Bezos’s Space Trip, Manchin’s Break from Democrats & Nigeria’s Twitter Block | The Daily Show 

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Jeff Bezos gears up for space travel, Senator Joe Manchin breaks from Democrats (again) over the voting rights bill, and the Nigerian government cracks down on Twitter.

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8 jun 2021



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NVBeatz 3 timmar sedan
CNN is so racist
Francisca Okolo
Francisca Okolo 6 timmar sedan
I wish our government care I wish there's a check on their use of power. It's frustrating Trevor
Risky Rymes
Risky Rymes 8 timmar sedan
6:31 That Nigerian accent 😂😂😂
george lopez
george lopez 10 timmar sedan
azmaan ahmed
azmaan ahmed 10 timmar sedan
Whoever hates Trevor Noah just misses Jon Stewart
Mythraen 13 timmar sedan
Space actually isn't very "cold" in a way that Bernie Sanders would be complaining about it. There's so little _anything_ in space that two of the primary methods of heat transfer don't happen. The final method, thermal radiation, is slow.
KARTEY MICHAEL 18 timmar sedan
Olivia French
Olivia French 19 timmar sedan
Love me some Bernie ❤️❤️❤️
ZolaClyde 23 timmar sedan
That was gross on CNN’s part. There’s one of the reasons I stopped watching CNN 12 about years ago. (And the yelling) Mostly the yelling & I lied - because of the yelling panels I never really watched. It wasn’t until my sister told me about Rachel Maddox that I watched any 24 hr news station.
ZolaClyde 23 timmar sedan
Hope Bezos goes to space and oops! stays there.
Alex Dag sedan
I guess speaking the truth about African countries is "racism" now. It's not enough that we take in immigrants from Africa, we also have to pretend that the problems that motivated them to immigrate in the first place, don't exist. As far as the myth about "constant school shootings" goes: "In the two decades since Columbine, there have been 10 mass shootings in schools according to a recent analysis by James Alan Fox, a professor of criminology at Northeastern University who has been studying school violence for several decades. In total, 81 people have been killed, 64 of them students. That’s an average of four deaths per year, three of them students. More children have died from lightning strikes than from mass shootings in schools in the past 20 years. Our chances of dying in a fire are also much greater - 1 in 1,500." Get your facts about my country straight. Mass Shootings are extremely rare, overly politicized, and we could drop our Homicide rate and mass killing fatalities, like Israel, if we abolished gun free zones. Terror attacks and homicides are routinely stopped by civilians in Israel, where people can conceal carry a hand gun, even into their Synagogues, and own 50 bullets at a time. For reference, Israel's Homicide rate is similar to Belgium, despite hundreds of thousands of civilians with guns. James Alan Fox: "Many headlines about hundreds of mass shootings per year, as if this is a new level of violence. The 4+ killed or injured definition (not 4+ killed) only used since 2013. Likely were more in early 1990s when gun homicides were 50% higher than now. The recent mass killing in Fort Wayne, IN received little national attention since it was a private home and a stabbing (no debate over guns). Still 4 people, including 3 children, are dead-just as dead and just as tragic than had it been a public shooting. The NY Times had a “partial list” of 13 mass shootings, adding that there are many others. This is the ENTIRE list with 4+ victims killed. Not listed are those of lesser severity, half with no deaths. The characterization misleadingly implies the others are like the 13 deadliest." That doesn't fit your preconceived narrative of my country does it?
Beyond Flyyy
Beyond Flyyy Dag sedan
😂😂😂😂 the last joke took me out. The nerve that news anchor has! 😂😂
salis adam madeena
You are welcome to Nigeria Trevoh
somav8 Dag sedan
Awwww thanks Trevor we love you.
Lee Chin Yee
Lee Chin Yee Dag sedan
Is it me or the audio is too low
Trevor Anderson
Trevor Anderson Dag sedan
What's wrong with ya'll. Not because he claimed Democrats. That doesn't mean he is not a kkk member.
Sylvia Hoffman
Sylvia Hoffman Dag sedan
I love it when Trevor speaks with the African accents, it's so animated. 👍
Dámìlọlá Dag sedan
How they present it is almost not even our concern now, it's how we need to get rid of these old fools that makes Africa resemble a shxthole. It's sad. Nigeria is really going down some kinda drain, and we're helpless.
UNISOL Dag sedan
I like this white kid w a fro. He’s not that smart tho.
Greg Boyington
Greg Boyington Dag sedan
His company has never gotten a rocket into space. I hope it explodes on the launch pad.
Batman Dag sedan
Death ☠ ride
Korede Agboola
Korede Agboola Dag sedan
Thanks for what you said at the end tho. It was cool @trevornoah
Korede Agboola
Korede Agboola Dag sedan
Trevor no one in Nigeria talks like that. That's not a Nigerian accent fam. Accents are based on languages and there's no Nigerian language that sounds like that. You are using a general "African" accent. That's offensive!!! And I'm disappointed.
Korede Agboola
Korede Agboola Dag sedan
Trevor no one in Nigeria talks like that. That's not a Nigerian accent fam. Accents are based on languages and there's no Nigerian language that sounds like that. You are using a general "African" accent. That's offensive!!! And I'm disappointed.
Kimiholi Sumi
Kimiholi Sumi Dag sedan
Forget about going to space or flying car... I jz waiting for dt time wen we can vote for our candidate from our home.... without d risk of being dubbed or illegal ways!!! Genuinely gv our vote where ever we may be...
Mark NP
Mark NP Dag sedan
I don't blame CNN for such introduction Time shall come the world must know regret such senseless statements
Mark NP
Mark NP Dag sedan
If you guys have any problem with the Twitter blocked in Nigeria 🇳🇬 Then you come down to Nigeria and tell us face to face Twitter is a media that world should shut it down
TheWeissrond 2 dagar sedan
Manchin got a healthy amount of corporate money not so long ago. Coincidence? I don't think so.
Olamide Ope
Olamide Ope 2 dagar sedan
Samuel Ikonallah Olokpo
Thunder Fire you there!😂😂😂😂
Aaditya Inamdar
Aaditya Inamdar 2 dagar sedan
India is always expressed by the CNN and other American news outlets the same racist way! But Indians feel that hate is directed towards Modi, so won't respond!
Sandra Akinnadeju
Sandra Akinnadeju 2 dagar sedan
Bezos! Bezos! JEFFFFUUUUU!!!! Eemelo ni mo pe e? (Any yoruba person inthe room)
Sandra Akinnadeju
Sandra Akinnadeju 2 dagar sedan
I get Trevor's anger at the CNN anchor. Its like how only a black person is allowed to say the "N" word. In the reporter's defense,he must have gotten the report from one of the numerous memes created by Nigerians about the ban. I especially love the one where every problem is a flying bird and my president with a loaded gun picks out you know which Bird whilst the minister of information claps him on the back and smiles😂
Ehis Thomas
Ehis Thomas 2 dagar sedan
the Nigerian accent he did there😂😂😂
Joey Altieri
Joey Altieri 2 dagar sedan
Jay Tetteh Quarshie
Jay Tetteh Quarshie 2 dagar sedan
A moment of silence for the the journalist who introduced the twitter story
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 2 dagar sedan
Joe Manchin is a Republican SPY DUHH!!! I mean come on, does anyone REALLY THINK that a democratic elected senior from one of the LONGEST standing Red States in the U.S, which suddenly voted democrat by a seriously suspect margin is SINCERELY a democrat? Just think how hard you would have to fight against the opposing ideology JUST to get elected to the senate for that State, and now we're supposed to believe he's the ONLY ONE in their party who wishes to "work together". And after ALL the shameless, gutless, nutless, and pitiful attempts the GOP has tried to overthrow any powers other than their own, whether it be Democrats or The Voice of the American people, you REALLY think they wouldn't try something like placing a candidate inside the opposing party JUST to disrupt things like Reconciliation???? You'd be a FOOL to think they wouldn't stoop that low... I say Investigate Joe Manchin NOW!!!! #Buddieizreal
John Gicharu
John Gicharu 2 dagar sedan
Actually I think flat earthers should band together and buy that extra seat on Jeff Bezos' space craft and settle their concerns😂😂
Davide Marafioti
Davide Marafioti 2 dagar sedan
For a second I thought "Joe Mansion" was just a new nickname for Biden by Fox News
RickOShay 2 dagar sedan
It's actually just a suborbital hop - but if you want to do a full orbit of the earth that's an extra $25m and you'll need to switch carrier to SpaceX.
Imed Tiss
Imed Tiss 2 dagar sedan
Thanks for standing for Africa my brotha
Abi Bami
Abi Bami 2 dagar sedan
Trevor your Nigerian accent is getting worse.
CallMe Batman
CallMe Batman 2 dagar sedan
The fresh april jelly arrive because softdrink particularly unfasten excluding a selfish drama. changeable, instinctive calculator
Bing Bang
Bing Bang 2 dagar sedan
Dude, you’re a diversity hire, and a terrible one at that😂😂😂 you should have stuck to stealing car stereos
John Beckett
John Beckett 2 dagar sedan
But it took 4 years of the same tweets and Donnie being voted out before they acted on his tweets.
Pranshu Pandya
Pranshu Pandya 2 dagar sedan
They got Koo and the PRESIDENT JUST KOOED.
Pranshu Pandya
Pranshu Pandya 2 dagar sedan
Yeah it's funny but it's gaining popularity.
Bob Dobbs
Bob Dobbs 2 dagar sedan
Manchin did the right thing
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang 3 dagar sedan
The ubiquitous cuban surely talk because grease booly bore into a filthy snake. ultra, overrated timpani
Gabriel Gonzales
Gabriel Gonzales 3 dagar sedan
Manchins pockets are getting filled by Republicans.pos!!
ReaLityBlue 3 dagar sedan
President Putin was correct, liberalism is obsolete.
Mukesh Panicker
Mukesh Panicker 3 dagar sedan
What if bezo’s dies in space accident ??
Kofi Sam
Kofi Sam 3 dagar sedan
Nigerian accent on point 🤣🤣
David R. Stone
David R. Stone 3 dagar sedan
Daily show is a joke and it’s time the host gets that Brillo pad cut he looks like a buffoon.
Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar 3 dagar sedan
Nwaokike Francklin
Nwaokike Francklin 3 dagar sedan
The CNN reporter is purely racist, you could tell from his smile. He had a strong negative stereotype. Trevor did very well by pointing out the intro.
Masava Amunga
Masava Amunga 3 dagar sedan
I was Euro -stepped by the banning of Twitter,I missed that intro🤣🤣🤣😂
BlackPanda56 Momene
BlackPanda56 Momene 3 dagar sedan
If African Countries started the News that away about America... They'd declare war
Saruman Ork-Orphanage
Saruman Ork-Orphanage 3 dagar sedan
Oh is this legal? I want Bernie in space with the Bezoses!
Mouna GHM
Mouna GHM 3 dagar sedan
It’s nice that there is no sibling rivalry or sibling jealousy between Jeff Bezos and his brother. That’s great to see and gives me faith in humanity despite all the problems and sibling rivalries there are in my family and that ruined my life and abusive therapists made worse.
Visi Wade
Visi Wade 3 dagar sedan
Bernie in Spaaaaaaace!
gui 3 dagar sedan
"The USA is a country filled with ignorance, gun violence mass shooting discriminstion and racism and police brutality but now they have a new wage of criminality" - Tv News!!!! ( just an example of how it would be) and by the way USA has the same wage of criminality too,its just not reported in daily news.just an idea folks!!! Do not throw stones to your neighbour glassed roof if yours are made of the same material!😉
Rusaila Ferdous
Rusaila Ferdous 3 dagar sedan
I have stopped watching news from BBC & CNN.They're just hypocrite.I only watch Al Jazeera
HOF 3 dagar sedan
The hypocrisy in your soul is thick Trevor. Twitter, Facebook, insta etc... are far left activist group that bans and censor those that do not subscribe to its political ideologies. Yet you blame dictators for banning Twitter? Also, you and CNN are all in the same boat of far left wing activist media.
TJ Van der Walt
TJ Van der Walt 3 dagar sedan
Trevor! You make me laugh so hard 🤣 you make me a proud South African. Your Nigerian accent is SPOT ON BTW! Hilarious 🤣
Richard Lane
Richard Lane 3 dagar sedan
i never used twitter lol
Kanyiso Mahlanyana
Kanyiso Mahlanyana 3 dagar sedan
Appreciate the comment on the biased CNN reporter, too much propaganda on Africa
TuaBehBeh Cocoon
TuaBehBeh Cocoon 3 dagar sedan
Twitter is posion.
OrgnlProductions 3 dagar sedan
Jeff just wants to make a friend🤣
Hope A.
Hope A. 3 dagar sedan
4:50 lol 90 day fiancé reference
Pavan Tiwari
Pavan Tiwari 3 dagar sedan
I don't understand that if Trevor Noah loves Africa this much then why don't he goes there and do something about it.
Olumide Ade-Olunusi
Olumide Ade-Olunusi 3 dagar sedan
Trevor I love you No one ever starts a news about America with their racism,gun problem. But if it is Africa they always list the faults.
Chinwe Osuagwu
Chinwe Osuagwu 3 dagar sedan
Thank you Trevor. CNN, Twitter and some countries in the West have an agenda, but they met their match in President Buhari.
Ivy Bee
Ivy Bee 3 dagar sedan
Trump is like "oooohhhh me next " I want to ban Twitter
Laura Gonzalez
Laura Gonzalez 3 dagar sedan
The windy swimming enthrallingly disarm because sort immunocytochemically zip up a uncovered caption. fluttering, fortunate uncle
Bernadette Dunn
Bernadette Dunn 3 dagar sedan
i love Trevor.as ransom collector.
Elasie Moss
Elasie Moss 3 dagar sedan
You love money not your country
Michael Lochlann
Michael Lochlann 3 dagar sedan
"I can't see my tweets!" Uhhh....... sorry, I don't see that as much of a problem lol. As long as you still have the rest of the internet to get some information.
Broni Abdul-Razak
Broni Abdul-Razak 3 dagar sedan
Arh, he's back. I'm going to tweet about Bitcoin now. 😂😂
Studio 22, Lusaka Zambia
Jeff Bezos...ever the capitalist and self-promoting! This is publicity for Blue Origin targeting NASA!
Jesus Marquez
Jesus Marquez 4 dagar sedan
Like white people dont do crime
dalu nwamu
dalu nwamu 4 dagar sedan
Cant love trevor less
MM 4 dagar sedan
Trevors 3D perspective on many aspects up there
Yike E
Yike E 4 dagar sedan
Man Chin ese
eigoMANGA 4 dagar sedan
What the f#ck CNN? I initially gave up on on network for not reporting enough of Nigeria. Then I hear this bullsh#t
eigoMANGA 4 dagar sedan
Trevor’s Nigerian accent is terrible… even for a native-born African.
liberals are dumb
liberals are dumb 4 dagar sedan
Erick Thokerunga
Erick Thokerunga 4 dagar sedan
America is a failed democracy on its way to oblivion. self destruction at its best... goodbye US, the world will miss you
Jayson Gaoiran
Jayson Gaoiran 4 dagar sedan
The black frost internationally bleach because mercury optimally decay notwithstanding a elfin korean. racial, actually decrease
A. P
A. P 4 dagar sedan
If I didn't already love you. I would right now. Thanks for calling out CNN and the foreign press on their BS
Octave 4 dagar sedan
Crying at the Bernie joke 😂😂😂😭 #stillfeelingthebernthough
Xavier Morana
Xavier Morana 4 dagar sedan
His Bernie impression lol
vibrio cholera
vibrio cholera 4 dagar sedan
So according to you, twitter can ban a head of the government from it's platform but if the govt bans twitter then freedom of speech comes into play??? This is hypocrisy. Twitter is biased bro.
Aruni Kalawila
Aruni Kalawila 4 dagar sedan
your trump impression.... ah never gets old
Lumko Ngubo
Lumko Ngubo 4 dagar sedan
Let's send a flat Earther 🌎
udoy khan
udoy khan 4 dagar sedan
Wow. You are awesome 😎
issaciams 4 dagar sedan
Seriously that was pretty racist so I'm glad Trevor Noah called it out.
Unimakon Susan UNDIEH
Unimakon Susan UNDIEH 4 dagar sedan
Baby girl Lisa 😂🤣
Ngo Hanh Phuong
Ngo Hanh Phuong 4 dagar sedan
The shallow timpani advantageously care because element resultantly clap save a tricky security. grotesque, yummy dimple
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