Can Bias Training Really Change Police Behavior? | The Daily Show 

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Throwback to when Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper took a police bias training class to answer one simple question: Are cops racist?

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31 maj 2021



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Ayy Gee
Ayy Gee 10 timmar sedan
The video on the screen aren’t effective enough. The should do it in vr so they feel the real environment
Pharaoh Avalon
Pharaoh Avalon Dag sedan
It’s not a conspiracy it’s simple. Go to a poor neighborhood pick on the youth that isn’t taught law, arrest them hold them for 72 hours for little to no reason. No bias just easy collars.
DownwardSpy 107
DownwardSpy 107 Dag sedan
I like Chief Koval not because his training that he started 6 years ago ended up not holding up 6 months ago but rather because he’s at least trying to amend the issue. Many other chiefs deny it exists and hide their head in the sand.
Jolene F
Jolene F 2 dagar sedan
Nerdy Suge Knight!!! Got me rolling! 2:23
The Chosen 1
The Chosen 1 3 dagar sedan
Roy: Why am I in the back seat. SO SUBLIMINAL 😂😂
Blu Phoenix
Blu Phoenix 4 dagar sedan
We all have implicit biases.
MrMonopolistic 4 dagar sedan
It's weird when you take something as serious as this and try to make it Into a joke for your oppressors... Smh..
Nettie Mcdonald
Nettie Mcdonald 4 dagar sedan
The organic hood experimentally trade because kimberly rapidly pull up a warlike hippopotamus. strange, minor purpose
Kathy Conn
Kathy Conn 4 dagar sedan
I'm sure there's some cops somewhere that aren't racist, right??? I'm positive that there's COPS THAT ARE RACIST, RIGHT!
Alex C
Alex C 4 dagar sedan
no all cops are racist. How dare you
Walt 5 dagar sedan
Roy you must have went home to see ya folks recently... Thats that Birmingham Tan right there😅😅😅🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Marsala
Daniel Marsala 5 dagar sedan
Kim Hoffmann Andersen
Kim Hoffmann Andersen 5 dagar sedan
Roy and Jordan needs to make a movie.
hammock camping
hammock camping 6 dagar sedan
Blacks and whites both have a pro black bias. I just found a study that shows that black people have three times more pro-black bias than white people have. So it's no wonder that black people feel like they're being treated unfairly and unfortunately everyone is buying into it
Real HIFI Help
Real HIFI Help 6 dagar sedan
They teach you how to profile a person in the Police, so it is only natural that it happens.
Moses 6 dagar sedan
EVEN AFTER implicit bias training, policy changes AAANDD community engagement...more unarmed black people are gonna die???!!! How is this even remotely acceptable????????? #ABOLISHthepolice #RESTRUCTUREcriminaljustice
crepes42 7 dagar sedan
The Lionel Richie sign in the background !! 😂 skip to 4:20
ThegreatMizuti777 7 dagar sedan
Shiloh Norman
Shiloh Norman 7 dagar sedan
This wasn't funny.
Kim Hoffmann Andersen
Kim Hoffmann Andersen 5 dagar sedan
Why not? I laughed and I rarely laugh out loud.
Calvert Williamson
Calvert Williamson 7 dagar sedan
The police created the problem, they should fix it.
Sonkwa Sonkwa
Sonkwa Sonkwa 7 dagar sedan
This is awesome.
Muad'Dib 7 dagar sedan
Is this on basic cable?
reclutamiento monterrey
ali shaygan
ali shaygan 8 dagar sedan
Yes, pretty much they are.
Christoffer Ekelund
Christoffer Ekelund 8 dagar sedan
Nerdy Suge Knight, bruh i'm dead 😂
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 8 dagar sedan
Funny but informative. It’s not the training it’s the character of the police officer!!!
MonkeyBuisnezs 8 dagar sedan
This is a repost??????
Johnna 8 dagar sedan
Just making sure I'm not trippin'... but aren't these clips months old?
FRAG OUT 8 dagar sedan
Nerdy Shug Knight!! 😂
Samuel Osagie-Aruya
Samuel Osagie-Aruya 8 dagar sedan
Not all cops are Racist oo. As a black man, I have met a super nice cop to turn on my headlight while driving. The Cop had every right to give me a ticket but he told me to turn it on. What a cop on like other racist clowns who look cute in the face but are as mean as the devil.
Aronda Jackson
Aronda Jackson 9 dagar sedan
We can't fix what they won't admit is broken!
Tsar Bomba
Tsar Bomba 9 dagar sedan
Answer to the question seen in a thumbnail: Yes, it's a minimum requirement for the job
Taryn Morvillo
Taryn Morvillo 9 dagar sedan
"You've never heard of Black Twitter?" 🤣☠️ Obviously, Bias Training needs to step up their game!
stefoehmen 9 dagar sedan
everyone has bias, if people's live are in your hands you need bias training... pretty obvious i hope more police precincts try to make changes and get more training to improve
NaySay Network
NaySay Network 9 dagar sedan
Cops arent racist per se. The system is built on racism. I mean Jim Crow, 3/5ths human, Slavery, Segregation, KKK, Share cropping, Owning all of everything before you decided we can all “be free and equal” passing all of the laws without black peoples say in it. Pretty racist...
That man is from awesome china?
fahadkelantan 9 dagar sedan
"All cops are not racists" You mean "Not all cops are racists" "All cops are not awesome" You mean "Not all cops are awesome".... You should know the difference if you are Ph.D giving a talk on TV dude.
Yvette Mckinzie
Yvette Mckinzie 9 dagar sedan
You can't untrain ingrained racism!
Spear Jackhamer
Spear Jackhamer 9 dagar sedan
So the daily show is out of jokes and news this video is old like three years ago. Y'all run out of news after Trump left office y'all used to talk about that guy everyday. Like he has special or something
Patoren 3gou
Patoren 3gou 9 dagar sedan
Here's a brilliant idea Don't hire racists in the first place
Stefan Frahm
Stefan Frahm 7 dagar sedan
Easier said than done
Vizio Musa
Vizio Musa 9 dagar sedan
"nerdy Suge Knight"... 🤣
Solejur C
Solejur C 9 dagar sedan
Love the DS. These 2 are great together.
K Man
K Man 9 dagar sedan
Gotdam! Whooow! Its Empire! 😆
Sharan Chandrasekaran
Sharan Chandrasekaran 9 dagar sedan
Bad boys
Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby 9 dagar sedan
This is an old skit they did
Mari Ana
Mari Ana 10 dagar sedan
LDC 10 dagar sedan
‘ Nerdy sugar knight’ 😂😂😂😂😂
La vida moderna de Dan
La vida moderna de Dan 10 dagar sedan
This guys rocks!
Armando De La Fonte
Armando De La Fonte 10 dagar sedan
Sylvia Gitau
Sylvia Gitau 10 dagar sedan
Nerdy Surge Knight 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Day Ones
The Day Ones 10 dagar sedan
Why do white people love cops so much?
CP PNK 10 dagar sedan
Roy, Jordan and Desi should start a news channel together.
Antonio Kelley
Antonio Kelley 10 dagar sedan
Are all cop's racist?? >Yes,Every Single One of THEM!!!
Frederick Samuels
Frederick Samuels 10 dagar sedan
But police often see themselves as on one side against the community hence their thin blue lines and Punisher patches.
Bf Cake
Bf Cake 10 dagar sedan
No training can eliminate Racism, only eradicate them like cockroaches that they are.
Debra Filmore
Debra Filmore 10 dagar sedan
NO, it's like using a cup of water to put out a house fire!
johnathan leonard
johnathan leonard 10 dagar sedan
I like it when I laugh & learn
Kyle Bennett
Kyle Bennett 10 dagar sedan
They’re a great team!
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker 10 dagar sedan
Apartheid Israel trains our cops, no wonder they are racist .
Que serra
Que serra 10 dagar sedan
No training can change peoples beliefs. We have to rein in their unions protecting their jobs after repeated complaints so we can hold their bosses accountable and get them fired. Thats all there is to it. Stop using the phrase" a few bad apples" to minimize this. Some people should not have the degree of abusable power they have. Its not doing them any favors to keep them walking the streets and not doing the public any favors by making their streets more dangerous instead of less. They are armed. Its not helping those inappropriately employed cops . It sure didn't help Chauvin to keep him in that job. It ruined his life too. He shouldn't have been a cop.
terrance1046 10 dagar sedan
Paper Mario
Paper Mario 10 dagar sedan
“Stop crying!”
andre blandon
andre blandon 11 dagar sedan
Bro, nerdy suge knight! Hahaha!
Julian Menzie
Julian Menzie 11 dagar sedan
looool!....nerdy Suge Knight!
fnsiide 11 dagar sedan
"Nerdy Suge Knight"
Walter Goodwin
Walter Goodwin 11 dagar sedan
Six years of bias training and yet no change. It is not training.
mo ca
mo ca 11 dagar sedan
There is no question all cops are racist. Irrespective of their colour or their character
Mickey Jones
Mickey Jones 11 dagar sedan
Nerdy Suge Knight!!!😂🤣😂🤣🤣
xxxDREADEDxxx 11 dagar sedan
"Nerdy Sug Knight" I sharted myself 🤣
xxxDREADEDxxx 11 dagar sedan
B Mc
B Mc 11 dagar sedan
Need to add VETTING to all applicants
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez 11 dagar sedan
These two have no biases? I call it bs. I know this is probably a skit, but you know that professionally those two are competing. Like getting their own show? Idk, I'm tripping.
Vuli Sipunzi
Vuli Sipunzi 11 dagar sedan
Nerdy Suge Knight
Lucy Sablan
Lucy Sablan 11 dagar sedan
From my experience in the 80's in San Diego, yes, 99.999% are racist, then and now.
Cara Howell
Cara Howell 11 dagar sedan
We already saw this? Why so many repeats being put out with current dates? 🙄 lo
iamfiefo 11 dagar sedan
4:19 That mugshot on that printed calendar looks pretty sus.
Kilak 11 dagar sedan
reinforcing the stereotypes in a funny way, sure that will help 🙄
Lee Brown
Lee Brown 9 dagar sedan
What's your tight assed suggestion 🤔
Chris McKimie
Chris McKimie 11 dagar sedan
Instead of changing them after their hired better screening is needed before hiring ! In today's world everyone has a soc media presence and even if they try and hide them their easy to fine !!!
K Harper
K Harper 11 dagar sedan
Isn't this an old video?! I'm not crazy right?!?!
Shirley Hollins
Shirley Hollins 11 dagar sedan
No! I don’t think all cops are racist, but when you allow other racist cops to act racist and not report them, then you support their behavior. When you allow cops to be brutal towards people of a different race and not do anything, you might as well be racist too. If you’re treating some people with compassion and others without that look different, you may be a racist and not know it. People get confused just because they don’t use racial slurs that their not a racist and still use bias toward people who look different from them. We need total police reform! They may need to clean house and start all over with a new way of policing. New complete training that is not bias, more talking and less forcing people in hand cuffs unless they are truly doing something illegal. No hitting with objects or tazzing. No pulling out guns on people without weapons and especially children, and no shooting unarmed people. We also need a new justice system that is fair for all. It seem that blacks always go to jail and whites get the breaks. That mean unbias judges and jurors that actually represent their peers. Use more science and technology, rather then using your instinct, which many times could be wrong. Once cops are trained correctly and perform base on that training, then they can rely on the community help and respect and everyone can be happy and safe.😀
PepperFreak 11 dagar sedan
Is this satire?
Edward Newman
Edward Newman 11 dagar sedan
Are all Comedy Central hosts racist?
Brian Evans
Brian Evans 11 dagar sedan
tRump was hiring every KKK he could find to play "cop"...
Gigi Arocha
Gigi Arocha 11 dagar sedan
I can say the last 4 years they they were which I didn't understand why but then again not all are. !!
JERRY RICHARDSON 11 dagar sedan
It seems to be the case...
Maribel2463 Flores
Maribel2463 Flores 11 dagar sedan
No not all of them we have the best
Morgan Smith
Morgan Smith 11 dagar sedan
800th comment
Zuleide de Carvalho
Zuleide de Carvalho 11 dagar sedan
This is actually truly educational!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Christopher 11 dagar sedan
Klepper is boss.
A Khan
A Khan 11 dagar sedan
"Nerdy Suge Knight" @2:24 I couldn't stop laughing
Neal Frost
Neal Frost 11 dagar sedan
This is not funny at all
Jesse Rangel
Jesse Rangel 11 dagar sedan
Nerdy Suge knight..... Lol! I'm dead
You tube Love
You tube Love 11 dagar sedan
Nicely done!
Sandra Morales
Sandra Morales 11 dagar sedan
LOVE every minute of this
Daniel Greenbaum
Daniel Greenbaum 11 dagar sedan
“Nerdy Suge Knight” 😂
Patrick S
Patrick S 11 dagar sedan
make a movie with these two already.
Dylan Coleman
Dylan Coleman 11 dagar sedan
Are all black people racist?
BoyWonder1914 11 dagar sedan
Roy has such great chemistry with Jordan and Hassan, I miss them both dearly. They’re both killing it though so can’t be mad ✊🏾
Ciscok1d 10/22
Ciscok1d 10/22 11 dagar sedan
Lets face it.. there is only one going deep ... well u know. Its a race thing. 😄🤣😂
James Oliger
James Oliger 11 dagar sedan
This is not new
wjrasmussen666 11 dagar sedan
I am laughing too much at this. I have watched it three times.
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Math Has a Fatal Flaw
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see you soon
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