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Is America racist? Is Joe Biden the most scandalous president ever? Is Anthony Fauci a vegan leprechaun? Here’s the best of Desi Lydic Foxsplains.

00:00 - Is America Racist?
03:02 - Joe Biden's Scandals
06:04 - Kamala Harris
07:30 - Cancel Culture
09:33 - Hunter Biden
10:48 - Georgia’s Voting Laws
13:38 - The Election Vote Count

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JALIHI Dag sedan
wow. This sound like a satanic chant. Desi nailed this crazy republican lady role.
Heaven Leigh
Heaven Leigh Dag sedan
She is amazing
Londyn Davis
Londyn Davis 3 dagar sedan
This heifer krazy...but she funny.
Q. Marcus
Q. Marcus 3 dagar sedan
She's just staring into bright lights for all these filmings!
June Walker
June Walker 4 dagar sedan
Are you for real
oldparentalunits 4 dagar sedan
Glue sniffing hurts your brain
alfredk471 4 dagar sedan
I'm in love.
Joeri van Lier
Joeri van Lier 5 dagar sedan
Her irises are to small for a regular internet crazy... Contacts might solve that...😁
David MacDonald
David MacDonald 5 dagar sedan
Right on target. It’s EXACTLY like watching Fox News and ALMOST as accusatory as Fox News. No matter what bad thing happens, apparently IT IS ALWAYS the Democrats fault!! If we have an extremely hot day, without air conditioning, you know it’s the LEFT trying to affect climate change.!!!! Funny stuff
Kolin Komita
Kolin Komita 5 dagar sedan
This is awesome. I'm gonna use this at next family get together.
westabsupply ebay
westabsupply ebay 5 dagar sedan
I can picture fox spewing all this, it's their thing to BS, anything to fill time.
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry 5 dagar sedan
The first lady is a hologram?
john johnson
john johnson 7 dagar sedan
if you watched Fox News you'll realize everything this unfunny puppet says is a lie
laugh away
laugh away 5 dagar sedan
john johnson
john johnson 7 dagar sedan
if you watch Fox News you'll realize everything these puppets say is a lie and unlike the msm they actually back up their stuff
john johnson
john johnson 7 dagar sedan
nobody in this comment section has even watched Fox News. you just assume whatever you're told is right. stop letting puppets form your opinion
john johnson
john johnson 7 dagar sedan
msm is just as bias as fox but fox actually backs up what they say instead of using "anonymous sources". She knows this she's just a puppet
john johnson
john johnson 7 dagar sedan
unfunny asf and worst of all unlike her viewers she's watched Fox News and knows they back up what they say. she's a puppet
Gale Mylin
Gale Mylin 7 dagar sedan
Máke Makena
Máke Makena 7 dagar sedan
Igor Duarte Rodrigues
Igor Duarte Rodrigues 7 dagar sedan
If the amount of time you said you watch Fox is true. I'm really sorry for you.
Phumla Khulele
Phumla Khulele 8 dagar sedan
She has amazing stamina 😯
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
*Desi Lydic is CRAZY, I Love it.*
Eric Aberle
Eric Aberle 8 dagar sedan
Every racist in the country voted for Trump. So grateful it's a minority.
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
*Trump gave America the Best Economy in Decades,* and Record Low un-Employment for Women, Blacks, and Hispanics, with the Fastest Wage Growth in 40 years.
YorBoy RoyBoy
YorBoy RoyBoy 8 dagar sedan
I remeber when this show use to be super funny,
emofascist 8 dagar sedan
I hate how funny this is and true at the same time. Great parody love foxplain!!!!
Theo B
Theo B 9 dagar sedan
Not a 🥭 lassi at a bobsled competition 😭 🤦🏽‍♂️ 😭 #TheDailyShow #GoneWild😆 #ThisisQAnonGOLD
muffinz Lealta
muffinz Lealta 9 dagar sedan
Jacqueline Argote
Jacqueline Argote 9 dagar sedan
WELCOME TO THE AGE OF AQUARIUS BABY! Change is here and they are not going to like it, planets are constantly moving, evolution
Stefan Void
Stefan Void 9 dagar sedan
first time i saw this crazy eye lady i was sure she was a republican....i am apologetic...
Keith Johnson - Shelby GT500
Liberals are Crazy because they Promote High Taxes, Freeloading, and Economic Decline.
Ben Fernandez
Ben Fernandez 9 dagar sedan
That just made my weekend. Thanks AOC-CC!
submarineaz 9 dagar sedan
Desi gets hotter the crazier Fox makes her
Amy Cooper
Amy Cooper 9 dagar sedan
Why did U show Fox quotes showing #45 while Fox folks were talking about #46? Why are you still SO deceptive?
t scherer
t scherer 9 dagar sedan
Smells like dead people voting... Brilliant!
Paul Obrien
Paul Obrien 9 dagar sedan
Tenth time watching this.. Funnier every time . hahaha
efri kamaya
efri kamaya 10 dagar sedan
Desi as definitely DOPED those red pills 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jim 10 dagar sedan
This is just how it sounds to me!
Cara Biner
Cara Biner 10 dagar sedan
Best Karen *evahhhhhhh* !
Mewesical 10 dagar sedan
Sometimes I forget how insane the republicans are
James Harris
James Harris 10 dagar sedan
Listen to this wow propaganda
Susan Flowers
Susan Flowers 10 dagar sedan
Don't question anything because if you do you will learn all there secrets.
Surrender Dorothy? NO!
Surrender Dorothy? NO! 10 dagar sedan
Gawd Dayum is Desi *intense* ...you rock, Desi!
ThaFunkHouse! 10 dagar sedan
She is a National Treasure. Protect her at all cost 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿
Samuel Campana
Samuel Campana 10 dagar sedan
Those closeups never get old ROFL!!!!!
David Manishewitz
David Manishewitz 11 dagar sedan
female early Colbert?
j jayla
j jayla 11 dagar sedan
I remember when this show felt unbiased......and funny. Capitalizing on silly Americans political emotions just like CNN and fox. Only difference here is this chick is hot.
It's All Lies
It's All Lies 11 dagar sedan
House Libs are derranged commies.
Cinzia Dam
Cinzia Dam 11 dagar sedan
I just realized she is playing the ultimate Karen
sang nguyen
sang nguyen 11 dagar sedan
Desi is a national treasure.
Saurabh Rajana
Saurabh Rajana 11 dagar sedan
America is racist, like every other country.
A. W
A. W 11 dagar sedan
What is happening in this clip exactly?
bogaRJ 8 dagar sedan
She’s parodying an extreme right-winger who agrees with Fox News takes lol.
William Rinka
William Rinka 11 dagar sedan
This woman is crazy.
John Schumer
John Schumer 11 dagar sedan
Show you one? The very fact that their is a month for a specific race and NOT all races is in-fact racist. The fact that schools are teaching Race Theory and require you to get a a legal order to be told what is actually being taught is RACIST. I see many here that look at jokes and sellout to idiocy. There, I gave you two and quite easily. YOU need to wake up.
1Pushypusher 11 dagar sedan
Woka Cola😂😂😂
Dylan Dennis
Dylan Dennis 11 dagar sedan
I don't like the media either, but for other reasons. Biden doesn't like speaking to the media cause he's a fraud and can't make out a full sentence. You do realize this, right?
Abby Fletcher
Abby Fletcher 11 dagar sedan
It’s a small detail but I love how her hair gets more disheveled each time
Nikki Daniels
Nikki Daniels 11 dagar sedan
CALLING BULL SHXT.. Open your Eyes!! Of course we have some famous Black Americans that FOUGHT for the rights & Lifes of Black people.. Did you forget Jim Crow, slavery, police brutal, KKK and don't forget about Allllll the lynching. So wake up and stop this BS until you walked in the shoes of a Black woman or man.. But it's OK to teach school kids about LBGT 🤔
Dave Witter
Dave Witter 11 dagar sedan
Desi reminds me of MTG.
Robert Watson
Robert Watson 11 dagar sedan
Fox is a joke
Robert Watson
Robert Watson 11 dagar sedan
Most of Republicans are racist go out into public and talk to republican supporters across the country. I live in Central pa and this area is mostly republican. And 90 % of them are racist
Jacob Mensendike
Jacob Mensendike 11 dagar sedan
“MLB is just BLM backwards”
Vintage Things
Vintage Things 11 dagar sedan
Intense but funny. I was thinking somebody needs to parody the right, but you can’t out-crazy crazy. She nailed it!
006pup 11 dagar sedan
that watters guy is such an obnoxious arrogant a punk. I hope to see when he gets his comeuppance.
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd 11 dagar sedan
I bet Desi is a wildcat in the sack! lol
Accutronitis The 2nd
Accutronitis The 2nd 11 dagar sedan
Marry me Desi!
Carlos Abram
Carlos Abram 11 dagar sedan
Alexandria ocamala Cortez took me out
Markala R.
Markala R. 11 dagar sedan
“Many on the left has” “EXPERIENCED” a racist evil America! I think they confused believe, with the word experienced”
Big O
Big O 11 dagar sedan
Speechless Brilliant actress and brilliant script writing She needs to be in comedy movies and SNL Gorgeous eyes too 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Santos Roman
Santos Roman 11 dagar sedan
That was great 👍
Anonymous Tiger
Anonymous Tiger 11 dagar sedan
Take a daisy you might break your neck you might bite you on tongue slow down lady
Jim Daniel
Jim Daniel 12 dagar sedan
Desi plays unhinged Trumpublicans better'n anybody!
kdpowers 12 dagar sedan
Thousands of votes floating in the Ariana Grande!!!
Sarah McBeth
Sarah McBeth 12 dagar sedan
This was spot on. Desi Lydic is a national treasure.
Gr Ar
Gr Ar 12 dagar sedan
Gr Ar
Gr Ar 12 dagar sedan
MLB is BLM backwards.....🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
mairik 12v
mairik 12v 12 dagar sedan
This is funny because its an obvious exaggeration of conspiracy theorists lol its an attempt to make them all look insane... This is propaganda in hyperdrive😂
Concerned_Citizen 12 dagar sedan
She nailed it. Hilarious.
Patrick Vaughan
Patrick Vaughan 12 dagar sedan
Angry 24/7? Sounds more like your typical new-age progressive.
back stan
back stan 12 dagar sedan
Jonny Sinclair
Jonny Sinclair 12 dagar sedan
“I’m angry 24/7 and I’ve never been happier” lol that pretty much sums it up for the right
Super Fly
Super Fly 12 dagar sedan
Columbus wasn’t an American racist, he was an Italian racist. Hah! Gotcha!
Tom Marvan
Tom Marvan 12 dagar sedan
6:27 Vegemite mention!
Rashid Tayidi
Rashid Tayidi 12 dagar sedan
Wow! - In bad need of medication change/ adjustment
jayster141 12 dagar sedan
Yo, she did this a little too well.
Brian McManus
Brian McManus 12 dagar sedan
Arnold Davis
Arnold Davis 12 dagar sedan
She is crazy funny
Keith Williams
Keith Williams 12 dagar sedan
Michelle Stone
Michelle Stone 12 dagar sedan
Douglas Payne
Douglas Payne 12 dagar sedan
Luv u!!
ConnyNordlicht 12 dagar sedan
Here one can see it's not important how silly the „newes“ might be, most important is the stupidy of the people who watch the mess and think it's for real! Well done!
O' Rojas
O' Rojas 12 dagar sedan
Lol she is so fine!
Tighe Lutz
Tighe Lutz 12 dagar sedan
hermes brookover
hermes brookover 12 dagar sedan
The best Karen ever. i laughed all the way through. Every rethuglican should have to watch this. 1
Jasel71 12 dagar sedan
This is so funny it's scary! She could play a way prettier MTG!!! Please do that! That crazy Karen needs made fun of 24/7!!!
Jaime Acosta
Jaime Acosta 12 dagar sedan
Wake up people. We are racist!
Tighe Lutz
Tighe Lutz 12 dagar sedan
What? Are you trying to use sarcasm to make a very, very vague point?
Edin Fifić
Edin Fifić 12 dagar sedan
If sudden death took away all the liars in the world, I wonder if there would be anyone left to run the FAUX Network.
Berna Dean
Berna Dean 12 dagar sedan
Feel bad for your kids
Berna Dean
Berna Dean 12 dagar sedan
Get another drink Blackburn
Asm7998 12 dagar sedan
Sober PTA meetings. Me: Never! No, you will not take away the one thing that brings me joy.
JBCavern 12 dagar sedan
I gotta wonder why she didn't give Harris the nickname of Kumbaya Harris. Okay...I'll keep my day job.
Scott Douglass
Scott Douglass 12 dagar sedan
Desi for President 2024.
Jocelyn Russell
Jocelyn Russell 12 dagar sedan
I thought for a while it was Margery Tayler Greene, sounds just like her.
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
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