. They don't care that 74.2M rounds down, not up, and they never round President Biden's 81.2M up to "82 million Americans". It's such a basic factoid, established history expressed with 3rd grade math terms. They're literally... literally, failing a 3rd grade level of math and reading comprehension by saying this.
Jack Gross
Jack Gross 5 dagar sedan
WHHAAAAT?!, Laura Ingram is a convicted criminal?, that explains EVERYTHING ABOUT HER, EVERYTHING...so now we know...
Jack Gross
Jack Gross 5 dagar sedan
Thanks Daily Show, for showing the spoken proven hypocrisy from the right political taking heads, they are truly the demolition crews of democracy...they are doing their job thoroughly and completely, not letting the patriotic Americans stop them.
Jack Gross
Jack Gross 5 dagar sedan
Hilalarity in the lies, Trump the most beloved president in history?, really?, BIZARRO WORLD, it's insane that was ever spoken even in jest, just crazy.
James Mcbeth
James Mcbeth 5 dagar sedan
Republican voters must have a selective memory to keep watching and believing Fox "news".
cnewt00 6 dagar sedan
I HATE Fox 🙄
rocketime555 6 dagar sedan
Alternative Title: State TV Prepares Viewers for Insurrection Part 2
Sub-Zero 7
Sub-Zero 7 6 dagar sedan
5:15 "When republicans lose, they accept it, reflect on it and come back stronger." OMFG I could not stop laughing 🤣
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 21 timme sedan
ikr, the irony ..those people are the pinnacle of Idiocracy..btw nice name.
Joshua R
Joshua R 6 dagar sedan
Well without President Trump to make fun of he has literally no show!
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
Well, without Noah we wouldn't have no one who'd expose him in that manner and trigger his supporters. Literally!
Derek DiLeo
Derek DiLeo 6 dagar sedan
I don’t understand it when Faux calls other channels the “mainstream media mob”. Can anyone explain what this means and how it’s supposed to hurt anyone’s feelings?
Jimmie Lee Patterson
Jimmie Lee Patterson 6 dagar sedan
The teleprompter is funny. I remember Fox held Obama's articulate speeches against him. They did it to counter Bush's gaffs behind the podium
Barry v
Barry v 6 dagar sedan
Noah time to return to ur roots...
Roy Harrell
Roy Harrell 6 dagar sedan
So this is what Trevor and his team of writers do instead of writing comedy. His inability to make a compelling case against FOX news is matched by his failure as a comedian. Take a bath and go get some fresh air, your parents want their basements back.
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
They obviously hit a nerve and I'm quite sure you'll pop up here soon. ;)
Jason Bitten
Jason Bitten 6 dagar sedan
We need to cut ties with THIGHLAND!
Jason Bitten
Jason Bitten 6 dagar sedan
Alvar Mansakahn
Alvar Mansakahn 6 dagar sedan
"The bar had been set so low that if he could put a couple of paragraphs together, it would have been a triumph" Be honest, who set the bar?
Steelerfan369 6 dagar sedan
Even if you show republicans this video they still won’t admit that fox is just straight up propaganda. I don’t get it.
Stephen Suddick
Stephen Suddick 6 dagar sedan
Unapologetic hypocrisy is a prerequisite to land a job at faux news.
Maria Rios
Maria Rios 6 dagar sedan
promises made promises kept fox news really we are tired of your demented lies get a grip may be the devil writes your scripts
Matthew 6 dagar sedan
So many double standards!
Surfhead 6 dagar sedan
Fox "news" is a contradiction.
Louise Ferguson
Louise Ferguson 6 dagar sedan
These devils have no conscious 😭
EpsilonGoods 6 dagar sedan
Trevor noah smells
ComputerFlight 6 dagar sedan
I think the Matt Gatez one was a bit of a softball just saying.... 10:21
D Ryan Murphy
D Ryan Murphy 6 dagar sedan
Look how thin Ted Cruz used to be....wow, watching American tax payers dollars making people 'comfortably built' same with Matt
Kuroka Steele
Kuroka Steele 6 dagar sedan
I like how the last couple sections it shifted to just being one side of the examples, since let's be honest everyone knows the 'comparison' part. But I think it would've been worth to really just compare 1:1, exact words to exact words (particularly on the conceding portion) just to _really_ drive it home.
Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin 6 dagar sedan
Fake media , woke , socialist, cancel culture will not prevail in this country.
Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin 6 dagar sedan
Peace? 6 dagar sedan
a big part of what's broken with the US can be seen in this video
kawaii sadie
kawaii sadie 6 dagar sedan
The right flat earthers have no concept of dignity.... Hypocrisy at it's limits, and beyond !!
Mike Headley
Mike Headley 6 dagar sedan
Welcome to America where when one side doesn't get it's way they throw a fit. But that's what happens when Egos and Greed matter more then the actual reason they get elected
Joel Gerald Kydd
Joel Gerald Kydd 6 dagar sedan
Five words: Where are the knee pads?
Torgny Aanderaa
Torgny Aanderaa 6 dagar sedan
As ragingly furious as this hypocrisy always gets me, pleasepleasePLEASE keep making these compilations. And blast them in every channel.
thybigballs 6 dagar sedan
Why an ad every 30 secnds?
blunt rapture
blunt rapture 5 dagar sedan
Adblock is your friend.
Elizabeth Ortiz
Elizabeth Ortiz 6 dagar sedan
The best kind of comedy is the comedy that writes itself. This one made me LOL!!
Chase Fire
Chase Fire 6 dagar sedan
Lee Martin
Lee Martin 6 dagar sedan
Stef 6 dagar sedan
Can this “evidence based documentary” be sent to court? ....and have serious actions taken against these zero-integrity clowns that feed ignorance constantly.... #banfoxnews,speciallytucker. super dangerous
Angry Kittens
Angry Kittens 6 dagar sedan
Every single one of them have soul-less psychopath Stephen Miller eyes. Except for Pirro, she has that hungry cokehead demon look ready to burst into a cackle at any moment.
LynxyStuff 6 dagar sedan
The amount of receipts being brought out holy smokes. I really cannot understand those folks. They don't care about sinking the country, as long as their political party is doing alright, and they're receiving paychecks and lobbying.
Andrea Dearolf
Andrea Dearolf 7 dagar sedan
To be fair finding contradictions from FOX is like playing Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney games on easiest mode ever 😂
Nemesis1ism 7 dagar sedan
dems used covid to steal election . Obiden got 80 million votes ----- pure BS
Verz kanalen RADERAD
visningar 35tn
Verz kanalen RADERAD
visningar 35tn
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts