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Desi Lydic infiltrates a Girl Scout troop to find out what they think about the Boy Scouts’ decision to accept girls.

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26 maj 2021



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Stefanie Elle
Stefanie Elle Dag sedan
I hated the Girl Scouts. I had horrible leaders that used it as indoor crafts and baby sitting time. I am sure there are great leaders out there. My sister was a troop leader and she said compared to Boy Scouts it was very unstructured and not very supportive. I’m glad there are Girl Scouts that are loving it. But I would have loved to do some of real scouting type activities. Hated it.
blhtml 5 dagar sedan
Poor children can join too?
xl 5 dagar sedan
I doubt people will get the "keagle" joke -- (I'm not telling the correct word intentionally)
Nandan Paralikar
Nandan Paralikar 7 dagar sedan
4:40 That's how the audience feels as well
Jason Gasdick
Jason Gasdick 9 dagar sedan
This is unfortunate. She needs better writers. Please.
Scott Black
Scott Black 9 dagar sedan
She always cracks me up and makes my day.
Her Meowjesty
Her Meowjesty 10 dagar sedan
I was in Brownie's for a couple years, but we didn't do much except make crafts in a school project area. I do remember loving camp, though. No electricity, our cabins were A-frames with only two walls, doing hiking and swimming, it was fun and very team building.
PhilosopherWR 10 dagar sedan
The only thing I wanted when I was a kid was to actually learn outdoor camping and survival skills. When I was a pup they wouldn't let kids do that if they were assigned female. So girl scouts/boy scouts whatever. Will they show you how to build a camp?
K.J. Paasche
K.J. Paasche 10 dagar sedan
I once had a clerical job at one of the Boy Scout organization offices in the SF Bay Area and I've never worked with a bigger bunch of alcoholics and perverts.
000hasem000 11 dagar sedan
"you don't need to be coed to promote equality" Sadly this does not apply to male dominated organization.
Visfor Vegan
Visfor Vegan 11 dagar sedan
So if 70% of female US Senators were Girl Scouts, and 100% of US Senators are corrupt. Then that's really not saying much in favor of Girl Scouts.
Tamesha Kirkland
Tamesha Kirkland 11 dagar sedan
Well, this has come a long way since my mom tried being a Girl Scout for a short while. All they did was stay inside and learn to be homemakers.
gllsdp78 12 dagar sedan
70% of US female senators were girls scout. Not as impressive as 100% of US femal senators drinks water. This number is more related to the social background of people who sends their kids in this type of institution.
Darshan Bhanushali
Darshan Bhanushali 12 dagar sedan
You guys are cute ❤️
B G 13 dagar sedan
Gender biases extremely unfair to both genders... unfortunately being born a male I will never get to experience motherhood... it's just not fair🤪🤪🤪🤪
CIA Special Activities Division
Well boys we lost Boy Scouts
dannymurzea 13 dagar sedan
Desi is a treasure.
Monster Ensemble
Monster Ensemble 13 dagar sedan
They are both pyramid schemes for children.... No Thanks
Christopher Conner
Christopher Conner 13 dagar sedan
While humorous, this bit ultimately trivializes young female empowerment. Thanks Desi. 😒
DemonWarp65 13 dagar sedan
Wow, this was just painful to watch.
Burke Fox
Burke Fox 13 dagar sedan
Desi is a GEM!!!!!!!
sanjuansteve 14 dagar sedan
Segregation is wrong in all of its forms.
Burton Schrader
Burton Schrader 14 dagar sedan
If the world was not ruled by out of control testosterone it would be a better place. Support your girl/lady scouts.
Dave Ton
Dave Ton 14 dagar sedan
CEO of girl scout? so who profits from those cookies?
What Vee Said
What Vee Said 14 dagar sedan
The girl's face at 4:44 is priceless!
619RobdoG 14 dagar sedan
She’s such a smoke show
Comments On people
Comments On people 14 dagar sedan
The Boy Scouts where I camp from get to go on hike and week long camping trips. The girls Scout get to learn how to bake and paint not even build birdhouses. Let’s just say I would have loved to be in Boy Scouts and did not stay in Girl Scouts for long.
Alexander Boulton
Alexander Boulton 14 dagar sedan
carlosflar 14 dagar sedan
This was a pretty bad piece... You just showed girl scouts as a badge for whatever and didn't really show anything done by the actual girl scouts to promote any positive value... This was a very bad piece... Just a handful of jokes haphazardly put together :( come on, you can do better!
Kelly Kerr
Kelly Kerr 15 dagar sedan
I was a Girl Scout and really enjoyed it until we had a new leader. She was boring so we all quit. But I earned a lot of badges. Too bad we moved so many times I don’t know what happened to them. But I have a book and memories.
Shaun James
Shaun James 15 dagar sedan
sokal squared
A C 15 dagar sedan
I was a boy scout. Any girl that wants to go on 15 mile hikes in sub 20 weather and sleep in the dirt would be welcome to me. As long as they don't change boy scouts to better suit girls then I don't see the problem.
Courtney Brezinski
Courtney Brezinski 2 dagar sedan
Yall seem to be forgetting that this is a customizable program. Some troops are into robotics, some are into camping, etc. There is no "changing the boy scouts program" its a matter of is *this* troop the right fit for my kid? Boy or girl
A C 9 dagar sedan
@Marcea Susanna Becerras If they were to try and make it more suitable to girls. If they leave it as is but let girls join and do the same stuff then I don't see a problem.
Marcea Susanna Becerras
Why would it have to change?
Richard T
Richard T 15 dagar sedan
Desi looks great in her Girl Scout uniform. It will be the perfect Halloween costume.
Kitty Crest
Kitty Crest 15 dagar sedan
This is interesting because when I was a teen over 20+ years in NY; I was part of the first girl scout, boy scout troop where we could earn both badges. One of the girls in our troop earned Eagle scout we went camping with the boys it was great. I even got some boy scout badges myself
Steven Bryant
Steven Bryant 15 dagar sedan
I offered girl scouts a free canoe ride and a stay in my boy scout tent ( kind of a package deal ) and they always came up with excuses why they couldn't come. I even pointed out that I had a badge in rope knot tying. So they had their chances!
Thobani Mqadi
Thobani Mqadi 15 dagar sedan
Desi is the best at The Daily 😅
Arc Anon Drum
Arc Anon Drum 15 dagar sedan
Many comments here talk about too many poorly funded local Scout Organizations. I hate to say it but the whole "hate government" mantra will devolve the USA back to child labor and no more middle class, a new Gilded Age.
Danny Archer
Danny Archer 16 dagar sedan
In other words, let's keep our female-only spaces female while shaming/forcing males to open up their spaces to everyone. Ladies and gentlemen...and ladies, I give you, liberal equality!
Darius der Rote
Darius der Rote 16 dagar sedan
Nothings better in preparing you for a leadership role in a male dominanted field than being in an all female group! Sound logic there.
Ragna Eyjadóttir
Ragna Eyjadóttir 16 dagar sedan
No idea what either of those is. Why are people joining their kids in this club?
ciska verster
ciska verster 16 dagar sedan
Guys, if you republish old segments, please mark it as such. I'm sure everyone will rewatch it anyway since your segments are great... but please stop getting people excited at the prospect of new content when it's just another repost.
Beau33 16 dagar sedan
Guys Desi aka Lani Desmonet Lydic is 39! Love her.
Someone_one_one 16 dagar sedan
I mean the boy scouts were sued into letting girls in a couple of years ago boy scouts dont let girls in, evil boy scouts let girls in, evil its a catch 22
Katrinna Wallace
Katrinna Wallace 16 dagar sedan
The girls out group I was a part of they low key bullied each other and did finger painting and crafts everyday. I would’ve chosen Boy Scouts if I could’ve.
jamal robinson
jamal robinson 16 dagar sedan
Sure I'd let my daughter be alone with a boy scout Troop leader. Seems legit
Audrey Flynn
Audrey Flynn 16 dagar sedan
When I was a Girl Scout we did coloring projects while my brother went on a four week sailing trip with the Boy Scouts
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 16 dagar sedan
I did Boy Scouts growing up. My wife and my sister did Girl Scouts. Both of them were bored with the "crafts and cookies" bit and badges that were great if you one day wanted to run a business, particularly if it was art or fashion related, but less fun if you wanted to shoot, fish, backpack, or any of the more adventurous outdoor activities. My sister jumped ship and joined the BSA Explorers when she got old enough, even worked at a BSA camp for a few years. When the news first broke about BSA opening up to girls my wife and I looked up a list of the BSA merit badges a scout could earn, based on his (and now her) interests. My wife actually got angry when she saw what the boys had been offered versus what she had to choose from in the GS.
Pinched Cheeks
Pinched Cheeks 17 dagar sedan
"She's a little old to be a girl scout" so young and already discriminating.
Pinched Cheeks
Pinched Cheeks 16 dagar sedan
@Beau33 no excuses...that's favoritism.
Beau33 16 dagar sedan
She is young with limited vocabulary. Geez! Shame on you who liked this comment.
Goahead 17 dagar sedan
Kegel Scouts! Samoa information!🤣
James Pardue
James Pardue 17 dagar sedan
As a former Boy Scout, a looooong time ago, and a lifelong progressive, this is not the right decision by the Boy Scouts. Girls deserve to be girls, and boys deserve to be boys, without throwing in a whole lotta confusion. The original intent for both organizations was and is valid.
Courtney Brezinski
Courtney Brezinski 2 dagar sedan
Say "boys deserve to be boys" out loud. I'll wait until you hear the problem.
RJ Wohlman
RJ Wohlman 17 dagar sedan
Desi is soooo funny. I love her humor!
Brandon McCrimmon
Brandon McCrimmon 17 dagar sedan
Target on a Saturday is pretty lax compared to Walmart
Riley Jordan
Riley Jordan 17 dagar sedan
In Florida the Girl Scouts sell cookies. The Boy Scouts sit in front of the grocery stores and ask for donations. It aggravates me the boys are taught panhandling like some crackhead lowlife.
BoogiePete Photography
BoogiePete Photography 17 dagar sedan
Pretty sure all they do is sell cookies.
Justin Mashburn
Justin Mashburn 17 dagar sedan
Hmm so moral of the story is the real illuminati is the girl scouts 🤣😅
gui 17 dagar sedan
Only Liz to make girl scout seems that it is hard.😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Dan yulicious
Dan yulicious 17 dagar sedan
but the thing is 1) gendering things like scouts is inherently sexist because boy scouts are given survival skills bc "that's what boys need" while girl scouts sell cookies 2) gendering kids extracurricular activities (sports, scouts) boldly excludes nonbinary and genderqueer youth
Fay Shelton
Fay Shelton 17 dagar sedan
Why didn't the Boys Scouts just call themselves SCOUTS if they want to be inclusive?
Romanes eunt domus
Romanes eunt domus 17 dagar sedan
1:30 Mark Gaetz suddenly felt much more attracted to Desi 😂😂
White Wizard
White Wizard 17 dagar sedan
This is old ... I love Desi!!!
Ankit Varshney
Ankit Varshney 17 dagar sedan
Cookie pushers
OldKitten85 17 dagar sedan
I want to know who's idea it was for the Girl Scouts to sell cookies. At the bih meeting, did someone just say, "Those girls should be selling their cookies on every corner in America!"
Courtney Brezinski
Courtney Brezinski 2 dagar sedan
It was the founders idea. It made a bit more sense in 1912 however
TheBacon 17 dagar sedan
Same ol' Val
Rachael Joakim
Rachael Joakim 17 dagar sedan
girl scouts were NOT this cool in the mid-late nineties. they wouldn't even let us light a fire! I used to be so jealous of boy scouts. Happy to know the younger me-type girls can join them.
John Pritchard
John Pritchard 17 dagar sedan
Sam k
Sam k 17 dagar sedan
I think this wouldn't have happened if girl scouts were able to do all the activities boys do...survivor skills etc. They are more active and learn more important skills.
Anira Dup
Anira Dup 17 dagar sedan
ItsTheLaww25 17 dagar sedan
I see Desi in a uniform and I click on it. Simple. On topic of the video. It didn't make sense to me that Boy Scouts would allow girls to join and yet there would be 2 organizations still. Why not fold both into 1 or just keep them separate? Like they have Boys/Girl Scouts and then Girl Scouts?
Ko3 Zoro
Ko3 Zoro 17 dagar sedan
That was awful
Vain Klutz
Vain Klutz 17 dagar sedan
She's the female Conan
xuyahfish 17 dagar sedan
Only a mother of boys,but the Boy Scouts don't let girls continue after a certain age! So girls start, make friends, then are kicked out.
Hillary Roos
Hillary Roos 17 dagar sedan
I LOVED being a GS, but, I would’ve loved to do some of the activities the boys got to do- I.e., survivalist stuff, fishing, etc.
Jocasta Jones
Jocasta Jones 17 dagar sedan
My eldest is going to work on the gold award next year. Love Girl Scouts!
Amy E
Amy E 17 dagar sedan
This was so touching! Almost like my hope in the future is restored.
DJ 17 dagar sedan
Again same old vedio .
L. A. Gothro
L. A. Gothro 17 dagar sedan
I was a Blue Bird, which in the Camp Fire Girls (now simply Camp Fire, as boys are allowed membership) is equivalent to the GSA's rank of Brownie. It would've been okay had our adult leader not shown favoritism to her one daughter.
UrGreatestEnemy 17 dagar sedan
I’m confused so according to her it’s OK for transgender people to compete in girl sports but it’s NOT OK for a girl to join the Boy Scouts. So if the Boy Scouts denied a transgender girl from joining extremely liberal people would be outraged but when Boy Scouts start excepting all people regardless of gender liberals still get upset.
Cognatusinfinitum 17 dagar sedan
Really cringey. Hard to watch. The laugh track is pathetic.
el chappo
el chappo 17 dagar sedan
Are u assuming the kids' genders?
Abner Seeinyu
Abner Seeinyu 18 dagar sedan
Now, here's the question, why is it that if there's a "man's" club, women can't stand it, they demand entry! But, there are many women's only groups, and men couldn't care less. What is your problem women, get a life!!
Russ Rooke
Russ Rooke 18 dagar sedan
Feminism : boyscouts have to include girls, but Girl Scouts are still gender exclusive.
Toysrus Kid
Toysrus Kid 17 dagar sedan
As our local troops decided a few years back that the campfire badge could be earned by forming a tent of sticks, gluing it in place and decorating it in glitter and pipe cleaners and pompoms, I know very few boys who would be interested in joining.
A Jedi Knight
A Jedi Knight 18 dagar sedan
Being an active Girl Scout for about 12 years now, this skit honestly cracked me up.
Preferred User
Preferred User 18 dagar sedan
Desi is always a riot... 😄
Jesus Ramirez
Jesus Ramirez 18 dagar sedan
desi’s corresponding skills have become unbelievable. i love all her segments & they just keep getting better! she’s my wce but don’t tell her. 💕
Victor Flint
Victor Flint 18 dagar sedan
This video still doesn't address what's wrong with boy scouts allowing girls in... the girl scout CEO only cares about how much money she loses if girls have options🤦🏽‍♂️ don't remember anyone saying girl scouts should be canceled
Paul Pena
Paul Pena 18 dagar sedan
Can boys join the the Girl Scouts?
kathleenmary1000 18 dagar sedan
Back in the 70s, I was total by the GS troop leader that they didn't have room for me and I couldn't join. I was brokenhearted. I became a CEO of a major northeastern nonprofit organization without them. Boom
mark fairbanks
mark fairbanks 18 dagar sedan
Actually, this is the training required to be successful at black Friday door buster events.
Starbird14 18 dagar sedan
Can parents send their son to girl scouts? Girl Scouts sounds way cooler and oriented towards science.
Toluwalase M. Efunkunle
I'm a simple person, I see Desi, I click!
Cheyenne Redhead
Cheyenne Redhead 18 dagar sedan
Vagazzling? Is she a fan of the show BMS?
Cherry Garcia
Cherry Garcia 18 dagar sedan
When is she getting her own show?!?!?!?!? Funniest comedians ever! (if she were multiple people)
Rick Keller
Rick Keller 18 dagar sedan
Who would have thought the CEO of Girl Scouts is a staunch advocate of traditional values and discrimination. 0:27 And just like that, Girl Scouts becomes America's version of the hijab. Are you watching parents?
S BMC 18 dagar sedan
Desi L. freaky girl! 😘😘😘😘
Luthien S
Luthien S 18 dagar sedan
Never really knew anything about girl scouts other than the cookie sales, but I really wanted to see Desi in the uniform :D
Naomi Lavender
Naomi Lavender 18 dagar sedan
I love you, Desi!
Dave Don
Dave Don 18 dagar sedan
Why not just call call girls boys? Just leave boys alone! Be who you are!
Connie Fairchild
Connie Fairchild 18 dagar sedan
The hissing syrup congruently train because son intialy blind per a lonely enquiry. previous, charming enemy
Brian Griffen
Brian Griffen 18 dagar sedan
She should go under cover at the GOP as Marjorie Taylor Greene.
Cassandra Smyth
Cassandra Smyth 18 dagar sedan
I was allowed to participate in Boy Scouts because I lived with my father and brother who were both heavily involved. I don't recall any of the boys giving me a hard time about it, though sometimes I just didn't want to be surrounded by smelly boys. I wonder if I would have liked Girl Scouts. And I'm a little on the fence about safe spaces for a gender vs integration. Sometimes I feel like young women need a space just for them, but that kind of negates the request for Boy Scouts to be inclusive, because young men might need that space, too.
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Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts