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America’s water infrastructure is failing. Here’s a look at how we got here, the impact this has on the country and what we can do about it.

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9 jun 2021



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Toneloke 3000
Toneloke 3000 Timme sedan
American capitalism= profits without accountability.
Angelaina Marie
Angelaina Marie Timme sedan
Now see I think the reason Republicans don't want it done is because they don't want Democrats to accomplish anything
Ronnie Spiler
Ronnie Spiler 2 timmar sedan
Ronnie Spiler
Ronnie Spiler 2 timmar sedan
Lets worry about this
Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar 2 timmar sedan
black people
Zachkills4 3 timmar sedan
It's interesting to see how underfunded the infrastructure is. Considering that people are paying for it on a monthly basis. Legit billion dollar utility companies.
Luffy3D2Y 3 timmar sedan
Just ask China. They gonna fix your issues and you will be in their debt forever. :D
Dominique Winters
Dominique Winters 4 timmar sedan
But whoever said Africa was a third world country?
Bart Samson
Bart Samson 5 timmar sedan
America is falling apart and the adult children in charge won't fix it because they aren't paid to.
Adriana 6 timmar sedan
Yes America, go fund your billion dollar army for it to protect a nation soon to be half poisoned by its own water 🤔
kirk simon
kirk simon 7 timmar sedan
all this idiot spreads is hate. Trevor hates america. Atleast if this guy was funny he might be worth listening to... I'm starting a campaign "Go Home Trevor"
Jason Olson
Jason Olson 8 timmar sedan
Plz don't change your show to a live audience.
K roon
K roon 10 timmar sedan
Watermanagement? Learn from the Dutch. We took our land from the sea. 😉
Ela Vke
Ela Vke 10 timmar sedan
Home owners shouldn't have pay for for that to be fixed.
nilpoint 12 timmar sedan
All our children are soldiers. Lol
Flora Stewart
Flora Stewart 13 timmar sedan
Always said water will become like gold in the west.
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh 13 timmar sedan
When Trevor said: ‘Who’. It’s tragic that we all knew ‘who’.
Ali Sheikh
Ali Sheikh 13 timmar sedan
‘A third world country in a Gucci belt’
Todd Hendricks
Todd Hendricks 14 timmar sedan
It won’t matter. We will all be drinking Brawndo soon.
Brian Koller
Brian Koller 15 timmar sedan
Telling me my name is the problem with the water. Koller sounds like kohler. Bosh is a water problem too. Zepher Hills Florida in now under Fort Knox security. Zepher sounds like a German word. High Speed or Zepher? High Speed is drug water. Because there is no business like water works business. I believe in you Noah. Thanks, Brian Koller
Jorg Jorgensen
Jorg Jorgensen 16 timmar sedan
You speak how many languages? "If you *didn't* know, now you know." FTFY 😁 You can't both "not know" and "know" at the same time. Get your tense fixed.
judacia 16 timmar sedan
part 2: crumbling roads and bridges!
BadWolf77 17 timmar sedan
Even if counties or the federal government raised taxes to fix it, there’s zero doubt that only 10% of the increase would actually go to the repairs. The rest would be diverted to other projects or politicians pockets.
Monique Boonstra
Monique Boonstra 19 timmar sedan
If water was oil, it would have been done.
OmniscientlyMe 20 timmar sedan
The USA seems to be the only country where both 1st and 3rd world living conditions exist, mostly depending on what state you're in.
Homiyar Sachinwalla
Homiyar Sachinwalla 20 timmar sedan
And immigrants flock to this place?
StrangeTerror 21 timme sedan
"You probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about pipes" Me - living in the middle of a farm, replacing the cold water pipe running to my washer once a week because I can't keep the field mice out of the house: bruh 🙄 don't even.
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key 21 timme sedan
When I moved here, everyone told me not to drink the water. Many had gotten sick. I can't blame Americans for drinking bottled water. Shame their tax dollars don't go where they need it most.
Gabriel Gentile
Gabriel Gentile 23 timmar sedan
So, basically..... Boomers.
Breanna P
Breanna P Dag sedan
Just putting this out there, Brita filters don't actually do much filtering so don't depend on them
The Farmer
The Farmer Dag sedan
Why fix the water supply infrastructure when you can buy bottled ones at the supermarket. That's what your corporate masters want.
Brandon Davidson
Trover: "They're also probably pretty racist" Me: *looking at those "Whites Only" water fountains from 50 years ago*
Thomas83KO Dag sedan
3:43... Even our European cities in the medieval era roughly till the 18th/ early 19th century, weren't that bad! This stinks BTW, my chlorine experience in the drinking water on the road trip through the USA, makes so much more sense now! Just remember, the right of clean drinking water has become a human right... So......
Rohitha Sree
Rohitha Sree Dag sedan
Get Elon musk to fix this before he uses up more intelligence for shuttle to the Mars before the earth is more healthier and justified.
Linda Isaacs
Linda Isaacs Dag sedan
He who has the vision has the job, Or are you just about blabbing your mouth off the whole time Noah.. How about some solutions. Yes, boring...
Morgan Angel
Morgan Angel Dag sedan
Right wing capitalism and free market will solve everything... Keep government out of this !
Tor Djärv
Tor Djärv Dag sedan
I live in Sweden, which is technically a third world country (since we where neither officially allied with USA nor Sovjet during the cold war), and we have some of the best plumbing in the world
Arianna Norris-Landry
Please Google the town of Centreville IL where ppls houses are full of sewage and the ppl downstream in Cahokia are contending with sewage in their yards.
lily boone
lily boone Dag sedan
Walking around austin tx, every creek smells like death and sewage. I cut a tree and there were rusted broken sewage pipes in the roots
Levi Njuguna
Levi Njuguna Dag sedan
Water is like the most basic human right no one should live without water cut the trillions in military and give people clean water
Bobby Undarsa
Bobby Undarsa Dag sedan
it is interesting how you speak about water infrastructur, but raising fund for LGBTQ+ organization. is it because gender is fluid like water?
Lencier Oludhe
Lencier Oludhe Dag sedan
Im so glad I'm in Africa because itnever gets that bad
The Denskan
The Denskan Dag sedan
Where in Africa though? I hope its Botswana.
Flavio Lujan
Flavio Lujan Dag sedan
So much for priorities . . .
Brian J Malmsteen
Is this the MAGA we’re talking about?
Dall Shaw
Dall Shaw Dag sedan
America is an epic failure all the way across the board.
Michael Leary
Michael Leary Dag sedan
Amir Manhattan
Amir Manhattan Dag sedan
Thank you 🙏
derrill yager
derrill yager Dag sedan
This topic is an example of what I call " moronic tendency", The evolutionary human mental development in which we do the easy thing in order to expend the least energy to survive. But today we suffer from that laziness that is a part of our evolutionary makeup. If we want a modern society we must make greater strides to evolve beyond our caveman evolution ary past.
Sean Mahoney
Sean Mahoney Dag sedan
Wait... the government pays for y'alls water supply? I wish we can get that. No worries, take my federal taxes and give it to the people who have had it forever.
ninestories2 Dag sedan
Thanks for captions, Daily Show! 🖤🖤
Sherry Powell
Sherry Powell Dag sedan
How many billions does one need to live?
Nobody Important
Sometimes I hate where I live in the US, but we have clean water, and lots of it, and a modern sewage system, and well not much else. :)
Bobbi's Hobbies
Bobbi's Hobbies Dag sedan
This is just ridiculous. The people who ignored the health and safety of the public need to be charged with a crime. Not the current people who inherited this problem, but the ones who accually ignored it 20 or 30 years ago.
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell Dag sedan
The water system has not been managed after the Supreme Court decision on water rights was ignored. The water resources management does not have an established zero point. They can't improve until there is actually no water.
Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell Dag sedan
Is aluminum hydroxide a necessary nutrient? As necessary as lead and approaching plastic needs.
Bruce Willis Hard to Kill
*I only wish you hadn't said all our children are soldiers. Sad*
rune drejer
rune drejer Dag sedan
You live in a third world country, or actually live in the stoneage, a failing infrastrukture and democracy. . . But Kids can buy a AR15... That just great.
Quite Quiet
Quite Quiet Dag sedan
In Seattle, Washington a little more than twenty years ago they were still finding wooden logs hollowed out as water pipes... I don’t know if they have replaced them all or if they still find them.... but the old cedar logs last longer than iron... unfortunately the cedar logs are also healthier than the replacements which were subsequently used nationally. It would behoove people to recognize that military industrial complex is reliant upon the economy and that the economy is reliant upon the infrastructure. The ability to turn plowshares into swords as needed and necessary is second nature in a functioning system. However in failing empires the inability to recognize the time to store the weapons and create plowshares rather than swords frequently has preceded empires collapsing... the casting about seeking to find someone else to blame while not addressing the pressing issues of the day in favor of distractions, entertainments and misrepresentation of reality is a historically recognized phenomenon.
DJ Dag sedan
Wow I have no idea. I love these segments,
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb Dag sedan
😆 Thank you for making this horrifying news a little bit funnier with your silly, yet brilliant solution for politicians to celebrate a new sewage pipe, and for pointing out the obvious catch about black representation we never thought about, no one was talking about the water supply. That would be really hilarious to celebrate better water infrastructure by taking a dump at City Hall, but I was really thinking we could celebrate it by showing a cleaner sink to give you a cup of cleaner water. June 13, 2021, 2:56pm
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb Dag sedan
I hope you were just exaggerating about the cable company taking 70 years to schedule an appointment, and waiting 10 years to look at your mole. June 13, 2021, 2:55pm
Owaya Something
Owaya Something Dag sedan
I just. Don’t understand how this can happen. Like the main function of state is to provide and maintain public infrastructure? You can’t have economic growth and a healthy workforce without roads, electricity and water, so how is that not an apolitical agenda?? And why is funding a federal issue? In other countries’ water and waste infrastructure is maintained by municipalities and paid for by local consumers through water bills and taxes. *screams into the void*
Tamesha Kirkland
Therapist: “Mole Trevor is not real. Mole Trevor can’t hurt you.” Me: watches Mole Trevor 👀👀👀👀👀
James Brown
James Brown 2 dagar sedan
Thanks Mr. Pres. And they want Donald Duck back in the Whitehouse.
Anthony Pierre
Anthony Pierre 2 dagar sedan
Who needs water? we clearly need a border wall and a larger army.
A K 2 dagar sedan
And we still give Israel $3.8 Billion a year. We need that money at home.
A K 2 dagar sedan
America is broke and broken.
aspen croft
aspen croft 2 dagar sedan
Time for the usa too get the dutch too help them.
Mike Baginy
Mike Baginy 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, we're a crumbling country. Thanks, all pig-headed politicians who'd rather spend money on new weapons and flashy headline-making mega projects. Fact is, we're seriously lacking the basics.
Debra Onger
Debra Onger 2 dagar sedan
People have asked me where do you live and in what country, I used to say America but they would say oh an American. So now I take the fifth amendment
Joshua Evans
Joshua Evans 2 dagar sedan
It was originally proposed that western states be based upon their respective watersheds.... GOP didn't like that idea. Back then new states were a tool to keep political power... When we're not in an ice age, half of America is a desert.... From the badlands to death valley
Earth Colored Eyes
Earth Colored Eyes 2 dagar sedan
Now I see why Michael burry invested in water. Keep fracking lol
jessie mayfield
jessie mayfield 2 dagar sedan
I learned about the water problem in college and just realized it’s another way nyc where I live is a 1st world country while the rest of the US is a 3rd world country...I’m never moving
ana1ism 2 dagar sedan
As soon as I saw the Britta filters, I knew that was the government telling you to not drink the tap water, but then what about the water you shower with? That’s why alopecia and skin cancer is a pretty common problem.
Sean Kelly
Sean Kelly 2 dagar sedan
Balking at a trillion dollar bill to fix water delivery systems is the issue wrapped up. Why does that seem expensive?
Christopher Weber
Christopher Weber 2 dagar sedan
“Our children are soldiers.” 😂🤣 I had to pause because I was laughing so hard
Drifter .Z
Drifter .Z 3 dagar sedan
3rd world countries got better infrastructure and with latest technologies
Lukas st
Lukas st 3 dagar sedan
America: has failing water System Also america: NO RAINWATER COLLECTING
Gene Edmunds
Gene Edmunds 3 dagar sedan
🇺🇸 yet, we are in China Russia e.t.c business! We have so many to fix!
Mona Singh
Mona Singh 3 dagar sedan
your video audio is really low ...all the recent videos
ron fair
ron fair 3 dagar sedan
When those in power wont see the out come of their neglect why would they care . They will keep living high off the hog and leave the burden to future generations . Term limit and restructure the benefits they get and see how fast things start to get fixed .
J Ross
J Ross 3 dagar sedan
No worries. The 2021 mega drought will get rid of that pesky water
Wilians logan
Wilians logan 3 dagar sedan
*Friends I'm not telling you to resign from Your Job or abandon Your business, I'm telling you to create another source of income.....BE wise*
Andy Morris
Andy Morris 3 dagar sedan
@prosper Yeah, My first investment with Mr Barry Silbert earned me profit of over $25,530 US dollars, and ever since then he has been delivering
Andy Morris
Andy Morris 3 dagar sedan
@prosper That won't bother you if you trade with a professional like Mr Barry Silbert
Piññed by Our Rich Jõurney
I wanted to trade Crypto but got discouraged by the fluctuations in price
George William
George William 3 dagar sedan
Crypto is the new gold
Bregeta lawin
Bregeta lawin 3 dagar sedan
Most intelligent words I've heard.
James Moes
James Moes 3 dagar sedan
Why is this a Government issue? Seems to me it's a local municipality problem
Neltacia M
Neltacia M 3 dagar sedan
America is the richest country in the world I'm sure all will go well, money is no issue 😂
Neltacia M
Neltacia M 3 dagar sedan
America is the richest country in the world I'm sure all will go well, money is no issue 😂
A.Plosky 3 dagar sedan
The United States of America... The most powerful third world country in the world.
Rolf Stade
Rolf Stade 3 dagar sedan
Ursprünglich haben die Sioux mit dem conterminierten Wasser Probleme gehabt. Danach wurde ich jetzt von der Navaho Nation über das gleiche Thema informiert. Wenn Pipelines brechen und das Oil in das Grundwasser sickert wird dieses Wasser unbrauchbar und ist dann zum trinken und auch für vieles mehr, nicht mehr zu gebrauchen. Darum muss eine Lösung gefunden werden. Die Gesundheit der dortigen Bevölkerung ist sonst nicht gewährleistet. Man kann ihr soetwas nicht mehr zumuten. Clear Water is life. Honour and Respekt for you all. Gemeinsam sind wir stark und erreichen was wir wollen. Gary Kicking Wolf Germany 🐺 💕💖💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕
Rolf Stade
Rolf Stade 3 dagar sedan
Es nützt auch nichts wenn man das Wasser von oben absaugt. Warum laufen die Pips überhaupt durch die Gegend der First Nation? Sie sollten dort installiert werden, wo die Nutznießer wohnen, denn sie haben ja auch die Vorteile davon. Wenn ich meinen Garten mit Abwasser düngen will, stelle ich die Anlage auch nicht auf das Grundstück meines Nachbarn. Sondern in meinen eigenen Garten. Gary Kicking Wolf 🐺 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖 💕 💖
Robinson Cruz Ramírez
Robert Glass
Robert Glass 3 dagar sedan
A stitch in time saves nine.
Krissy D
Krissy D 3 dagar sedan
1996 one of my hs teachers told the class that due to our failing infrastructure bottle water would be the norm and to start investing in it if we were smart. Oh I remember we the innocent dumb teenagers laughed and laughed at such an absurd notion. “Pay for bottled water “ we scoffed 🥺😭
Khup Zou
Khup Zou 3 dagar sedan
Why is audio always so low, compare to other videos on youtube?
Bala Mohammed Saidu
Bala Mohammed Saidu 3 dagar sedan
peaceable planets places evidently unpleasant..🌊💧🇺🇸
Just Jeff
Just Jeff 3 dagar sedan
And this is what happens from decades of the welfare red states managing our nation's finances. It's the same reason why I don't let my teenage children manage how the family's money is spent.
sheila lopez
sheila lopez 3 dagar sedan
The Qanon reps like to punish Americans when they don't win.
Kev Smith
Kev Smith 3 dagar sedan
When you have politicians who doesn't want to pay their fair share in taxes and doesnt want to fix or refurbish the infrastructures, you got a serious problem.
Shalom Kawira
Shalom Kawira 3 dagar sedan
you guys have had pipes for a 100 years ...! wow im getting mine today ...yaay kenya
hip hop child
hip hop child 3 dagar sedan
Is that what taxes are supposed to used for ?
Drishti B
Drishti B 3 dagar sedan
As a person living in a 'third world country' we have great infrastructure, clean water supply, no school shootings and a great education system ... I don't understand how America is considered a developed nation geez
qyle rpd
qyle rpd 3 dagar sedan
US: We are a third world country with advanced military Third World Nations: Welcome to the club, buddy. Now you know what its like to be us
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
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