Black Coffee, Nomzamo Mbatha, Zozibini Tunzi and More South African Guests | The Daily Show 

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Zozibini Tunzi. Black Coffee. Nelson Makamo. Nomzamo Mbatha. Thuso Mbedu. Charlize Theron. Here’s a look back at some of the guests we’ve featured from Trevor’s home country.

00:00 - Zozibini Tunzi
08:42 - Black Coffee
15:59 - Nelson Makamo
22:54 - Nomzamo Mbatha
32:12 - Thuso Mbedu
38:35 - Charlize Theron

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Paula Foster
Paula Foster Timme sedan
You are beautiful. Nevermind anyone else.
Candace Crofoot
Candace Crofoot 2 timmar sedan
The spotted planet recurrently greet because canoe spatially succeed following a abandoned consonant. clammy, four frail prison
Aloys de Gonzague Niyoyita
Hey Travor why SAns only in the show, find other such outspoken young african stars and innovators, brother.
Mongie Esihle Zangwa
Mongie Esihle Zangwa 19 timmar sedan
South Africans are so well spoken. I looove their accents 😍😍🥰
Yogitha Shetty
Yogitha Shetty 20 timmar sedan
Great conversation with brilliant African artists, the world is so fortunate to have to see such wonderful work .
Mark Badillo
Mark Badillo 21 timme sedan
great ! awesome ! i love trevor noah!
Betsy Fraser
Betsy Fraser 22 timmar sedan
Proudly South African and Mighty Proud of our International 'Local Celebrities '
Nkunz'emnyama Dag sedan
Nelson Makamo🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀
Tyler Anne
Tyler Anne Dag sedan
A dark chocolate and so beautiful..
Terrence Dludlu
Terrence Dludlu Dag sedan
As South Africans we should partition Etv to play TheDailyShow for wider audience and support. Many people love the show but can't afford the full package. 🇿🇦
Ty Anderson
Ty Anderson Dag sedan
You're beautiful ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍
Wish you was clean like me
You are beautiful!
Sabrina Serrano
Sabrina Serrano Dag sedan
oh South Africa... love the accent and love the PEOPLE!
Mfanafuthi Mchunu
Please interview Elon Musk
Politicoledge Dag sedan
They all are going to marry white people. Which will be so sad!!!
Fuzzy Koenig
Fuzzy Koenig Dag sedan
You guys make us SO Proudly African. Trevor , great show. More South Africans on ur show- Ekon Musk?
Delia Rodarte
Delia Rodarte Dag sedan
What a strong, beautiful woman, inside and out. She is an inspiration for women across the globe!
Tiisetso Nyiko Lebese
Tiisetso Nyiko Lebese 2 dagar sedan
Jostle Media
Jostle Media 2 dagar sedan
Trevor you must bring Arnold Vosloo to show , he is one of our South African icon
V. NDONG ALLOGHE 2 dagar sedan
Il manque Elon Musk!
What about Elon Musk?
Janice Jennifer
Janice Jennifer 3 dagar sedan
All three South African women are stunning!!! Absolutely gorgeous
THOBILE NGCOBO 3 dagar sedan
It so mesmerizing when you see South Africans flourish i'm proud of you all stay safe.
Marie Campbell
Marie Campbell 3 dagar sedan
Nelson speaks extremely well.
Marie Campbell
Marie Campbell 3 dagar sedan
She's beautiful. I'm loving the ear accessory.
Thobeka Mnguni
Thobeka Mnguni 4 dagar sedan
GET RICH FX Academy 4 dagar sedan
Trevor has inspired a whole lot of a generation, Black Coffee too, around the same time. Zozi, Nomzamo, Thuso, Nasty C are following on their footsteps. I am very proud to be African in specific South African 🇿🇦❤️❤️
GET RICH FX Academy 4 dagar sedan
Nice Trevor, SA🇿🇦 is proud of you
Faith Sampson
Faith Sampson 4 dagar sedan
The absorbing pair finallly snow because goose indirectly sigh outside a gorgeous wholesaler. flippant, spurious calculator
Love You
Love You 5 dagar sedan
Much love to EVERYONE who appeared on the show!! 👏👏👏👏❤️ including the Host himself of course!! Love Love Love
Michelle Hachitapika
Michelle Hachitapika 5 dagar sedan
You have inspired a young lady in Zambia. All the best Miss Universe.
Leo Moko
Leo Moko 5 dagar sedan
Black coffee chair when down 😂😂
BSM 5 dagar sedan
Yes! Big ups to our #HomeBoy
Chigozie Emmanuel Enigwe
PLEASE READ TREVOR: I really enjoy following your show but I get thrown off when you don't talk about things concerning Africa that is a hot cake storyline. For example, The Oduduwa & Biafra Agitation is really hot in Nigeria right now, The ban of twitter by the Nigerian government is also hot. Please educate your audience about Biafra and Oduduwa agitation which is a result of oppression of the southern part of Nigeria, especially the southeastern region. In the past, over 3.5 Million children, women and men were killed by the Nigerian government between 1967-1970. Recently, 600 people were killed and the killing currently going. The Nigerian government are killing its citizens. There will be a protest on the 12th of June, it will do a great deal to Over 150 million people who will be slaughtered if only the important and prominent people that follow the daily show can know about it.
Peter Gatuna
Peter Gatuna 5 dagar sedan
Yea, am just gonna comment "natural hair" coz that's really HOT
Ephraim Thomas
Ephraim Thomas 5 dagar sedan
Zozibini Tunzi takes it I love her to the moon and back
OO Gee
OO Gee 5 dagar sedan
As a Nigerian, big ups to Trevor giving a platform to iconic South Africans. Oh i love that girl Nomzamo Miss Universe. She's beautiful. She's so confident. Exactly what we need in Africa. And a DJ that makes me happy my man black coffee. Thanks Trevor !
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry 5 dagar sedan
Charlize Theron is south african?
blankPage 4 dagar sedan
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry 5 dagar sedan
The conversation of a performing artist named coffee, specifically black coffee typed into google resulted in results specifically toward beverages rather then music. The difficulties of attempting to obtain information upon the internet when the internet wants you to follow it's version of what your talking. The bizarre notion of attempting to tell google it's wrong I listened to trevor noah have a conversation with a male performer, musician with the stage name Black Coffee and it's continued quizzical responses of, "you're not making any sense let's get you a drink. You'll think clearer with a beverage."
Cerl84 5 dagar sedan
don't insinuate that it was black South Africans dissing this woman. you know it was whites.
blankPage 4 dagar sedan
But she spoke on colorism so she was talking about black people also
LaShanta Curry
LaShanta Curry 5 dagar sedan
The actress speaking to trevor about coming to america two is dressed to impress in an interview over the internet with Trevor. She looks like an award show ready performance and she's simply sitting at home in conversation with Trevor.
Gift Afrika Manganyi
Gift Afrika Manganyi 5 dagar sedan
This makes me so proud to be a South African and moreover an African. Shine Africa! Keep shining.
Farming.City. One
Farming.City. One 6 dagar sedan
First time I have seen Miss Universe, she is very stunning she reminds me of the look that we now see on the tombs of Queens of Egypt.
Sabelo Bizzah Ngubane
Sabelo Bizzah Ngubane 6 dagar sedan
proud of you fellow South Africans keep flying our flag high
CADEAU REGALO 6 dagar sedan
Itumeleng Odusanya
Itumeleng Odusanya 6 dagar sedan
Thuso amazing woman. Zozibini gorgeous Nomzamo amazing Charlize still fabulous
Nomsa Mokwena
Nomsa Mokwena 6 dagar sedan
Zozi 🤩 😍❤️
Nomsa Mokwena
Nomsa Mokwena 6 dagar sedan
Black Coffee 😘
vimby 4
vimby 4 6 dagar sedan
Love to see this !!
Eugenio 6 dagar sedan
After another 2 hr power outage.. Reading the Natal Witness about horrific crime, grime, corruption etc. Femicide and GBV soaring, Nearly 5 000 murders in first 3 months. This is a minuscule elite. Trevor - Please satirize our leaders to expose their "shenanigans" on the world stage.
Zonke Majova
Zonke Majova 6 dagar sedan
lu Dlwathi
lu Dlwathi 7 dagar sedan
This guy really said Cholera😭😭😭
priscilla nxumalo
priscilla nxumalo 7 dagar sedan
Tell them noah....its not folks wagen!
jan flig
jan flig 7 dagar sedan
Love her accent!
Naomi Sarpong
Naomi Sarpong 7 dagar sedan
Trevor if only you met me for once..... I have love for you
Majestic 7 dagar sedan
Amandla!!! Awethu!!!! ✊🏽✊🏽🇿🇦🇿🇦
Bongani Maqabuka
Bongani Maqabuka 8 dagar sedan
Great one Trevor! Show out there our abilities as a country, Mzansi...
Shawndra Rush
Shawndra Rush 8 dagar sedan
Zozibini is incredibly beautiful and is the perfect Miss Universe. What a great representation.
Dieter Stradtmann
Dieter Stradtmann 8 dagar sedan
Please Trevor, invite Motsi Mabuse, a pro dancer in Standard and Latin Dances, currently a juror on the German version of Let‘s Dance. She is a personality like no second with a big heart .
Chankie Ngwenya
Chankie Ngwenya 8 dagar sedan
this is so amazing. en i just love the way you ended the interview with nomzamo mbatha. ngiyazi xhenya ngani bantu bakithi
Samkelisiwe Prosperity Dlamini
Proudly South African, it is so nice to see fellow South Africans winning
Realest. 8 dagar sedan
Trevor Noah is the goat for doing this.👏🏾🐐
Dhiira Devi
Dhiira Devi 8 dagar sedan
What troglodyte doesn't think she's absolutely stunning? Man, people are the worse.
sn tg
sn tg 8 dagar sedan
I can't see how anyone can see Zozibini Tunzi as anything but beautiful and at the least, attractive. There is beauty in all races and all shades of the races.
Mohammed Shittu
Mohammed Shittu 8 dagar sedan
She looks like a goddess
Gloria.o. Umezurike
Gloria.o. Umezurike 8 dagar sedan
Am very happy to here Zozibini Tunzi said that she is proud of her hair as a black woman, wow that is the key of beauty when you love your self the way your made.
Vickie Goba
Vickie Goba 8 dagar sedan
Trevor am from Liberia West Africa. I really enjoy this interviews. I will love if you get them on the same day on your show via Zoom. ❤❤❤❤
TM 8 dagar sedan
Sadly Elon Musk n his mom left as soon as they heard Nelson Mandela is getting released and they have never set foot in the country in 30years. I guess he won't be coming to talk to a fellow South African
Mz Nurú
Mz Nurú 9 dagar sedan
Women are under attack everywhere the United States cannot talk at all how they removed part of the woman’s reproductive system of those women down at the border. They did this to African women Haitian women particularly Latin American women.
Mz Nurú
Mz Nurú 9 dagar sedan
She looks very beautiful. Now this is true representation of South Africa.
Edward Roche'
Edward Roche' 9 dagar sedan
Some people just can't enjoy the beauty of life, or anything else without insulting or trying to degrade it.
Mr♤Sir 9 dagar sedan
Trevor wants to smash that...
Lusanda Biyela
Lusanda Biyela 9 dagar sedan
Danko !!!! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
T Belle
T Belle 9 dagar sedan
Thank you for featuring such amazing talented people doing inspirational work. Ms. Mbedu's comments about the shift in perspective to take on her role was a light bulb moment for me that altered my thinking about the way US history frames the topic of enslaved African Americans. Would love to have the links to each of the artists ' Websites included.
FIU Scholars Three
FIU Scholars Three 9 dagar sedan
I can see why she is crowned Ms. Universe--beautiful inside/out.
King Nsengiyunva
King Nsengiyunva 9 dagar sedan
South Africa Miss Universe 2019 to 2021...Miss Africa
Zama Hlase
Zama Hlase 9 dagar sedan
Home Mail
Home Mail 9 dagar sedan
@Yolanda Nxesi. Them white colonisers taught us their language well.
Fadzhielah Byatt
Fadzhielah Byatt 9 dagar sedan
Black Coffee is a Traitor to Black South Africa , supports israHelli zioApartheid settler colonial military occupation and war crimes against Palestine .... #BLM STANDS 4 JUSTICE 4 Palestine
Henrik L
Henrik L 9 dagar sedan
Nomzamo Mbatha is so similar to the queen of dragons, Emilia Clarke! 😅😍
Dorian Adriano Lee Braga
All of these South African women that were interviewed are 'BEAUTIFUL'
Thuto Mkatshane
Thuto Mkatshane 10 dagar sedan
Two Xhosa people speaking English.
Thuto Mkatshane
Thuto Mkatshane 10 dagar sedan
YeTrevor, uyakwazi ukuthetha IsiXhosa kakade? 🤔
Tumelo Molefi
Tumelo Molefi 10 dagar sedan
The dislikes are from the haters of South Africa.
Victor Mbhele
Victor Mbhele 10 dagar sedan
Lol if Charlize Theron is born in Africa and lives in America, should she not be called African American.?🤔😁😁😁
blankPage 4 dagar sedan
She is called a Africaan American
Heather McKerry
Heather McKerry 8 dagar sedan
You are sharp!!!!! 😂😂😂😂
Jabulile Fakude
Jabulile Fakude 10 dagar sedan
I love you Miss Universe
Jabulile Fakude
Jabulile Fakude 10 dagar sedan
She's natural and beautifuĺ i love her she's the African Queen
Zondwa Mtyhuda
Zondwa Mtyhuda 10 dagar sedan
Trevor homesick shem
Louis Poole
Louis Poole 10 dagar sedan
💘 U!
Louis Poole
Louis Poole 10 dagar sedan
Congratulations Miss Universe! Texas Style Black Barbeque! :)
Sylvester Onoja
Sylvester Onoja 10 dagar sedan
Elon Musk next
Kholiwe Mzimela
Kholiwe Mzimela 11 dagar sedan
Proudly South African💜💯😃
LADY Z-A-R 11 dagar sedan
Zozi has this powerful presence that I cant even explain it.
Cee Mapanda
Cee Mapanda 11 dagar sedan
South Africans are taking the world by storm!!!!
nkululeko nazo
nkululeko nazo 11 dagar sedan
I'm so happy for her she's such a beautiful ❤️👑🖤 soul... Smart as well.
Weekend Bohemian
Weekend Bohemian 11 dagar sedan
I watch your SElosk clips all the time and I'm so happy I found this one. Thank you for introducing me to new artists.
Xagrus 11 dagar sedan
She’s gorgeous🥰
Thulile Sikhosana
Thulile Sikhosana 11 dagar sedan
Nomzamo Mbhatha... so beautiful
Lela R.
Lela R. 11 dagar sedan
Ok, even on the chance that someone takes this question the wrong way .... so, mid-blond, Northern European village girl asking because she is honestly curious - what do they mean with "getting a weave"? And what would be wrong with her natural hair? Beside that long hair globally is kinda seen as "female and desirable" and she rides the journey proudly with a short hair cut?
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